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Welcome to Due in February 2015!

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm HelenBX and it's lovely to see you looking in on us.

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are due in the same month as you, please do post a reply and introduce yourself.

And if you have any questions or suggestions for me or the rest of the BX team, please do shout!



  • Hi Helen! 

    Wow, I'm the first one to join the group, so I guess I'l start with introducing myself! I'm 32 and pregnant for the first time, so going through the scared/excited feelings at the same time at the moment! image

    Having the first blood tests on 1st July and first scan in August, so here's to a healthy pregnancy! 

    So far extreme exhaustion, weird food eating - liking lots of savoury things, when normally cake is my true love! Nausea every day and so on! Chose Dorchester County Hospital for birth, but my partner and I might be moving away from the area depending on his job, so we'll see what the future brings!

    Look forward to hearing from other February baby mamas! image

  • Hi gabitza.

    I am 30 and expecting our 3rd baby. We already have two boys. If u have chosen dorch hospital you must live near me. I'm in weymouth.
  • Also have a look here

    It is where a few of us have introduced ourselves.
  • Hiya, lovely to meet you! We live in Swanage, so were given Poole or Dorchester as a choice, but I read that Dorchester has better reviews and a refurbished unit etc., so we're going with that for now image And who knows, we might end up staying in Dorset after all! 


    How are you feeling? I've got terrible nausea today and headaches, so actually took the day off work, hope it gets better later on as they all say image

  • Tbh I feel absolutely awful, and it is getting worse. I have never felt this bad during pregnancy. Have woken up twice in the middle of the night retching, thankfully I haven't been sick though......... Yet.

    Dorchester were brilliant with both of my previous labours and deliveries.

    What do you think your expected due date is at the moment? Mine is the 11th feb making me 6+1 today. It seems to be dragging already.
  • Hello gabitza2: welcome - and congratulations! Hope you're feeling a bit less tired today.

    And wow at you being a Dorset girl as well as Wif (waves at Wif - we've already met - urrgh at your sickness - poor you)

    I love that part of the country - we used to holiday in Studland when I was little.

  • Hi Wif, 

    I'm with you there, just literally had an episode of retching that was worse than my previous ones and from what they say they only get worse. Poor you, unlucky if the previous 2 pregnancies were easier..oh well, all worth it, right? At least you know how it all goes and you're not terrified by giving birth hehe image But hey, if everyone can do it, so can I, right? image)

    I just don't want to turn into a girlfriend that is constantly moaning and asking for attention, even though it's nice to have my boyfriend looking after me. image

    As for due date, 8th of May last period, so exactly 6 weeks today, which means anything around 12th to 15th of February, but we'll know more when the scan is done. A Valentine's Day baby image) My boyfriend was due on Valentine's day and arrived on 31st of January, so who knows image)

    Helen, yes, Dorset is really lovely, we like it a lot, been here for a year only, but depending on my boyfriend's job, we might have to move. 

    Glad to hear Dorchester hospital was very good, all a bit scary! image How were they in terms of giving you an epicure/pain killers etc.? I want to try as natural as possible, but I think epidural would be good if it gets too much, some friends of mine were in labour for 50-60 hours!!


  • epidural not epicure image)

  • I know it all feels scary but honestly if you get in the right frame of mind it's fine. The staff at the hospital really looked at my birth plan and stuck to it as much as possible. First time round I got exactly what I hoped for (water birth, no pain relief, delayed cord clamping, delivered the placenta myself). Second time I was induced so no water but still no pain relief and got the delayed clamping and delivered placenta myself. They really are fab.
  • Hi ladies,

    I am 27 and 8 weeks preg with my first! I was on cerezette for 2 years before coming off in april and getting caught straight away.

    Ive had no sickess or symptons execpt tirdness and really sore boobs, I sometimes think things are too easy for me so far to that makes me paranoid about every little twinge :/ xx


  • Hey girls image

    Congratulations on all your BFPs. Hope you don't mind if I join.

    I am currently 6weeks and 1 day pregnant with our first baby. We Conceived on our 2nd attempt of IVF. We have our first scan this afternoon! xx

  • Welcome Gen3 and Haleigh 2 - congrats!

  • Hi I am on 3rd cycle of IVF treatment. I had 2 failed IVF with. I feel so down and the life is not fair on me. We want only one baby why it is so hard on me. We decided this is the last one because we can't afford the cost. I am due in for eggs collections next week. Any ideas to help me to get this one success, I would be appreciated. I did endormentrial scratch and acupuncture. I am doing everthing if I can. Do you all know anything about embryo glue?

    Congratulation to you all

  • Have I posted on the wrong conversation? Put this in the "hello" post, but in case anyone missed me...

    Hello all!

    Saying a cautious hello! I'm 31 and from Sheffield. I have an almost-3 year old son. My husband and I started trying to conceive in June last year. We got a BFP last October but sadly had a miscarriage at 6/7 weeks last November. So since then we've been TTC and for the previous few months have been tracking ovulation with sticks. Finally seem to have had a breakthrough on the first month of using Preseed image

    Phone app says I'm due 23rd Feb, but as I know when I ovulated I reckon it technically might be a couple of days earlier than that. However my son was 7 days late so I'll expect another latey! My birthday is the 22nd Feb image

    I'm really excited but don't feel like I can relax until I'm at least past the threshold of where we got to last time, and even then I'll be anxious until the 12 week scan confirms everything is fine.

  • Hey, how is everyone feeling?

    I found out a few weeks ago I am carrying twins due on the 16th Feb 2015.

    So far so good, not much sickness/tiredness from me image

    Hope you're all well. xx

  • Hi Hayleigh,

    Wow, twins! I'd love twins. Thought I was a contender for them this time as I was instantly massive as soon as I got my bfp but it's calmed down now. Just about still fitting in my normal trousers, although had to undo a button after dinner last night. I'd discounted my twin theory because my morning sickness calmed right down and I still feel quite sprightly, but maybe I shouldn't have if you're anything to go by image

    I'm not really getting many symptoms at the minute. This worries me a little due to previous MC, but I'm trying not to stress about it. I figure my body has carried a baby before so there's no reason why it doesn't know how to do it again. I am getting sore boobs almost all the time.

    I'm feeling tired in the mornings, but my almost-3 year old keeps getting up at 5, so I'm not sure it's anything to do with being pregnant!

    Not had my letter through for our 12 week scan yet and we haven't had any scans so far (after my MC I see early scans as a reminder of a bad thing so don't want to even pay for one) so we're yet to see our little bean. Midwife put me down as 3 days further than I have because she works on 28 day cycles. So hopefully only 3 and 1/2 weeks until scan image

  • Hey!

    i defiantly don't have any symptoms. I struggle to get up in the morning, but don't feel tired during the day once im up. And probably feel a wave of sick about 2 times a day if that i dnt feel anything else, but i had a scan on Thursday so i know theyre ok also when i had my HCG levels checked they were just below normal range so that's not anything to go by either lol.

    im sorry for your mc and hope this pregnancy goes really well. Im 9weeks today so due my 12 week scan around the 4th august, also i haven't seen a midwife yet, i see her on Thursday.

    congratulations xx
  • Gosh, I'm so sorry. I haven't looked in to say hello to you folks for a bit.

    A big welcome and congratulations to you peewees mum. Hope you've had your letter about your scan by now?

    Rosie Day: welcome to BX! And sorry to hear you've having such a grim time with IVF. This is really a thread for people who have become pregnant and are due to have their baby in February next year. Can we suggest you post in our IVF and Assisted Conceptions forum? We're sure there are lots of women there who can identify with your experience and would love to give you some support and encouragement. Good luck with it all!

    Hope the rest of you are feeling OK?

  • Anyone been sprung yet?? I've just had a lady at my work come up to me, look into my eyes and say "have you got something to tell me??!?"! Apparently I touched my stomach as I came out of my boss's office and that's what gave it away! I confessed (I'm a hopeless liar) and asked her to keep it quiet. So we'll see if the jungle drums start beating!

    2 weeks next Monday until my scan image

    I mean I thought I was showing, but I didn't realise other people would be thinking it too!

  • Peeweesmum, I started to show about a week ago where everybody I worked with noticed so I couldn't hide it lol it helped me though because I was struggling to stay in my work trousers so was given permission to wear jeans. xx

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