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February 2015 Birth Club - The Reboot!

Hello and welcome to the February 2015 Birth Club - The Reboot!

I'm DanielleMFM and we'd love to have you join us.

We thought we'd create a new thread for those of you who are due in Feb 2015, as it's fast approaching!

Please, come and chat, share your highs and lows and of course, those all important Birth Announcements.

And if you have any questions for me or the MFM team, please do shout.


  • Hurray! Hello everyone! I'm 36+5, due Valentines day but anticipating s/he later as my son was a week late and my dates give me a later due date.

    Having a tough day physically today. Still working part time which is taking it out of me. Only 3 more days to go next week and I'm finished.

    Would love to hear how the other February mummies are getting on x

  • Hello :) Im 38+4 today, due on the 1st Feb with my 1st baby!!! Getting scared now and over analysing every little twinge... :) 

  • Not long for you now Gen3 😊 Do you have other children? Not sure whether it's better going into this blind and naïve or knowing what's coming?! I'm starting to remember all the painful bits to come!

  • Not long at all! :) This is my 1st, how about you?

    I've been to see the midwife today and she has offered me a sweep next Friday (2 days before due date).. I've heard they are not very nice!

  • I have a 3.5 year old son. In some ways it's good because I know I can do it and I know what to expect, but I within the last week or so I have had the odd occasion of thinking "what am I doing!??!? I must be mad!" hahaha!

    The only sweep I had was when I was in early labour, contractions were about 5 mins apart and I went to hospital only to be told I was about half a cm dilated. So she did me a sweep. I must admit it did hurt but literally only a second of "ouch! what was that?!". But mine was dramatically effective - rang hospital back and went back in 2hrs later. The midwife said to me "let me check you then, although in 2hrs you won't have progressed much" only for me to be 6cm dilated! Whether it was the sweep, the bouncing on my exercise ball or the fact that I was already having contractions, who knows?

    I'm having a good day today, all hip pain seems to have disappeared?! My last Monday today as well, yippee!

  • Hi, I am 38+1 day today. I am feeling fed up and ready to meet my baby. It is my first child so I am full of questions. I do look at natural ways to induce my labour  but then I think obviously she's not ready to come out yet otherwise she would be here. I don't have another midwife appointment until 40 weeks and if i do make it that far I'm not sure what to expect at the appointment, any ideas?  

  • Hi Sammino image

    I am 40+3 now with my first baby (a girl) I had my midwife app last Friday and they offered me a membrane sweep which I took! This is suppost to kick start labour by releasing the right hormones, my midwife said if its successful I would be in labour within 48 hours... Yet I'm still waiting image I did lose a bit of my plug from this though!

    I have another booked in for this friday

    (My 41 week app) otherwise I will be booked in for induction image


  • Gen3, I know this may sounded abit daft but I am a little cautious of been in the doctors and laying on the table for the midwife to do the sweep. I know once im in labour il have these tests and things done all the time. I'm just abit shy like that, did it hurt to have the sweep? 

  • I was too and it was done by a student (overlooked by a qualified midwife)..

    It wasn't bad at all though and over so quick, I would say it's more uncomfortable, not painfull..

    Its also nice to find out if you are dilated by any amount and close to the end, they can tell if your cervix is soft and low etc.

    You can decline it and wait for labour to start on its own but I liked the idea that if it could make me go in to labour, I would get to meet my little girl sooner

  • If I do get offered the sweep at my next appointment I wont turn it down as I am frustrated with being so big and with me just wanting to go into labour. I think with it being my first child as well I am more nervous about what to expect at the appointments and at birth. The pain doesn't really bother me when I sit and think about it I just need to keep reminding myself that I will have a beautiful baby girl at the end of it all and I am doing it all for her, don't get me wrong epidural is still in my thoughts ha!

  • Haha that's in my mind too! I will just see how it goes and if I cant handle to pain then go for it!

    I am the same at the moment, this is my first and everyone's experiances are different. I feel scared to have to be induced becuase people have said how much worse it is than normal labour pain.. but it will all be worth it when we get to meet our little ones image

  • My friend had hers 2 weeks early from being induced, the only info I have on that is she said " the pain was worse because your body doesn't have time to gradually get used it, your kind of thrown in at the deep end". I know that doesn't help much but there isn't point in not telling the truth, I would rather go in prepared and an idea of what to expect than go in blind haha. 

    I do get a little scared when I think about the epidural, not because the needle will hurt  because they numb your back anyway, its the fact you have to stay so still when they are putting it in your back. I'm scared i'l move :S

  • Any signs for anyone yet? I've had a few pains but nothing more. Feeling pretty rough in general today though. Thank goodness it's a Sunday an hubby is home to help with DS!

  • Have you ladies had your babies yet? Mine has made itself far too comfortable and is hanging on - 40+4 today. DS came at 41wks so I'm hoping for an appearance at the weekend! 

  • Oh, 40 + 4, peeweesmum? Your baby is hanging in there indeed!

    Fingers crossed for you this weekend...

  • Baby clung on until 40+11! Little devil! Joseph George was born 25th February at 9.49pm weighing 10lb3oz

  • Oh he is so gorgeous peeweesmum!! Congratulations!  x

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