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Due in December 2017

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm DanielleMFM and it's really lovely to see you looking in on us.

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are also due in December 2017, please do post a reply on this thread and introduce yourself.

If you're due in a different month and would like to join one of our other birth clubs, you can find them here.



  • Hey Ladies, I finally gor my BFP on Friday:-) after 13 cycles of TTC i was starting to get quite fed up and thinking it would never happen. I had an early MC at this beginning of this round of ttc. I had actually given up tracking and temping for the last few cycles as put a lot less pressure on myself and hubby to do the deed.

    I found out quite early in my cycle, only cd24 1-2 weeks on digital. My digital result has now gone up to 2-3 weeks, so I may get brought forward a little at the 12 week scan. 

    I have 2 live children already so fingers crossed this will be number 3. I have suffered with gestation diabetes with my other pregnancies, so its highly likely I will have it again, which also means I will not be allowed past 38 weeks gestation. 

    Im super excited and also super nervous, I really want everything to be ok and baby to stick firmly.

    cant wait to get some new buddies to chat with. Xxxx

  • Hiya Emy0001, so many congratulations on your BFP and welcome to the Due in December 17 thread! We are so glad to have you here and would like to wish you a happy and healthy 9 months ahead. 

  • Hi, I'm also due in December, December 13 we have worked out. Been confirmed today by a clear blue digital 1-2 weeks on cd 23 😊 

    Here's a little about me. We came off the depo injection in October 2015, fell pregnant in August 2016, had a missed misscarried, found out at our 12 week scan that baby's heart stopped at 8 weeks, had a medical management in November. 

    I'm excited but very nervous just in case it happens again, trying to relax and hoping for the best. I already have 2 children, first is 15 years, and second is 8 years, both boys. I haven't got many symptoms apart from feeling tired and peeing more than usual. 

    Here's to a happy and healthy 9 months to everyone and to our Christmas babys 😊 

  • Hi Gemma303, congratulations! We're sorry to hear of your loss, and would like to wish you a super sticky bean. 

  • Yay Gemma congratulation. Im really sorry to hear of your loss. 

    Hoping we both have sticky beans this time. 

    Im also feeling very tired and when I need to pee I need to pee lol. Ive had some serious backache too, it must have started not long after conception. 

    I pleased to finally have a buddy xx

  • Hia emy, how old are your children. 

    I've got family and friends coming round tonight for drinks and a takeaway that we arranged 2 weeks ago, so I'll be saying I'm on antibiotics so no alcohol, see if I can get away with it and have no questions. Haven't told anyone and we're not going to till the 12 weeks scan. 

    Glad I have a baby bump buddy. 😊 x

  • Hi Gemma, my two boys are 6 and 4.

    how did it go last night with the family and friends ? We are trying to keep it quite too, so far two people have guessed. One of them is a friend of mine who I had no intention of telling, but when I saw her the other day it was the first thing she said 'are you pregnant' I was in such shock I couldn't deny it. The second one a guy I used to know who works in the same garage as my next door neighbour, saw me eating cake and Infront of my neighbour said are you eating for two? I managed to deny it, but felt a bit embarrassed.

    Hope your feeling ok xx  

  • hi I'm jess I found out on Wednesday I'm about 4 weeks pregnant with my first been on the depo and took a while to get pregnant so I'm so excited to finally be pregnant :D bit nerve wracking knowing so early on I'm a bit paranoid something will go wrong...anyone else?

  • Hi Jess congratulation :-) have you worked out your due date yet ? 

    Im super paranoida something might go wron, just can't wait to get to the safer stages. 

    Is this your first ? Xx

  • Hi MrsRees, welcome and congratulations! It can be so hard to relax into those early weeks of pregnancy can't it, but if you can, do try to - it's easier said than done! 

  • Hi emy and jess.

    I had a good night on Friday, I got away with it no questions asked but when I went to the bathroom I had discharge with a tiny brown spot mixed in there, was paranoid but had nothing since. I've read it could be where it's just getting buried into the womb. Got no pains so surly that's a good sign. 

    It's nice that your friend knows now you have someone you can talk to, I really wanted to tell my friend but I didn't, nearly got the picture up of the digital test but I was good !! 

    Big congratulations to you jess, think we are all in the same boat being paranoid, so it's nice to be able to chat to others on here. If you go on due date calender you'll be be able to work out when your due.

    When are you both making your first doctors appointment? X

  • Hello I'm currently In a situation where I could possibly be pregnant I'm constantly tired my nipples are so so sore I have heart burn I'm getting adutatted I feel sick I keep feeling sick go curtain smells. And I have been following to when me and my partner had sex, it was 3 weeks ago the day after I came off me period which means I could possibly due in December. I have my fingers crossed as I am testing tomorrow🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

  • Good luck princess, let us how you get on 😊 x

  • Morning ladies, 

    princess I hope you get the results your hoping for.

    Gemma how are you feeling? Glad you got through Friday ok. Yes the discharge is quite commo, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. My first midwifes appointment is booked for tomorrow morning. I have had to have consultant lead care with my two boys because I always get gestational diabetes pretty much as soon as I'm pregnant, it gets worse as the pregnancy goes on. 

    My belly is bloated to about the size of 5 months already, I can't fit in most of my trousers at the moment.

    jess hope your ok xx

  • Hi ladies!! 

    Just got my BFP after 3 days late for af. Confused the life out of myself after 3 faint positives from day af due, but yesterday it was definitely there, no squinting this time!! 

    Congrautations to you all!! 

    I should be due around the 6th December, calculated from the first day of my last period! 


  • Good luck PrincessXxboo, let us know how your test go. 

    Welcome Diz0907, and congratulations on your BFP! Will this be your first? 

  • Thank you so much, no I have a 7 year old little boy who will be over the moon to have a little bro or sis 😊 

    Looking forward to speaking with you all along the journey xx

  • Hey emy, I'm feeling fine thanks, a few twinges now and then and tired but apart from that I'm fine. How are you getting on, any new symptoms. Gosh the diabetes sounds bad, hope you'll be OK, will they keep a close eye on you then. Wonder if you'll have twins then as you did get your bfp early didn't you 😊 

    Welcome and congratulations Diz. How are you feeling.

    How are you jess, hope your OK. 

    Princess did you do your test, hope it's good news. 


  • Thank you, Gemma303. I feel fine thank you, have a weird pulling sensation above my hip bones on and off all the time and on off back ache 😊

    How are you? Congratulations on your BFP! 


  • Hey ladies, congratulations Diz we have the same due date at the moment  :-)

    Hey Gemma I've had a few twinges too but not painful more like pressure, tummy is still huge though. There is twins in the family so I would not be shocked if that's the case. There's probably just one and my body is just getting over excited lol. Im looking forward to my first midwifes appointment tomorrow. The gestational diabetes isn't pleasant, they'll give me meformin and insulin plus I will have to  monitor my sugar levels after every meal. I'll also have lots of appointments with a consultant and extra scans later on in the pregnancy and will have to deliver 2 weeks early. 

    hope your ok jess xxx

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