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Hello, and welcome to Due in December 2022 and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! 

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  • Hi everyone  I am 5 weeks today. Who have you told so far? I’ve confided in my partner, my immediate family and my best friend. I don’t think I’ll tell anyone else until I’m further gone. Sending lots of well wishes to all the other mum-to-be's out there  3
  • Hi, ladies! How are you?

    I am 4 days and 4 days now. 

    How are you living it?
  • Hi both! I was reluctant to trust the early test I took at the weekend (can’t really answer why!), but took another today and should be due about 20th December.
    When are you both due?
    We’re not planning on telling anyone until 12 week scan
  • Congratulations 🥰 I’m due on 6th December. It’s going to be an expensive month for us I guess! 😅 yes I was back and forth on who to tell but ultimately I decided to only tell those that I would want to confide in if anything went wrong anyway. As soon as 12w comes then I’ll feel more confident telling others! I’m 6w today and had my first bout of morning sickness. Apart from that, I’ve had minor cramp La since I found out two weeks ago and a few emotional moments but that’s it. How about you guys? X
  • I’ve felt sick, tired and crampy not long since I must have conceived - I don’t remember feeling this bad even at the end of my first trimester with my first!
    Already an expensive month for us as my first is Dec! She was 3 weeks early though, so ready for the possibility that this one won’t be a December baby too!
  • Hey!

    I am so excited to read both of you :)

    This would have been my 6th week, but I lost it on Friday.

    Hope that you are doing well ^^
  • edited Apr 24, 2022 7:34PM
    Hello all, I am tentatively joined as I just received the elusive 3+ on a clear blue test. I have an early scan booked for 3 wks times and hopefully all will be well 🙏

    I hope you are all feeling okay. @VeronicaMA I am so so sorry to read about your loss. Look after yourself ❤️ I hope you have plenty of support around you xx
  • Due December 31st apparently, according to my Flo app. 
    First pregnancy...not really any symptoms yet, not sure what to expect. 
  • Hi ladies, I hope you're all well. I'm Sophie, I'll be 4 weeks tomorrow. So technically due January 9th all going well but my son came early so I'm preparing for the same again, just in case. Also I've been so quick to the forum that there isn't a due in January group yet!

    I've been feeling a bit hungover for the past week but also have a sore throat so think I've got a few things happening.

    December will be a crazy time for us too as my son was a Christmas day baby, he's now 16 months.

    Looking forward to sharing some of the ride with you all x
  • Hi @AliceM hope you are keeping well? 31st December, what a lovely due date ❤️ Some women don't get any symptoms, some get mild and some get full blown. Anything is normal so try not to over think it 😀

    Hello @Sophie2791 hope you are keeping well? I feel your pain with the hangover feelings. It's a bit grim 😭 I'm struggling with feeling so tired as I have a little boy of 13 months as well, zzzz. Oh December will be buzzy for you indeed.

    I have a private scan booked for 2 wks time. Hopefully all with be well. If it is my due date is 20th December. Close enough to the big day 🙈 xx
  • @cheesecoleslaw86 thanks. I think I'm pretty lucky really, last time I felt spacey and hungover until about 15 weeks so expect similar this time maybe. It never got too intense. 

    Is there a specific reason for your early scan? Just to get an early glimpse? I'm considering one as I have my birthday and a big family wedding coming up and I'm usually a drinker so it'll be really obvious. Might take a look at the little soul before I tell those who would need to know.

    These early weeks are so tense aren't they?! 12 weeks is such a long wait. 
  • I got 3weeks+ on a clear blue exactly 21dpo and told my parents this weekend so a bit more relaxed now! 
    Also mum said her morning sickness always kicked in around 6/7 weeks and lasted until 10 so maybe I'll follow that pattern? 

    12 weeks is SUCH a long wait and I also have events it will be hard to disguise not drinking so will tell close family and friends at 8/9 weeks I think. Maybe an early scan first? I'm not sure! It's all so new!
  • @AliceM that's lovely that you've told your parents, how did they take the news?

    I've told my sister but my parents are a bit tricky, just very anxious etc. They will be so pleased but I'll tell them at 12 weeks when things are a bit more sure. My sister is so excited <3
  • Early scan just to make sure all is okay really as 12 wks is really far away and I can't wait that long lol and sometimes the 12 wk scans don't happen until like wk 13 or 14. Also it's nice to get a wee peek at the wee person too ❤️

    I am the same with symptoms, just hungover feeling and v tired. I was same last time and it passed by about 9 wks so I was lucky too 🍀 

    I've only told my mum and sister. My best friend only knows as we had booked a bottomless brunch and I wasn't drinking so she knew instantly 😅 it's so sad watching people drink prosecco when you can't 😭 xx
  • Hi guys, loved reading through some of your posts!

    I've had an early scan yesterday confirming I am exactly 7 weeks pregnant, due date is 17th dec. I've also been told I have a tipped uterus 🙈🙈

    My daughter was born at 26 weeks and I suffered the whole pregnancy with extreme hyperemisis, she stopped growing and was born by emergency C section she's now 14 and doing well.

    My son was 36 weeks, hypremisis again but didn't require hospital treatment other than once to be rehydrated. He stopped growing at 34 weeks and arrived by emergency C section.

    I hoping hypremisis doesn't grace me with its presence this time around. So far I'm continuously nauseous but havnt physically been sick. Spent most of the weekend wiped off my feet 🙈

    Hope you all continue to grow your babies well ❤💙

  • @AliceM that's lovely that you've told your parents, how did they take the news?

     That's good you have your sister if your parents are a bit trickier. I'm very close with mum and we had a weekend together so she wouldve noticed if I didn't have a glass of wine or whatever all weekend! 
    She was DELIGHTED. Her pregnancies were easy enough except for constant sickness and nausea from week 7 or so until 13. From experience do people think this is genetic and mine might be similar!?
  • @cheesecoleslaw86 a bottomless brunch sober is a definite give away!! I just booked my scan and it's at 13 weeks exactly. I'm in Glasgow so probably a backlog here at the moment. I've chosen to have my booking appointment with the homebirth team!

    @AliceM I'm not sure if there's any explanation for the type of morning sickness you get, some ladies notice big differences even between their own pregnancies. Hopefully you continue to get not much at all.

    @fiona Shaw that sounds like quite a journey you've been on! 26 weeks! What a miracle she is. I hope you have an easier run this time x
  • @Fiona Shaw welcome. Sorry to hear you've had such a struggle with your previous pregnancies. So glad all ended well though ❤️ hopefully this next pregnancy will be much smoother for you 🙏

    @Sophie2791 yes the mocktails were a bit of a give away 🙈 I just got my official scan letter in and I'll be 14 wks (all being well) on the day of it. So I am glad I have my early one next week as I wouldn't be able to wait that long 😂 Are you wanting a home birth? I need to be were all the drugs are lmao 😂 xx 
  • Hello everyone. Nice to meet you all I'm Rose and I am 7 weeks today due in December 22nd Godwilling. I am very nervous and excited as this is my first time. I really have no idea what to do.
    Anyone has ideas of first timers??  :blush:
  • Hey @Rose2022, congrats and welcome ❤️ I think I'm due Dec 20th, all being well 🙏 I already have a son who is 13 months so if all goes well it'll be a bit hectic no doubt 🙈

    How are you feeling? I had very little symptoms last time aside from feeling hungover for a few weeks. Currently feeling that hangover feeling and its much rougher when you have a 13 month old to look after. Embrace the ability to have a lie down whenever you want 😅😅😅 xx
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