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Bloody show at 35 weeks

Hi guys, I'm 35 weeks pregnant and a 1st time mother, yesterday i got a bloody show. *TMI* i was on the toilet and i felt a gush nothing to big but I'm certain it wasnt pee, it took me back a bit so i got up and wiped and there was watery blood then i wiped again there was blood with mucus and then watery blood for about and hour or so after. I went to the hospital and they checked the fluid around the baby and said it wasn't my waters but it was a bloody show i had and then sent me home told me its normal and to come back if it happens again. Is this normal? Am i in the early stages of labour? Let me know if this has happened to you before.


  • This can just be your mucus plug coming away - i remember when i was pregnant, going to the loo and feeling like a plop, but it wasn't a poo! It was like a blob of goop, similar to yours. Nothing really happened then, and it wasn't until i went for a sweep, weeks later, that the stuff was pouring out of me - i mean so much of this mucus - so unpleasant! 
    Anyhow, what i'm trying to say is, you did the right thing checking it wasn't your waters going for sure. And this is nothing to worry yourself about. It'll likely keep coming, so don't stress, it's all just the run up to baby coming. 
  • Bloody show not always mean you are in early labour. Sometimes you have a show and labour. An start within 24h,sometimes it weeks and weeks before. Recently I was doula for a women who had show at 32 weeks, but not gave a birth till 41 week. I had a show and had a baby next day. So it can be anything. 
    Don't panic, get some rest and keep an eye on it. 
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