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Due in December 2015 Part 3

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in December 2015 Part 2 peeps, as the last thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Morning all!

    28 Weeks today :-)

    Had my GTT and 28wk growth scan and consultant appt yesterday...

    No signs of pre-eclampsia, in fact they were going to monitor me weekly but my bp has been so stable that I only have to go back in a month!

    Bubba is measuring exactly where he/she should estimated current weight 3lbs!

    Just have to wait it out today and if no phonecall then im clear for GD too...fingers crossed!

    Hope everyone else is well, & we have all got over our 28wk slump...

    Any nice plans for the weekend?

    The final essential parts of my bathroom should arrive today, so I should start to have a plumbed in bathroom by the end of the weekend...and we have a family BBQ on Sunday (reckon that my be the last one of the year) xxc

  • Morning Hadepop - sounds like you are getting good news all round which will set you up for a nice weekend!

    I am feeling much better - have finally conceded that I can't stay up till gone 11 every night and a few earlier nights have made me feel a lot better. I am just waiting for a Physio referral as my SPD is getting progressively worse. Its not major but because I am on my feet all day, when I stop I just seize up! At night it is the worst.

    I have friends over tonight for dinner, she is 16 weeks pregnant so we have lots to talk about. Rugby tomorrow and brunch with a friend on Sunday who is due in two weeks!


  • Hey ladies glad we're all feeling better!

    Great news hadepop, I love surprising drs - its a good feeling when they say you're doing so well I don't need to see you! Lol I was also expecting to be monitored more closely in the last trimester so to be told " see you at 36 weeks" was ace !

    Aww squeak, my bedtime is around 10 mins after the kids go up ! Even if its just to relax and stretch out on the bed watching TV for a bit but I know I've not seen midnight for a while unless it's a trip to the loo!   Just think tho, after baby comes home we will already be so accustomed to out trips to the loo in the night that feeding at night times will be easier to cope with - I know after delivery of my last daughter, I got more sleep doing a 3 am feed than I did having to go loo and deal with heartburn for the last two months I was pregnant! 

    Happy Friday everyone x

  • Hello!  Happy Friday (again.. Damn these weeks are flying!) 

    That's great hadepop that all is good 😊 and you won't know yourself with your bathroom finally getting sorted! 

    Just had bloods done ahead of gp check on Tuesday to discuss whether I'll need iron infusion.

    Squeak, hopefully you'll not have to wait too long to see physio, I think us pg ladies do get some priority! 

    Busymamma I was thinking the same about time taking nighttime loo trips /cramp/heartburn etc vs night feeding and settling baby. 

    Have a good weekend all ☺ x 

  • Ooh Squeak I hope you can get an appointment soon, this SPD is no fun! Your weekend sounds fun...

    I am in bed by 10 but i've always been an early to bed early riser

    Can't wait for the new bathroom, and i've finished work for the week...

    Happy Friday xx

  • I was offered a referral to physio for SPD to try and get onto a hydrotherapy course, however after speaking with the physio dept at out hospital I'm not feeling encouraged.... My initial assessment could be in 2 weeks and then I have to wait for a space to open on a pregnancy related session which could be six weeks after that so upto 8 weeks in total....I reminded her I'm due in 11 and she said " dosnt seem much point does there?" Fingers crossed you get more luck than I did squeak !!

  • Where is everyone? Hope this means we've all had a great weekend lol !

  • Hey busymamma! How are you?  I've had 2 evenings out on the trot but rather than rest have felt the need to sort out all the junk at home! Going to regret it tomorrow when the alarm goes off for work me thinks!! 😲 x 

  • Evening ladies! I have had a rather lazy weekend but almost feeling more tired for it. Right hip is playing up quite a bit so feeling uncomfortable.

    Also hoping that he moves from the transverse position too as it's making me need a wee all the time and making my hip worse.

    Another Monday means only 7 weeks left at work woop! 


  • Hurray to the 7 weeks left work but boo to the sore hip and transverse baby making you pee squeak! Mine was transverse until about 2 weeks ago and when he/she went head down I noticed a huge growth spurt in my bump!! 😁 x 

  • Sunny how many weeks are you? Midwife said it's nothing to worry about as they don't check position until 34 weeks but everyone keeps commenting on how small my bump is and she said it's down to his position. I think if/when he turns I will suddenly go pop as I can feel all the pressure where he's lying! 

  • Squeak I'm 31+2 (eek!) I noticed change in bump shape around 28+2 and mw said head down when I saw her a few days after. Going to wear my maternity work tunic tomorrow for first time -tbh I don't think it'll last another 6 weeks!! 😲 x 

  • Hi ladies, my baby is still transverse too she turned a couple of days ago and my bump went huge for the day then I woke up the day after and she had gone back to laying across! I agree with squeak tho, makes hip pain worse and I'm never off the loo!

  • Oh i'm glad its not just me then! My hips are really bad this morning and I didnt sleep well last night as I felt so uncomfortable - I feel really sorry for my OH as all I did was toss and turn.

    So my question of the week to you all is - what type of birth are you aiming for? I can't believe we can start talking about this stage now!

  • Morning all!

    No phonecall, so must be GD free too - yipee!

    Bathroom nowhere near done, but I see progress now...

    My bubs is now head-down - has moved between 22 and 28wk scans...have a definite baby bump now, despite being a BBW (lol)! I actually managed to sleep with no pee break for 5.5 hours last night - felt great this morning :-)

    Regarding birth; I think we'll all do whatever is required for healthy mum and baby in the end...but ideally I would like to avoid a C-Section because of the recovery period, and no driving etc...I would also like to avoid an epidural, but will totally have one if I can't cope with the pain..

    Seeming quite real, now, spent the weekend washing all the gear that people have given us, was quite sweet watching all the baby stuff drying on the line (sad I know) xx

  • We have a midwife led unit at my hospital so we are aiming for that with a water birth but fully appreciate that it could be full/shut/wrong type of labour etc. 

    I have an idea of what route I would like to take but an open minded with the face that I might not follow the path or I might want every drug under the sun.

    Started making a list this weekend of what I need to get for my hospital bag!  

  • Haha squeak, my hubby looks like he had no sleep forever because I toss and turn so much lol last night was awful and I'm really struggling today :(

    Hadepop good news on the gtt xx just wondered what bbw is? Not heard of that!

    With regards to delivery I have few requests lol I need to be at hospital, I don't mind what position ( its whatever is most comfy at the time) and I'd like a healthy baby without the need for a c- section but if its going to go surgical route then as long as we  both come out healthy I'm in!

    One thing I plan to do tho is eat something as soon as I know I'm contracting regularly or my water breaks at home, last time I didn't and ended up 15 hours with nothing but sips of water ! (they wouldn't allow me to eat while labouring) so if I can I'm stuffing my face before I go in lol ( or having a stash of snacks in my bag!)

  • Busymamma

    Thats interesting because at our antenatal class the leader wouldnt stop going on about how we had to eat a snack (like peanut butter & crackers) at least every hour through labour to give us energy...

    BBW - Big Beautiful Woman - sounds more positive than Obese Mum to Be :-) xx

  • I have been doing natural birthing course and they have really stressed the importance of eating regularly and drinking loads during labour. They said to have bottles of water and loads of snacks packed which I am planning to do.

    I started to write my birthing plan this weekend too! Scary stuff.

    Off for my Jabs at 4 today!

  • Ooh let us know how the jabs are Squeak, Have mine booked in for Friday xx

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