I am 8 weeks and 2 days pregnant today. I started to have some spotting about 6 days ago. It was light pink and then brown. Mainly when I wiped. (I’ve only stained my underwear once) but after two days of spotting and it’s not every time I wipe it stopped completely for over 24 hrs and then it came back! I had and appointment with my OB yesterday and they said the baby looked great and had a strong heartbeat of 167 ! Although the doctor said “we don’t like any bleeding during pregnancy “ should I be worried?


  • Hi, I’m certainly not a doctor but I’d say if you had the bleeding then saw the baby yesterday I wouldn’t be too worried at the moment. I do know that any bleeding in pregnancy is abnormal (which is probably where the doctors comment come from regarding the bleeding) but spotting is fairly common early on and as long as it’s not red with clots and with pain it’s nothing to worry about. 

  • Just wondering how you have gotten on with your pregnancy x
  • I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and baby girl is 100 percent healthy. 
    The spotting lasted a total of 5 weeks. so it was a bit frustrating but I’m really glad everything is okay now. 
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