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  • @Mumto5tobe assuming from your username, will this be your fifth baby? How old are your kids? 

  • They are 14 12 9 and 21 months. I always wanted 4 or 5 definitely  not 6 haha
  • They are 14 12 9 and 21 months. I always wanted 4 or 5 definitely  not 6 haha
    Amazing - hopefully your eldest 2 are helpful with your younger ones? 
    Also, while we're here, we're wondering are you any good with babies sleep problems? If so, we have a thread here we'd love to see if you can help with... 
  • @DanielleMFM mints and ice lollies help a little in the day. Dry biscuits sometimes work, other times not. This morning I’d just had a weetabix drink before it all came back up :( eww. Trying to snack throughout the day but really struggling up until noonish.

    @Mumto5tobe congratulations! You’ll be the expert giving us first timers tips then! Any tips for morning sickness? Mine started at 4 weeks exactly  :( I’m now 5+4
  • welcome mumto5tobe. 😁
    Iv been feeling really nauseous the past few days and bad heartburn so have been off food which is strange as two weeks ago I couldn't stop eating 😂 and I'm still so tired that I normally go to bed shortly after my 23 month old!
  • Thanks livylouby. The only advice for sickness is eat small amounts of things that's easy to bring back up. I had hyperemesis so nothing helped except cheese spread on 1 piece of bread cut into 8 pieces. Arrow root biscuits help. Sucking ice rather than drinking juice helped me. Food isn't as important as the fluids. If u get dehydrated u will end up in hospital on a drip.  Hope the morning sickness isn't too bad and it eases quickly for u 
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  • Hi everyone. so excited to be joining you all! 
    I have two boys, one is nearly 17, the other nearly 3. This time it has taken us 18 months to conceive. 
    Got my bfp on Friday morning. It was a massive shock as we had been told we needed IVF due to damaged tubes from a nasty case of appendicitis when my LO was 5 months old. 
    Cut a long story short, I had a procedure done on 29th March where the doctors flushed my tubes with fluid. 2 days later, on mothers day, we dtd. 3 days later I got a pos opk, and now here I am! I nearly fell off my seat when I saw those two lines! 
    Just can't believe it! Praying for a sticky one! 
    4+3 days today..... due date Christmas day! 😮
    Had no real symptoms yet, just a bit of cramping (which I thought was af on its way) and tingly boobs every now and then. Making the most of eating nice food, as I know the nausea won't be far off! 
    Anyway, congrats to everyone. So excited to share the next 8months and beyond with u all! 😊

  • Oh wow @Gospel22 that's amazing news for you! Congratulations and welcome to the group. Look forward to sharing your journey with you. 😊
  • Oh @Gospel22 we are so happy for you! We know you've been on the forum for ages, so it is so wonderful when we see our TTCers get their BFP. CONGRATULATIONS! 

  • Congratulations!! It's been a crazy week for us I'm 6 and half weeks and on Monday I had very heavy bleeding it was heart breaking we rushed to the hospital, then told us that we could have a scan as didn't have time that we would have to wait two days!!! We went private and all is well ladies!! A little bubba with a heart beat! They are not sure why I was bleeding but it's not near the womb and I think maybe because of sex no idea as this is my fourth and have never had this. Our hearts were broken but now everything is as it should be so far 😘😘 happy Easter ladies can't wait for my chick to be born already!!  
  • @Scooby123! Oh no! How scary for you :( so glad everything is okay now though x personal question, but how is everyone’s sex drive? Mine has gone completely because of nausea and haven’t dtd in 4 weeks! 😯 luckily my husband is very understanding about why!
  • Hi Ladies,

    hope everyone is well! I’m going to join this birth club if that’s okay with everyone? Slightly late to the party.

    I was actually due 28th November so was in the Nov birth club but had an early scan at 7+1 and they put me back to 6+2 making me due 4th December. 

    Im currently 7+4.... deja vu! Haha 

  • thanks everyone! and thanks Danielle....been on this forum since the August 2016 birth club with my little boy! 😊 
  • So if my Tests are correct I got my BFP yesterday. I’m in shock and I am afraid to believe it. Keep thinking they are wrong and I got faulty batch. Can’t wait for the doctor to open again on Tuesday so I can get confirmed. 

    If correct this this will be my second. I have a beautiful little 3 year old Girl. If all going well I’m due Christmas Day 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • congrats buttons80! I'm due Christmas day too! 😁
  • Good morning ladies!! I’m late to the party, but I am due Dec 6th! So I am 6 weeks 4 days today! No real sickness yet, some nausea at night.. Tiredness is real, with a nap needed every afternoon. And food aversion a little bit! We had a big family dinner and family visiting for Easter and we had to get creative and act as if I am still drinking.. some people still asked every time I would hold water instead of wine haha! But I blamed it on having a cold! We are hoping to make it to 12 weeks without telling anyone, but it is so hard with friends we hang out often with! They already noted how hydrated I am haha!! 
    Excited to join this feed xo
  • Oops! It should’ve said I am 7.4 weeks :) 
  • Congratulations @Mumto5tobe, @Gospel22, @Scooby123!, @Lpop, @Buttons80, and @billythekitty ! It's nice to see so many friends.

    *Please forgive or disregard the long post ahead! Keeping this secret for 12 weeks means not a lot of people to talk to about the billion thoughts/feelings running through my head per second.*

    Time is moving very slowly till my first OB appt on 3 May. I'm still in a bit of denial that it's actually happening. I'm afraid I'll walk in there and everyone will know I'm a fraud or a wannabe and all the testing will be negative or something. I also know you shouldn't get carried away with reading stuff online but I am unfortunately reading all the "what ifs" and am subsequently worrying all the time and having very vivid dreams...that are rarely good...and only perpetuates my paranoia. 

    I have several reasons for this but I am also desperate to keep the pregnancy hidden for 12 weeks (if it all works out) and honestly have been discouraged by the weight/bloat I've put on. I mean, it's not textbook terrible but I'm noticeably bulkier and it's a bit difficult to camouflage as I'm short with a short torso and a very square frame (aka no hips) and I don't own the right clothes (especially dress clothes)...I have nowhere to go but out! Since I haven't been really sick, I've continued working out and I'm basically eating only fruits, yogurt and veg but I just can't seem get it under control or at least slow it down a smidge! It would be fine if everyone knew but I'm so hung up on everything not working out and being the girl who cried wolf.  I'm grateful to not have a lot of nausea yet but (TMI) I cannot go to the bathroom so I'm constantly uncomfortable or in pain which has been a struggle for me. I look and feel like a giant poofy/squished marshmallow and it's only been 7ish weeks (if EDD is correct)! I was thinking of trying prune juice? I read it was safe and have used it in the past...?

    @LivyLouby aside from me feeling like a beached whale about to pop, my husband hasn't seemed to notice and although I can't stay awake past 8 pm on a weeknight, we make up for it on the weekends, haha. I'm sorry you have been so ill and I hope your 2nd trimester provides you some relief and you're able to enjoy your pregnancy a bit more!

    @Scooby123! I'm so happy and relieved for you! I can imagine the fear and heart sinking feeling of going through that. I also had some bleeding after my bfp and it was very scary/sickening.

    Ah, anyway, I will shut up now and get back to life and constant worrying. All the experienced mothers here are probably thinking, "God, this first-timer is a hot mess. Someone cut her internet connection!" :wink::smile:. But for what it's worth, I absolutely love reading everything when anyone posts and seeing how you all are doing and all the new people joining and all your stories/journeys.

    Sending much love and wishing you all good things. 

    Me and hopefully Baby Dubbs xo

  • @bdubbs I know what you mean about the worry and not telling people but I have given in and we have told our families, not friends or public though. I’m super bad today and have been sick 3 times, struggling to keep anything down and even stand up! Been in bed all day :( on the bright side my booking appointment with the midwife came through for Monday so will hopefully get some advice and maybe some anti-sickness meds then!
     @billythekitty it must be hard to hide the drinking, I don’t drink anyway so don’t have that problem! 

    Much love Liv & Pip (fingers crossed 🤞)
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