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Due in Dec 2015 Part 2!

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in December 2015 Birth Club peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

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  • Hi my names Monica im 21 years old from California. This is the first time i join a club for mommies!

    I have 2 beautiful babys. One girl(Athena) and one boy(Vincent). My baby girls will be 2 on July 24th. And my boy will be 1 on November 24th.

    The new adition to the family will be ariving December 8th! Making us a family of 5! ???? 

  • Welcome Monica x hope you have a happy pregnancy, you will have your hands full with 3 little ones but just enjoy every minute - they grow up so so fast.

    We went for awonder around the prams in mothercare and omg!!! They are huge now and expensive ! I needed fresh air to get over some prices lol not only are they too big to fit in the boot of the car - the pram would cost more than the car!! ( who is truely going to pay over £1500 for a pram!!!)  Sorry for the rant but I was gobsmacked....not an easy thing to achieve for me lol I think some people honestly have more money than sence lol

    I think we will be going for the tried and trusted umbrella fold maclaren type with no bells whistles or car upgrades needed lol

    I'm also trying to learn to crochet so baby can have a made by mom blanket !  I did simple ones for the others but want this one a bit fancier x

    Is anyone else making stuff for bump? A friend of mine can knit and as I am hopeless at it has offered a hat/ cardi set - am really liking the trend for it lately.

  • Welcome campilla image 3 beautiful babies! You're a lucky lady ???? Hope you're feeling ok.

    Busymamma it's ridiculous isn't it??!! I will not be paying that much for a pushchair. There is a second hand shop by us which I think we'll be taking a trip to!!

  • Hi cmpadilla, welcome to the club! Congratulations on your third baby! Great names for your two children, what are you thinking for this one?
    And to everyone else in the December Birth Club - we hope you've found this thread alright!

  • Hi swanny, I never gave second hand a thought....had bad experience with my first sons pram (2nd hand all those yes ago!) And swore I'd never do it again unless I knew who had it before but it might be worth looking at....didn't realise how much kitting out babba was gonna cost! And on top of Xmas too !! I need a cuppa lol

  • Evening ladies! Hope you all fine the new thread ok! 

    We went round mothercare too last weekend weekend. I'm so glad I get John Lewis discount lol! 

    How is everyone? 

  • Welcome cmpadilla wow 3 child at 21. I'm on no 5 but I'm 31. 

    I don't need a new buggy this time as dd4 is only 10 month and I have a double and single in great condition

    i brought the icandy strawberry for dd3 and that was over 1000 and hated it x

  • Welcome cmpadilla,  what lovely names. I'm also due on the 8th December. 

    Busymamma I had also been to mothercare staff is lovely but expensive. An online site called kiddie care is a bit cheaper but doesn't have the full range. I quite like yhe silvercross wayfarer in purple. Its quite light which i need as live up three flights of stairs. I'm just waiting for the sales to come. My SIL mum is knitting my wee obe a sleeping bag. Can wait to see it. 

    I'm feeling much better Squeak which good. How are you doing and of course everyone else.

    Mummy22littlegirls it's your scan tomorrow I bet you can't wait. Mines is next Sat can't wait. I've got my midwife appointment on 23 june also for a check up. 

  • Busymamma I wouldn't buy one off someone, it's only because it's a proper shop. Even if we buy a new one it certainly won't be ridiculous money!! Think my first one was a gracious travel system for £200!

    Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

    Whose got scans this week?? Finally got my dating scan on Wednesday!!!!

  • Butterfly my gender scan is tomorrow morning. I can't wait to see baby again. Then I plan on gutting the loft at the weekend to see what I can re use and what I can bin. My crazy cleaning/ organising has started already. 

    Hope your feeling alright? X

  • Hi ladies, lots of scans again this week - looking forward to pictures xx

    Ive been looking online and found amazon to be fair on prices and the range is huge so will keep eyes open for sales there and elsewhere.

    Fingers crossed for lots of baby sales in Oct/ Nov eh? Lol  

  • Hi mommies i had my scan nd dctr said the fetal mvnt nd heart beat sounds nrml.. So am relaxed nw... Im from India nd here gender scan is banned especially in tamilnadu.. So v have to wait with surprise till the due date...

  • Aw finally Swanny, bet you can't wait. Good luck with the scan.

    How exciting mummy22littlegirls, do you have any preferences. Thas good you've still got stuff you could use. Good luck for today. I'm feeling much better got a wee bit more energy but starting to look huge. 

    Archu, im glad all went well that must be a relief. I take it you don't get a second scan in India such as 20 week one. I would find it hard not finding out. Do you have any preference? Hope all goes smoothly with the rest of your pregnancies 

  • Morning ladies, hope you all had a nice weekend.

    Good luck to everyone who is having their scans this week - I think you have the patience of saints! Also thinking of you Alex - fingers crossed for positive news!

    I am feeling pretty good at 13+5 apart from the hayfever! Spent some time this weekend clearing out our study as this will become the nursery!

    Taking pickle to its first music concert tonight as we are going to see Fleetwood Mac at the O2 so hopefully it enjoys that.

    Can I ask a question about weight gain. How much have you put on? I am 3lbs lighter than when I got pregnant, I'm a healthy size 12 in normal BMI so thought I would have seen something. I am eating as I normally would have before and exercising as normal. Should I be concerned?

  • Finally Swanny, you have been so patient!

    I am very lucky in that my sister has saved me her 3 wheeler with Carry cot, her compact buggy (both Jane (Hannay) and not cheap, and cot/toddler bed and swinging crib, all a couple of years old but solid and expensive in the first place; so I really just need new mattresses and Car seat image 

    My Auntie and my sister-in-laws nan are both already on the case knitting me stuff, so I am feeling quite spoiled in that respect!

    Good luck for your scan today Mummy22.

    Good Luck at the hospital today Amy17; I hope it goes as well as can be expected xxx

  • Morning ladies, hope you all had a fab weekend image.

    On the subject of prams, I am absolutely in love with the Silvercross range but again, they are about £700 image they're so beautiful! Think me and the OH need to get saving anyways for all the little bits and bobs we are going to need!

    As I'm new to all this, where would you say is the best place to get babies furniture? E.g. cot, changing table, drawers wardrobe?

    Went to the doctors to get something for my acne, was given Duac cream, its suitable for pregnancy however it must be incredibly strong as it bleaches EVERYTHING!

    Good luck for your scan Mummy22! Let us know image.

    I have my nuchal scan tomorrow afternoon hopefully everything is okay - just cant wait to see baby again! xx

  • Thanks Hadepop and Butterfly31!  I am 13+1 today, so I do feel like its been a long wait!  But will be worth it I am sure image  Just got the 2 day wait now! ha ha!

    That's good Hadepop image  Its nice when you have stuff given to you.  Its all so expensive.  We still have most things from having my little boy, just a few bits and bobs I will need to buy like new bibs, muslins, bottles, DUMMIES!!  I was very anti dummies with my little boy until we got home with him, then I just needed 10 minutes peace! ha ha.  Our pushchair is slightly broken, which I could get fixed and I was very happy to do that, but my Dad wants to buy us a new one, bless him.  Who am I to say no when he is so adamant?! image 


    Squeak185 I wouldn't worry too much hun.  I have gained 3lbs so far which I was chuffed with cos I feel like I have eaten loads, especially initially to curb the sickness feeling.  Baby weighs next to nothing at the moment, so if you are still exercising and eating well that's probably it.  I am sure in the next few weeks you will notice your weight creeping up image  If you are concerned talk to your midwife, they are the professionals, but at the moment, if it was me I wouldn't be worried xxx

  • Hello Ladies. 

    Talking about sales, Alextomx, George have an online sale atm and i have bought a baby changer unit from them (not yet delivered) with 20% off. They have lots other things to inc furnitur. I bought the moses basket from them also. 

    But when do the baby sales start?? Does anybody know? im gutted i missed Aldi sale as i wasnt even 12 wks then and was worried but all good and now im 16wk image i need to buy the car seats and baby clothes, bottles etc Etc!! Xx 

  • Flaxley I think it depends.  You just have to keep an eye out for the supermarket ones!  If I hear of any I will put them on here image

    Once I have had my scan it will be a pack of nappies and wipes with each weekly food shop!  Just to spread the cost out!  Its all very exciting isn't it! xx

  • Hi squeak.

    I am a size 8 trying to gain weight!!! Im 16+6 and at the begining i had terrible sickness which  was hospitalised for. Since being discharged a month ago now i have started to keep food water down me which means i am slowly gaining but very slow. When i go for scans i see all the other pg women with such big beautiful bumps compared to me i get very upset. image dont get me wrong i have increased just wish i was bigger but my body frame is petite. How else can i pile the weight quickly on??? Xx

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