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Due in December 2015 Part 4

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in December 2015 Part 3 peeps, as the last thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Posting so I can get notifications. 

  • So I am officially a lady of leisure lol!

    A couple of the girls I work with bought a lovely cuddly rabbit for bubs...noone else really gave a sh*t tbh! I got a bit emotional driving down the road for potentially the last time which suprised me, but then I have been there 8.5 years!

    Tomorrow I have a busy day...Bathroom floor being ceiling being boarded/skimmed & midwife coming for home visit between 11-1 oh and a load of packages to pick up from the post office...

    Does anyone know what happens at midwife pre-birth home visit? Xxx

  • Hi runner, keep meaning to ask you..are you a keen runner?  I used to do alot but sustained a stupid injury about 3 years ago which made me have to stop.  So I started cycling and swimming Instead.  But neither replace the feeling of chucking on your trainers seeing where your less take you 😊

  • Hi hadepop, at my visit today I had exactly same checks as when I went to the clinic /surgery

    Dipstick, b/p checked, tummy felt, heartbeat heard and all the usual questions :)

    Hope all the diy goes well !!

    Running, as in for a bus - why on earth would you run for fun??? 

    I can't see it for myself unless my butts on fire or I hear my kiddos shout moooommmmm!

  • That's a shame your laSt day want better Hadepop. It is hard leaving I was tearful on my last day been there 6 years and might not get to go back to my office. It's a bug change. Sounds like you've got a busy few days to keep you occupied. I'm not sure what's happens at prebirth midwife check up. I've got one on Tuesday. Hopefully it all goes okay x

  • Hadepop I had the same disappointment when I went on maternity leave. No one really bothered after nearly 5 years too. Very disappointing :-(.

    Sunny I am a keen runner as well, well I have been very lazy during pregnancy but pre pregnancy I ran all the time. I was supposed to run the London and Paris marathons but found out I was pregnant.  So sorry to hear about your injury - so frustrating to be injured and not being able to get outdoors for a run. You are so right nothing replaces that feeling of just heading out and seeing where you get to, clearing the head and the fresh air :-)

  • So I went in for my induction on Monday at 8am and little William was born Wednesday 2nd Dec at 9:37am, it was seriously hard work but I'm totally in love with this little guy and i would do it again in a heartbeat! Good luck to all you ladies having your babies this month xxx

  • Congratulations Natalie, what amazing news. Xx

  • Congratulations Natalie!!

    Look forward to reading all about it :) xx

  • Welcome baby William and well done Natalie!!  How lovely,  can't wait to see a pic 😄x 

  • imageHere he is! X

  • Congratulations Natalie...what a cutie xx

  • Congratulations Natalie101! Your son William is beautiful. If you do get a moment, please do come and tell us all about it over here and we'll send you some cute Asda Festive nappies!

  • Congrats Natalie he is Gorgeous! 

    So we have the triplets and two boys so far, how exciting. I'm starting to get annoyed with this cold as I don't think my body will go into labour whilst I'm run down! My cold is worse but I don't feel as bad so hopefully it will be out of my system in a few days! 

    Here is my 37 weeks pic, is it too soon to start thinking that this could be my last one!


  • Aww welcome baby William, he is gorgeous Natalie congrats again xx

    Squeak you still have such a neat bump! It is a bit lower tho - fingers crossed for you x

  • Congratulations Natalie! What a beautiful baby boy 😊

    Hadepop, sorry your last day didn't go brilliantly but at least you can now relax for a couple of weeks!!

    Squeak I'm with you on the countdown!! I'm 37 weeks tomorrow and seriously hoping I don't have many more days to count down!

  • Floor down...Ceiling up...

    Midwife visit was as you said busymamma; & had a bit of a chat about the csection too. She has put me on the standby list from 18th too, so could get in a couple of days earlier!

    Want to ser me in 10 days but rang for appt and they are fully booked from the 14th all the way through to the 22nd so doesnt look like that will happen!

    I also asked her about the HV visit next week and she said its all about safety of the baby, they will discuss SIDS etc. & apparently will lecture on smoking..well I dont smoke but my OH does although never in the house; he will be here so can take that lecture homself :-) & that they just want to meet you before the birth..MW was totally chilled about all the work going on in th house so was worrying for nothing there...:-)

    Has everyone else had a good day?x

  • Hadepop sounds very productive your day. Good that you have a timeframe. 

    My day was nice until the docs asked me to call then and I was told my liver function tests are a bit out so they want to monitor me - at this late stage just causing more worry than anything. Have to get bloods repeated tomorrow but they didn't have any appts so I have to wait until Monday.

    Hope everyone else had a lovely day. X 

  • Hello ladies - anyone else had their dilation appointment?

    I'm 37w 4d - dilated 1cm and 25% thinned out. I'm due on December 22nd and so scared that I'm not going to have my daughter by Christmas. This is my 1st baby so everyone keeps telling me i'll probably carry over my due date.... I know she'll come when she is ready but should I be more dilated by now or something? I just don't understand why everyone says new moms carry over.

  • I am almost 39 seeks and have no idea how dilated I am. I haven't been checked at all. Guess I will find out at my 40 week appt. I have heard that girls tend to make their arrivals quicker if you have a natural delivery whereas boys like the comfy confines of the womb but that is just an old wives tale I believe. Try not to worry :-) although it is incredibly hard not to

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