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The Due in December 15 Big Birth Announcement thread


Well, it's ever so nearly December – and we already know that at least one of you has had her baby already (yay!) – so we've created this special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations – and a little gift!

Yep, we'll send everyone who post their birth story (and baby pics) here a pack of Asda's brand new Little Angels Festive Nappies. These nappies still offer all the much-rated 'supreme protection' of Asda's Little Angels brand but, as you can see from the pic, these ones have a fun elf design on them, too, so your little baby can look all cute and Christmassy! 

And we'd love to see a pic of your baby in his/her festively elfish nappies, too!

* Note :This thread is not meant as a replacement thread for the wonderful, long-running Due in December 15 thread. We just thought it would be nice to have an extra thread running alongside, with all the birth news on it – and to have all the birth announcements altogether in one place to look back on in 2016 and beyond.

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!



  • Well i know i was due Dec 1 but then i found out i was having triplets so my gestation got short but i made lovely friends on the due in December club so i was the first out the ladies. My 3 born on oct 27, 2 girls and a boy By c section at 34 weeks xxx

  • Hiya Flaxley, lovely to hear from you! We know you're officially part of the December Birth Club where you've shared your journey with all the ladies there, so please do share your birth story here - we'd love to send you some nappies!

  • My birth story is at 11 weeks i found out i was having triplets as i fell ill and had a early scan. There is no twins or multiples in the family either side so it was a big surprise!! Thereafter i had scans every 10 days or so. My delivery had to be c section and was planned for 34 weeks. Every day was a milestone for me as with the risks involved with multiples. But i had less knowing each baby had there own placenta and they were non identical. 

    I had bad sickness up until 16 weeks. Even the sickness tablets did not work. All due to high hormones. 

    The big day c section took hour and a half. They couldn't administer my spinal!! Couldn't find the point. We had 17 doctors with us in the room. Full house!!

    my boy came out first, he was shown to me. So small and beautiful. i didnt see the 2 girl come out. 

    the next day i went to see my babies. I could not believe these 3 little people were in me. 

    my 7 months went so quick. I still cant believe it sometimes...truely blessed to have a beautiful family xx

  • So baby Elliott arrived 9.10am 27/11 by planned c/s at 39 weeks due to grade2 placenta praevia. I was contacted by theatres 4 days ahead with my admission details and attended the hospital 2days ahead for bloods, weight  mrsa swabs chat with anaesthetist and final midwife check.

    My FILs funeral was day before planned delivery date so my attention was on helping my husband and bigger children through a very emotional day. It wasn't until early hours of THE day that it dawned on me the enormity of what was happening.

    So up at 5am for 7am admission. Had anti sickness and antacids to take. Craig decided to stop at mcds for coffee and asked me if I wanted anything to eat (got to love them!). Checked onto ward and this was at the foot of my bed :


    Yikes!  So, BP etc checked. Anaesthetist and consultant came to do final chat/checks. I was to be first on list so only had half hour wait. Walked to theatre with Craig and midwife.  Had to take a nappy and hat (no babygro to promote skin to skin). Craig was shown where to change into scrubs while they had me sit on edge of bed and put a cannula in back of both hands. Now looking back, this was probably the only pain I actually felt relating to op itself. The spinal was then done while still sitting but slouched forward.  I had to then quickly lie down with mws help as legs felt like hot tingling sandbags.  A screen was put up. Anaesthetist used ice cold spray to repeatedly check my sensationor lack of it. He was incredibly thorough.  I was cathterised (felt nothing).  Tummy cleaned and drapes applied.  All through anaesthetist like a parrot on my shoulder constantly asking if I was ok, did I feel anything, was I nauseous or lightheaded.  All I felt was shivery although I wasn't actually cold! He then told me that they'd already started and that baby out in a minute or 2. I said, oh yes I going to have a baby!  I heard someone say they could see a head. I heard a little whimper then a full blown lusty cry.  Our baby was born!  He was brought to us and turned so we saw his boy parts and see what he was. Craig cut the cord while I was being put back together. We were taken into recovery and he was put into my gown snuggling into me. After an hour we were taken back onto ward. I was allowed a drink and some toast. I stayed in bed until early evening when I was encouraged to get up. Too lightheaded to go to bathroom so sat in chair and freshened up with help. At this point still no pain. Also minimal vaginal blood loss. 

    Over the night I had only 2 hours sleep between trying to breastfeed.  I was also starting to have a sore tum and struggled to make the slightest movement as was worried about how it would affect wound healing. Plus catheter, cannulas, leg pump things still attached hindering movements.  Felt frustrated as even lifting baby in and out of cot needed me to call a mw to help.  

    Early next morning catheter was takenout. I was asked to do first wee in a bowl so amount could be measured. Weeing took a while and felt weird due to affects of anaesthetic on bladder. had help showering as weak and wobbly. Oh and I was feeling itchy all over, a common thing I was warned caused by something in anaesthetic. 

    Day and night 2 was much the same but pain slightly increased so had a dose of oramorph which helped loads. I was allowed to go home after 2 nights which I was happy to do as I needed my own bed! 

    Sorry for long post but thought the details may help with what to expect.

    Worth every bit going from this to this in minutes x 

    image image

  • Sunny!! Congratulations hun xx so happy for you... a beautifull baby boy.

    btw, you mentioned itching after the section?? that happend to me too but mine was more like a rash. You said by the aneshtheti, is that what you were told because they didn't know what caused my rash but litterally happend straight after..?

  • Hi Flaxley,  how are you getting on?  Thank you,  I'm loving my little blue bundle 😄

    I was warned about the itch.  Was noticeable over chest and tummy immediately after delivery then more on back/thighs the following  day. No actual rash though. Due to the diamorphine in spinal apparently. Drove me mad!! 😲 x 

  • Ah sunny what a lovely story!! Can't believe you have your little boy!! Huge congratulations again flower 😊 xx

    Flaxley I hope your little bundles are doing ok xx

  • Hi Swanny. 

    They are hard work!! But doing well thank you. 

    Hopefully your turn soon xx fingers crossed for you hun x

  • Oh I'm glad flaxley! 1 is hard enough but 3!! Your superwoman! Lol.

    Yes, hopefully some of the other ladies will be posting on here real soon xx

  • Congratulations Sunny and Flaxley, so exciting and I feel very envious. I have 12 days until due date and midwife said she thinks I might be early but who can tell, I might be 2 weeks late. The thought of going over terrifies me :-).

    I bet these first moments with your precious bundles are beyond words. Thank you for sharing your experiences of birth,


  • When are you due Swanny xx

    i get called super woman from hubby!! To be honest my time is spent changing nappies , feeding and washing bottles. It feels like there is never a rest!  But some how you just have to get on with it. It is very hard and emotionally tough but manage. 

    All the best Runner32. Not long to go...

    i didnt get my first moments with the babies till next day (sorry continue of birth story here) as they were all taken to special care unit. They were born at 16.46. 16.47,16.48.  When the operation finished i was taken to recovery but my BP was extremely hight at 177 and wouldn't go down so i had to stay night in recovery. The next morning i was then told to get up and it was the hardest thing. Was like trying to walk again for first time. and going to pee was worse once the cathator was out!! 

    That evening i was then moved to a ward and on the wheel chair i went to see the 3.I was so famous in the hospital known as the triplet mum!! Felt like a superstar!! Everybody was like is that the triplets mum??!!! 


  • I'm due Christmas day flaxley xx

  • Thanks for sharing your stories Flaxley and Sunny. I'm glad all went well.  It's nice to read realistic  stories of what to expect. Enjoy your special time with the wee ones and soon your first Christmas together 

  • The nappies arrived this morning! Elliott says thank you,  he can't wait to try them! 🎄 xxx

    Thank you MFM xx  

  • yed my nappies have arrived today also. Thank you MFM. unfortunatly i cant take a picture of them in it as they are way to big for them. But they are grateful and say thanks!! Xx

  • Here's Elliott modelling his fab Christmas nappies from Asda!  He's always grumpy at nappy time so rather his crying face looking like he's giving the nappies bad press, I've taken his lower half only! 😁 xxx image

  • Deian was born at 12.08 on Friday 18th December weighing 7lb13.5

    my pregnancy was very straight forward from when I found out straight through I hardly had any symptoms and felt no different. I had no morning sickness or cravings and felt my first tiny kick at week 17. He was very acti not so much kicking but moved a lot, I thought it did feel like a bag of bones inside me because I could feel everything with him. when I went the midwife apoointment they would say he feels like al baby and not much water which I could tell myself. Week 30 is when I started to feel pregnant; not being able to pick things up as easy and I was quite swollen and all of a sudden my bump started to grow!

    We didn't find out the sex but bothhoped for a boy!

    i finished work on 27th December, with one week holiday then maternity to start. I carried on as normal and if anything was bored! now I'm wishing I wrapped all my Christmas presents then!

    i had no braxton hicks, but Wednesday night the 16th I woke a couple of times to go for a wee, which was unusual and thought I had pains when I wee'ed. in the morning I thought I had a water infection as was painful and constantly needed a wee. I phoned to see the nurse that afternoon at 2. In the morning I went to a couple of local shops and for a coffee with my mother in law and she offered to take me to the doctors. In the doctors I thought I was weeinh myself a tiny bit, went to the toilet and I had the show. Got up when the nurse came to get me and my waters broke! It didnt feel like a gush just like a huge wee I couldn't control. Well it was agreed it wasn't a water infection and off I went home to cal hubby and hospital who advised in no rush to go into be checked. The hospital is approx 45 mins away and hubby worked approx 20 mins away so this point was just period pain mild coming and going buy quite regular. 

    we got to the hospital at about half 4 to check my waters but had to wait over an hour to be seen. During this wait the period pains were getting stronger and more regular, about every 4 mins apart. When I was checked it was agreed it was my waters, but as the pains were low down and not on my belly likely not proper contractions but of not developed had to go back the next day at half 1 in afternoon as my waters had gone. I asked to be examined and I was only 1cm dilated and my cervix was still long.

    off to my mums as she lived closer to the hospital I went and had something to eat. The pains didn't move but got stronger and every 3 mins apart. I had a bath but felt really sick and vomited the paracetamol I had taken. At 11 I rang the hospital to say I was being sick biy I could go back until contractions were 3 in 10 mins. Half 1 I went back with contractions 3 every 9 mins. They checked me after I asked again and I was only 2cm dilated but I really didn't want to go home as my contractions were so regular. They finally agreed I could stay as I was dehydrated but i wasn't in a five labour hubby had to go home.

    i was given an antisickn injection to help the nausea which didn't work and I kept being sick, they have me cocodamol which didn't work due to sickness. the contractions were still in my lower belly with backache and pains in my bum coming every 2 mins. I had tried a bath etc and at 4am they checked me again. The midwifes on the ward were so helpful and i didn't seem a nuisance constantly up and down. I was 4/5 cm now so I could move to the labour room.

    i wanted a water birth and had the room with the pool, it had a tv, radio, sofa, bean bag and like a futon instead of a bed so very relaxing. I got straight in the pool and rang hubby to come back, he got there after 5. By this time my pains were mainly back and in my bum, and a couple of times I had the urge to push! I tried has and air but the taste and feeling was making me feel sick still so I just tried with the breathing. 

    After a lot of water on my back and moving in the pool I got out and went on the futon for abit, this time the midwife changed over approx at 8am. They wasn't much progress baby wise other than these pains till but they weren't too bad to push away. She finally asked me to sit on the toilet and try pushing there which did help a lot! I felt the baby moving down more, so back to the futon! I tried different positions on my back which is as hard to stay uprig and on my knees which got achey. My contractions didn't seem to be strong enough to push through the pain but I was trying to push as hard as I can but its bloody hard work trying to push for as long as you need! 

    the midwife asked the midwife in charge to come check on me as I had been pushing so long, and in the time she was there I had progressed more so they said another 15 mins she will come back and if no progression I will have to be moved to have the forceps and be cut.

    she came back about 20 mins later and just kept encouraging me to push. He was coming very slowly! I could feel when the head was slowly coming down and that he kept stopping. Finally the head was coming and he was out! 

    Overall I was pushing for approx 3 hours and I was ready to give up! I felt I couldn't do it, it was just the thought of the forceps etc that I gave my absolute all and constantly pushed with no breaks even though I had no contractions. 

    I had second degree year which was stitched with local anaesthetic which I didn't feel, although I had gas and air which again made me feel sick and like I was out of it! I had this for an hour afterwards.

    i was finally moved to the ward after a bath and tea and toast. I felt very breathless standing, due to all the pushing and being dehydrated with no food for over 24 hours due to sickness.

    i wanted to breastfeed, but my lazy boy disnt feed properly for first 12 hours, but during the night he started to come along. I had to have an ecg and bloods taken due to the breathlessness. All were fine but I could t be discharged until seeing another doctor and the midwife seeing me feeding. Which they didn't see as she was on break. But after being told we could go home in the morning it was tea time before we were given the all clear and I wanted to be in my own home! 

    so now we are home! And I feel fine, stitches are causing no problems and it's great to put my socks and shoes on! 

    my boy has only lost 8% of body weight so feeding is going ok, although he doesn't like his Moses basket at night and wanted to be comfort fed, not hungry just wants to suck or held! So here I am writing this whole he is sleeping on me waiting for me to put him down so I can sleep! But he is all worth it!

  • Gaeaf huge congratulations I am literally so happy for you. The start of your labour sounded so similar to mine with the slow dilation but waters having already broken but I am so happy you are home that is amazing news. What a lovely name. Hopefully a photo will follow?


  • Will share my birth story soon. It is all a bit raw for me. Henry and I are still in hospital. Not due out until Christmas eve which will have made it almost 8 full days. Good luck to everyone else with the impending arrivals and congratulations to everyone who already have their bundle of joys. X

  • imageimageHere's a pic x

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