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Anyone else having these symptoms? (Dec 15)

Hello my fellow December Baby Mommas,

I am currently 7weeks+2Days pregnant and lately these are the symptoms I have been getting:

extreme tiredness, no matter how early I go to sleep!

tender and very sensitive breasts

& the one that actually scares me: sometimes i'll get these sharp pains in the lower right side of my abdomen and then at times it will just feel like I'm cramping, there has been no blood so I'm not sure if it's something to freak out over or if it's perfectly normal.

Anyone else feel this way?


  • Hi New Mommy Ashley, yep I've had all of those symptoms. Tiredness end up in bed a 9 wake up 5:30. Needing to pee during the night. Really sore boobs have to hold them when I get out of bed as standing up initially makes them worse. I've had sharp cramps on left hand side right round to my back. I had them for days I contacted early pregnancy unit and they got me in and checked me out. They've been good. If the pain  is bad and is waking you or lasting for a few days I'd phone them just for advice x

  • Thank you so much for your feedback Butterfly31, I was starting to think I was the only one. I know they say you are suppose to enjoy your pregnancy and don't get me wrong I am happy about it.. I just hate feeling so ad all the time. I called my midwife this morning and she says as long as I'm not bleeding (I'm not) then I shouldn't worry about the cramps but I am because I don't go to my very 1st ultrasound for another long 2 weeks (well it's feeling like forever to me)

    How far along are you?

  • It is hard not to worry, I worry all the time. I'm glad to be pregnant but struggling with the symptoms and now I'm slightly anemic. It's hard waiting for scans and nog knowing if things are alright.  I'll have my fingers crossed for you. 

    If I go by midwife im 10 wks and a day.  If I go by recent scan im 9 wks 4 days lol

  • Hi,

    I sore this post and even though I am part of the Novemeber baby club I couldnt help but give my input.

    I paid privately to have a scan at 7 weeks because my pains much similar to the ones you are describing were worrying me.

    Is this your first baby?, I was told my pains were stretching pains very normal at this stage I am now nearly 13 weeks and they have eased off.

    BW X

  • I have heard about private scans, I just have no clue as to where I would go for one and I do have my 1st ultrasound appointment next week so I have been trying to wait it out but I am the most impatient person I know! This is my 1st pregnancy and  feel like my uterus has stretched to the size of a watermelon or something with all the cramping, though I know it's only about the size of a grapefruit now. I hope I'm like you and the pain starts to ease off soon! thank you so much for your response!

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