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The Due in December 2018 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

December will be here before we know it, so we thought it was time for the members of the Due in December 2018 Birth Club, to have your own special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations and coo all over your baby pictures. 

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!



  • Our little one decided to make an early appearance at 35+1. My waters broke at 11pm that night, by the time I got to hospital I was 4cm dilated with baby in breech position. It was agreed I would undergo a csection. By the time I got into theatre I was 10cm dilated! Ceasarean wasn't straight forward due to babies head getting stuck so I required a t incision. All worth it once our baby boy arrived. Over the last 2 weeks we've been in and out of hospital due to baby's apnea and jaundice but we're now home and looking forward to Christmas as a family :) 

  • Aww sounds like he caught you by suprise! Glad your recovering well and congratulations again on your little man x

  • My birth story...

    I was booked in for induction on the 22nd November due to reduced fluid and weight due to Gestational Diabetes. First pessary started at 1pm and didnt do anything. Was checked at 7pm and was 2cm dilated with irregular contractions. They wouldnt put second pessary in as i had to have theatres on standby and due to it getting late so second pessary webt in at 5am on the 23rd. Still nothing do saw two who said they couldnt reach my waters and needed a section but the second said he could. Had to then wait for a slot on delivery suite. The slot became available at 10am on the 24th. Took to delivery suite and finally broke my waters at 12oclock. Contractions wernt effective following that so had to start sintocin drip at 2pm. They decided an epidural would be beneficial as i was high risk of another bleed (had a large pph last time needing a spinal and theatre). This only worked on one leg lol. The room was lovely with its own birthing pool but i was unable to get off the bed as i had sliding scale insulin up, the syntocin drip and the epidural. They rechecked me at 10pm and i was 8cm. Lottie was born at 00.49am after 9mins of pushing weighing 7lb 1.5oz (my smallest baby) She is beautiful and we were finally allowed home two days later. I have some temporary(hopefully) nerve damage caused by the epidural so still experiencing pain and numbness but hoping that wears off soon.

    Totally in love...image

  • TAM10, I think i'm a little bit in love with your Lottie too - that picture of her is everything. 

  • Blimey TAM you poor thing! That sounds like a long time laboring and wating around for her to come but so worth it in the end! ☺️. Congrats!

  • Gorgeous 💗💗💗

  • Alright I’m finally feeling able to get my update together! Still in the hospital now (4 days post delivery) but hoping to be able to go home soon!!!. 

    So I was scheduled for induction yesterday (dec 10th) but had gone to see the nurse on Friday for a routine apt. When they did the blood pressure check it came back at 140something so they rechecked it 5mins later and it had gone up to 150something so they sent me to the inpatient triage who tested it twice more over about 20mins and it went from 150 all the way up to 170something... so I was taken straight back to be admitted with the plan for immediate induction Due to the pre-eclampsia is apparently now had! The doc examined me and found I was already 5cm dilated!. So because of the pre eclampsia I was immediately started on IV magnesium again... the first 20min high dose really knocks you for six but once they lower it to the maintenance dose I started to feel like it was manageable. I had my waters broken and started Pitocin to strengthen contractions. Had an epidural done so felt fairly comfortable. Between 3pm admission and 730pm I became fully dilated and so was moved to the OR to start pushing (Twin deliveries are done in the OR Incase of emergencies). After 2 hours of pushing but  being able to get baby A that Last little bit out I was totally exhausted! And I had been throwing up too so was not doing good so I opted to try forceps. We had to wait a little while for the team to get reassembled which actually was nice as I got to rest.  My doctor did an amazing job with the forceps! Baby A (Dakota Anne) was born at 10.27pm weighing 6.13lbs. Baby B (Heulyn Elizabeth) was born 7 minutes later weighing 5.9lbs. Both babies were healthy and I got to have skin to skin with each of them immediately which was amazing!! 

    Because of the pre eclampsia I had to stay on the IV magnesium for 24 hours post birth which made it difficult as you are bed bound while on it so I had to have my husband help a lot with the babies. I was also not feeling great because of the medication but we managed! 

    After coming off the magnesium I started to feel much better and enjoyed feeling pretty great most of the day Sunday. Then at around tea time on Sunday I went to use the rest room and passed a massive clot (about 6/7 inches long and an inch or so in diameter! I called for the nurse straight away & she came within a minute; by which time I passed a second about the size of a tomato. The nurse was very calm and got me on the bed and went to get the doctor immediately. They came straight back and acted very quickly. I was given a shot of very strong pain medication but unfortunately it didn’t have time to work before the doctor did the procedure which involves going right up into my uterus with her hands several times (I felt her first pop over the bone to get into the uterus !) and pull out several handful size clots. It was honestly the worst pain I have ever experienced and I get upset thinking about how terrible it was! But it had to be done! I was then given meds to get my uterus to contract strongly to stop the bleeding. Things continued to get worse as within minutes of that happening I began to experience symptoms of pre eclampsia again and they found my blood pressure had gone up to 184! So I was put back on the IV magnesium again! Stayed on it until Monday morning when they stopped it and started trying to medicate with just oral meds so that I would be able to be discharged. So far their efforts have not worked which is why I am still in the hospital. My Blood pressure keeps going back up into the 160’s so the doctors are adjusting the dose and timings until they find the right balance! 

    Anyway.. that’s the birth story! The girls are doing great And despite being crazy tired (as I’m addition to the twins needs, we have medical staff in and out constantly through the night to monitor us) I am loving being mummy to my 2 new little blessings! ☺️. 

    Looking forward to hearing more people’s stories! ☺️image

  • Hi all,

    Apoligies it’s taken me ages to write up my birth story- the days are going so quickly but it feel like my little girl has always been a part of us :)

    So, my waters broke with a gush at 5am on Thursday the 13th of December. Small-ish contractions started half an hour later.

    I woke my husband up at 9 to let him know that things are happening. My contracts were ramping up so I called Triage who said that they were really busy and because my contracts were not too regular, to have breakfast, have a shower and come in when read. We got to the hospital at about 1pm and at this time my contractions were fairly strong and regular. The wait for triage was huge and we ended up waiting 3 hours to be seen. As we were called to be seen by a midwife I lost a load more waters and the contractions became more painful. Unfortunately I was only 2cms dialated so I was told to go home and come in if things progressed or to book in for an induction at 5am the next morning if they had not.

    After getting home, my contractions slowed down so at 5am we called the ward to book an induction. We were told to come in and again warned that they were very busy. We were put in a room in the birth center as the induction ward was at capacity. We were here for a few hours and my contractions ramped up again. When examined I was only 3cms and later that evening I got a bed on the induction ward to wait for a bed to be available on labour ward to start me on the Syntocinon Drip.

    As the labour ward was so busy, we ended up waiting on the induction until 9pm on Friday night when they took us down to labour ward. I’d been having contractions for almost 40 hours by this point and I was exhausted already, not to mention sleep deprived.

    Luckily, things ramped up once I was put on the drip. I had has and air and then Meptid which was great! After a couple of hours I then had an epidural as it was the middle of the night and I really wanted to get some rest. In the morning I was only 4cms which ws frustrating so they turned the drip up. An hour later I had gone to 8cms so we were excited! I kept having regular checks throughout Saturday morning, however I was still not progressing and so we made the decision to opt for a c section. 

    I was amazed at how calm and organised the operation was. Our little girl, Lola was born at 12:56pm on the 15th of December weighing 10lbs 3. Even though nothing went to plan for my birth, I am able to look back on it as a really positive experience. 


  • image

    On the 23/12 I started having irregular contractions around lunch but thought nothing of them because I’d had so many false contractions through out. Plus at my 38 week appointment they told me baby wasn’t engaged so I wasn’t getting my hopes up! 

    Anyway they started getting a little more painful so I decided to see if these were real and my partner & I went for an hour long walk and when I got home I jumped in the bath. Well by 6pm I was having contractions every 3-5 minutes. However when we arrived at the hospital (35 minute drive from where I live may I add) they told me I was only 1cm!😩 so they sent me home. We arrived home at 1am & I tried to get some sleep but the pain got so much worse and by 3am I was in agony. I couldn’t wake my partner up as much as I tried so in the end my mum had to take me!😂 They wouldn’t examine me again till 5 but luckily when they did I was 3cm and they directed me to the birthing suite. I jumped in the bath and felt so much relief. Up until 7am I somehow managed the pain only on paracetamol and codeine! Then I had to get out of the bath due to my temp being too high. That’s when I gave in and had gas and air...omg I’m so glad I did!

    The next 3 hours were a blur. All I remember is my partner finally turning up, I sang a few Disney songs and next thing I knew it I was ready to push 😂 Whilst pushing her heart beat was starting to drop so of course it all got very frightening but eventually by 10:42 on Christmas Eve, our perfect little rainbow baby arrived. She weighed just 6lbs 14.5oz and we were all so shocked because she was estimated at 8lbs 5+ 

    I had a really hard pregnancy and was in and out of hospital more times than you could possibly count but my god it was worth it. 

    Here she is, our little miracle; Lily Amelia Hope Taylor. 🌈✨

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