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The Due in December 2017 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

Well, December 2017 is around the corner, and we know we're expecting some babies soon from the Due in December 2017 birth club, so we thought we'd get this special thread underway for all your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations and a little gift! (And if you fancy posting a picture too, we'd love that!)

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!



  • hey 😊 my beautiul baby girl (yet to be named) was born on the 7/12/17 weighing a healthy 7lb10oz. I had a water birth and gas and air. ide been getting small pains for the past 2 day and at half 5/6 in the morning on the 7th I starting getting bad contractions. We rang the midwife to let them know they were every 2 minuets apart and they asked me to come in. We got there and I couldn’t walk because of the contractions, people helped us in the car park and the nurses came out with a wheelchair. We got to the room at around half7/8 and they checked me I was 4cm, the contractions just kept coming, they gave me gas and air and ran me the pool I got in and my waters went around 9 and she was born at 9:38 😍  were stuck between 2 names of anyone would like to say Wich they prefer? Ava-Rose or Keira-Ashley? I’ve also uploaded a picture 😊


  • Oh Ridgey, she's so lovely and we're so glad you got to have your water birth. I think she's an Ava, or dare I say it, Mia! She could be a Mia too! How you feeling now you're home?  

  • aww i think the majority of people have said Ava. Someone has also said Mia but It just doesn’t go for me 😕😆 I feel good, my body feels a little achey and I had after pains for around 2/3 days but with paracetomol and ibruprofen managed fine 😊 she seems to be a really good sleeper (fingers crossed) so far it’s been a dream 😍 I also have a 5 year old girl and she’s so happy she sleeps through anything so I don’t really have a lot to worry about there If the baby does wake up 😂 here’s a picture of my two girls

    image image

  • Ridgey, is it Ava then? Think it suits her perfectly. What's your oldest called? Those pictures of her holding the baby are so, so gorgeous - she looks over the moon! 

  • Amelia is my oldests name 😊 my partner also has a little girl called Leah 😊 

    she is Over the moon and so far is adapting well to the big change 😊  not definite still but I will let you know when weve decided 100% 😊 x

  • My birth story is so far removed from the birth that I had planned, but I'm surprisingly ok with it.

    Induction was started on Sunday 10th at 38+3 after being admitted the previous day for high blood pressure. Second tablet put in the next morning as things weren't really progressing. I spent a lot of time on the ECG and having my blood pressure monitored.

    At around midday on Monday they moved me to the delivery unit as they were unhappy with how high my BP had gone again so wanted to break my waters to get things moving. A couple of different consultants came in to see me due to my high BP and both decided that as I was being medicated it was ok.

     As the midwife was about to examine me ready to break my waters a senior consultant came bursting in. She has seen my blood pressure readings as she came out of theatre and was concerned. She decided they needed to stabilize me before carrying on. 

    At that point I felt some liquid come out down below so I told her, thinking it was my waters starting of their own accord. It was actually blood. The plan was made to go to straight to theatre and put an epidural in so she could thoroughly examine me to ascertain where the blood was coming from. I raised the question of whether we were getting into c-section territory. She confirmed we were and at that point I signed the consent forms. Lots of people appeared and we wheeled into theatre. 

    As they were preparing the epidural I was bleeding even more, so they decided to skip the examination and get baby out. The room was full of people but I was kept well informed of what was going on. Hubby was sat by my head and I found maintaining eye contact with him really helped.

    In less than 2 minutes of them making the first cut the baby was out, bellowing straight away and they were quick to tell me he was absolutely fine.

    The bleeding was due to placental abruption. Once they'd cleaned everything out and stitched me up it was off to recovery. I was feeling quite rough at this point! They'd estimated I'd lost a litre of blood so I had a drip to replace that and I was put on something they call The Protocol - magnesium sulphate to detoxify whatever may have ended up in my system due to the pre-eclampsia.

    Since then I've spent 36 hours in the close observations unit, and am now on the ward while they try and get the pre-eclampsia under control. I still have none of the symptoms of pre-eclampsia except the high BP.

    So there we have it. There's probably a lot I've missed out. Not the home birth I had planned but... Hector Louis Dicken, 6lb 3oz, born at 2:49pm on 11/12/17. Worth every moment of stress 😍


  • After having more reduced movements I was admitted on Thursday night 14th December, On the 15th I had a paper strip inserted to get the inducement started it was in 24 hours I then had 2 pills inserted 6 hours apart to attempt to thin my cervix and induce me further...Sunday morning I was taken down to delivery suit, they broke my waters then anythatist came and put the epidural in my back, they put me on the drip and put in a cafeteria and attached somthing to his head to monitor his heart rate as the disks they attach wouldn't consistently monitor his heart rate....Sunday passes and it ends up being early hours of Monday, I don't progress past 4cm dilated and a decision is made for a emergency c the epidural had come out and I was in agony, turns out baby was stuck so I couldn't give birth to him naturally anyway, the anythatist couldn't find where to put numbing stuff, so ended up screaming theatre down while I got prodded loads with needles...if I ever have a baby again I will choose a c section...odin was born at 9:43am healthy and happy on the 18th of December weighing 8 pound 11 ounces, hes started breast feeding and latched on right away, cupple days stay in here now as baby is getting tested for sepsis just to be safe they think he Might have an infection so started him on anti biitics just in case xx

  • My beautiful little girl Ariella was born at 1:43pm on Sunday 17th December, weighing 7 lbs 7 oz 💕

    (Sorry it’s REALLY long, I’m not good at summarising!)

    I was due on 10th and getting quite fed up being overdue, I had had a few potential signs but nothing major (back pain, extra emotional, slight constant period pains, lightning pains, frequent bowel emptying - all lasting a couple of weeks before actual labour) and I was trying EVERYTHING to get her out, literally everything except castor oil as I was convinced SOMETHING would work - it really didn’t lol. 

    At 40+2 went to regular midwife appointment where I had high blood pressure, protein in urine and Ari hadn’t grown since appointment two weeks previous, so I was sent to hospital for more checks. Got in, blood pressure eventually went down, urine came back as trace, blood was clear, Ari was fine on monitors and on ultrasound so thankfully was allowed home, and managed to get a sweep before I left, where cervix was soft and 1cm dilated but still thick and far back. That evening started losing my plug!

    Went for second sweep on Thursday along with another blood pressure & urine check - all good! Slight improvement, was 2cm dilated and a had thinned out a bit, but still far back. After that I had convinced myself I was going to end up being induced, just really didn’t think anything was going to happen! 

    Having had no Braxton Hicks and being a first pregnancy I had no idea what contractions would feel like, but woke up early hours of Saturday with period type pains which kept coming and going along with constant back pain. Didn’t hurt but were uncomfortable. By 5:30am they were starting to get painful and I couldn’t sleep through them, started timing and they were lasting about 30-45 seconds coming every 10-15 minutes. Called the birth centre I was registered at who said sounded promising but wait until they were 60 seconds and 3 minutes apart. Started getting a bit worse and more frequent during the day then completely disappeared!! Started up quite mild again in the evening but nothing too bad. Managed to sleep a bit but things started really hurting around 1am, got to the point where I was walking around the house trying to keep distracted and had to stop if I had one - still only in lower bump though and didn’t actually feel bump go tight so didn’t think they could be real! At 2am they were lasting between 50-60 seconds and every 7-8 minutes, and getting really painful. Called birth centre and said to come in when it got to 3 minutes apart. Woke husband up and told him to get ready as it might be happening. 3am it got to the 3 minute mark so drove to birth centre. 

    When we got there the midwife checked and said I was still only 2cm dilated but thin and very stretchy so was happy for me to stay in but they had to wait until I was 4cm to consider me in active labour. Eek, time was finally here!! She explained that it was usually half a cm per hour, so I still had a while to go. We were at an amaaazing birth centre and had the whole place to ourselves! We were told to rest as much as possible and I’d be checked again in a few hours. 

    Checked again at 9am and was 4cm! Was having a water birth and said I could go into the birth pool room any time but it might slow things down, so decided to wait it out and try gas and air (didn’t work for me!). No idea of timings after that but before I knew it I was having a VERY painful labour in the pool. Oh my god I’ve never experienced pain anywhere near that level before!! Absolutely horrific! My waters went at some point in the pool but no idea when! Got to the pushing stage and I just felt like I needed a poo! Seriously I just kept telling the midwives that it’s not the baby coming out I just really need the toilet!! 🙈😂 It was so surreal because it didn’t feel like anything was going to come out of where baby was supposed to be coming from! They kept telling me to push so I just went with it, convinced that I was going to poo and definitely not give birth! Then after about an hour of pushing (and trying to convince them she definitely wasn’t coming, like I was a bloody expert or something 😂) out she popped! 

    Wow, the feeling when I first saw her was indescribable, instant love and I just could not wait for that first cuddle!! 😍 Delivered placenta, got out of pool, had a check and was told I hadn’t torn (yay!) but did have a  labial graze which required two stitches (thinking it must have been her razor sharp nails scratching me on the way out!). 

    Felt absolutely fine and was on SUCH a high that ended up going home that evening. Figured as I was doing well I’d free up the room incase someone else needed it. And as she was overdue I was just so impatient to finally get her home!

    We’ve had the most amazing first 5 days. 💗 She’s an absolute dream. So interactive and alert! Wakes up all hours for food, but just getting used to the sleep deprivation lol. Feels so so right being a mummy and having Ariella in our family. 💕


  • So I was induced on Christmas Day after being 10 days overdue. Was given propess around 1pm. At 12 midnight I started contractions that were increasing in intensity. 4am and my waters broke whilst I was laying in the hospital bed. There was an audible pop and then a massive gush of water. We cleaned up and I had a few paracetamol to take the edge off but I couldn't really sleep as contractions were 5mins apart and 1min long.

    At around 9am, I was taken to labour and delivery and started on an oxytocin drop at about 10am after all of my checks. Was 3cm when we started and they increased my dosage every 30mins.

    I was on the gas and air at about 12 as the contractions were coming thick and fast and I didn't have much of a break.

    The rest is a bit of a blur but I was being sick with the pain of the contractions and needed an anti emetic injection. 

    They checked me again at 3.30pm and I was at 7cm.

    I started feeling the urge to push then so was pushing after every contraction, although I wasn't dialated fully.

    They examined me as baby's heart rate was dropping at the end of every contraction. They decided at this stage I needed to get her out.

    I was pushing but she wasn't moving along a lot. Then I heard the words assisted delivery and through the brain fog and the pain managed to push her out then in 2 contractions. 

    She was born at 4.40pm with her cord around her neck and a knot in it. Luckily she was absolutely fine and wasn't in any sort of distress so needed no intervention apart from the cord being taken off of her.

    She was then taken to daddy whilst mummy had 2 hrs of stitches... 

    We're both doing great and breastfeeding well so far. Really glad I managed to do this on gas and air as I wanted a natural birth. Induction meant I didn't get a water birth and as I have nothing to compare it to as a first time mum, I'm not sure if it was more intense/painful. As someone dead set against induction, I managed mine without too much medical intervention and my baby was with me the day after starting the process.

    It wasn't as envisioned but I wouldn't change one thing x

  • Finalllly getting around to posting my birth story. 

    So I woke up on Christmas eve with slight cramps that were really mild but every half hour. Wasn't sure if it was the start of anything buy we decided not to prepare all our Christmas day veg just in case! 

    The cramps continued all day until about 5pm when they started to come closer together and stronger. I knew this was it - Christmas Baby here we come! 

    I managed at home until about 9pm when the contractions were every 2-3 mins! Decided to then go to hospital. As soon as I got to the hospital the pain became unbearable and was having non stop contractions. The midwife examined me and I was only 2cm!! She couldn't understand why I was contracting so hard and fast. 

    I got in the pool but after an hour the pain was just too much and I asked for epidural. MW checked me and I was 4cm so dilating fast. 

    I went up to the consultant ward ready to have epidural. At this point, pain was just horrendous and non stop. This is where everything went a bit pear shaped. They wouldn't give me epidural until they were happy with her heart rate which kept dropping. They were struggling to keep track on it so went to put clip on her head. They had to try this 3 times as couldn't get it on. 

    When they finally got the clip on the epidural proedure started but her heart rate dropped again so he had to stop and I had to change positions. This was the most awful part. 

    By midnight I was 6cm and the epidural was done - bliss. Doctors had been rushed in because of her heart rate. They found there was some kind of infection so wanted her out asap. By 1:30am I was fully dilated but they didn't want to let me push because of the infection and wanted her out..

    Off to theatre for forceps! I was dreading this but it actually wasn't too bad. Totally numb so no pain. 

    She was born at 2:18 weighing 6lb 9oz and totally fine. We had to stay in hospital for 3 days because of the slight infection we had but home and recovering. 

    It was a horrible labour but was really quick! We also got to be in the local paper as she was the first Christmas day baby 💕 

    Olive Grace 


  • I thought i would share my birth story now ive had time to settle back at home.

    I had a section booked for 4th January but at 2am on Boxing Day morning my waters broke while i was sleeping. There were no signs that it was going to happen, just woke to a gush! I woke my partner up and asked him for a towel and he passed me 2 squares of toilet roll😂 Very strange though because i never had any contractions, we went to the hospital and they were showing on the monitor but i wasn’t in any pain. There was a bit of meconium in my waters so they kept me on the monitor until i went to theatre. 

    It took them 12 attempts to get the spinal in which was horrible, they started talking about putting me out completely which was my worst fear. They finally got it with a combined epidural and in the end it was really quick, he was born 20 minutes later. My blood pressure kept dropping so i wasn’t able to hold him until we got to recovery. He was born at 10:47 weighing 7lb8oz and is absolutely perfect. 

    He has been so good so far, waking every 2-4 hours through the day and night for feeds, he likes a cuddle before he’s put down but i’m not complaining☺️ I am still very sore from the section but it’s not helped having a cough! Luckily my partner has his paternity leave then 2 weeks holiday so we have time all together.

    I hope everyone is doing well! Happy New Year!image

  • Hi everyone, we hope you're all doing well? Thank you so much for posting your incredible birth stories and pictures - each one is so unique and special, they are so wonderful to read.

    If you haven't already, please do drop me a PM with your full name and address so we can send your baby gift. 

  • Hector's lovely gift arrived today, thank you MFM! x

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