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The Due in February 2016 Big Birth Announcement thread

Hello everyone!

Wow, we've looked round and it's February, and some of you have had your babies ALREADY! Congratulations!

So here – a little bit late (blush) – is a special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations – and, courtesy of our friends at MAM, a free MAM Start Soother and MAM anti-colic bottle with patented Silk teat and innovative vented base. MAM tell us the anti-colic bottle also 'self-sterilises in 3 easy steps'.


Note: This thread is not meant as a replacement thread for the wonderful, long-running Due in February 2016 thread. We just thought it would be nice to have an extra thread running alongside, with all the birth news on it – and to have all the birth announcements all in one place to look back on in March and beyond.



  • Hi ladies, here's my labor story....on Saturday I saw that contractions was 5 to 6mins apart decide to go to hospital they start 3 to 4 mins apart no dialation so they gave me a shot to stop them then later on another shot and iv contractions would not stop so they keep me Sunday and Monday...

    finally on Monday the contractions was 9 to 10mins apart and still no dilated so she ask if I want to go home I told her yes because they just wants me to be taking medicine after medicine to calm pain and stop contractions...she told me to go to next appointment which was Thursday and if by then still contractions she wouldn't stop them.

    So I had been all day tuesday and Wednesday with mild pain contractions...on Wednesday night at 11:30 went to lay down with my 18 month baby and was playing with him when I heard and felt a pop sound I thought baby a had kick hard on bottom but after that felt something come out.

    I got up from bed thinking it was my was my water which once I stood up a big gush came out after another one called my husband who was in living room and we started getting everything ready..called my parents who came to pick up my little ones and rush to hospital...

    Contractions was not that bad maybe 6 to 7mins apart but when we got to hospital they got 2 mins strong ones real labor started...nurse called Dr and got me ready for csection..they stook me to surgery room and epidural was a came out at 2:35am 6lbs 7oz, 18.8 long then baby b at 2:36am 8lbs, 19 1/2 long I heard them saying that was a big baby but never thought a 8lb baby!! Another crazy thing was that I ate 6 hrs before which was puking at the end of surgery which was the worst part...

    After that took me to another room and told me babies were really healthy no need of nicu but I had lost double blood which I would need blood transfusions got 3 bags of blood. We all came home Saturday January 30! 

    Brother's are trying to coope with new babies but seems my 19 month old is super jealous of's been hard to deal with all 4 of them since don't have much help here. Twins were doing great at hospital with breastfeeding but once we got home no luck only formula. Haven't sleep much since have my older boys here with me during the day even if twins sleep all day just wakes up to eat and dirty diaper. At night William wakes up the most while Victor sleeps the most so still can't sleep much prob only 2hrs total's challenging but at the end all worth it..I just can't stop looking at them and can't believe they are here and healthy.

  • Sorry for got to add dates...Labor started on Saturday January 23 went back home Monday January 25 for no dialating. Water broke Wednesday January 27 and babies was born by csection Thursday January 28 at 2:35 and 2:36.

    They are a week 2 days old today..doing great besides no luck on breastfeeding need to pump but also substitute with formula. Any tips on if I can still make them latch to breast feed and how or it's too late? 

       image William imageVictor 

  • Oh babyhope16, what an incredible story - thank you so much for sharing it. Please do PM me with your address so we can send out your goodies.

    You must be superwoman juggling all those kids - well done you! It sounds hectic, but those beautiful baby boys of yours are just breathtaking.

    I can't advise you on the breastfeeding, but you might want to PM Kayagh (She's just had twins on our Jan 16 Babies thread) who's got 4 kids too (including her twins) and pretty sure she's breastfeeding too....

  • Thanks DanielleMFM...I will pm under with my address :)

  • imagePatrick James was born 00:10 on Monday 8th February.

    I was induced on Sat @ 2pm so it was a long hauk to the finish. I had ever pain killer under the sun as my pelvic girdle pain made labouring painful.

    unfortunately I couldn't seem to get Patrick to latch on and went to expressing. My poor boy ended up with jaundice and had to spend time under the lamp.

    was allowed home on wed evening @ 10pm.

    The health visitor test couldn't believe how little I was feeding him so ive switched to bottles and he seems to be picking up but today he is yellow again and the visitor is coming back out.

    I am saddened by the care I received in the hospital. After two great midwives delivered my. Baby I spent the next 3 days not knowing what to do, feeling helpless and being told one thing new from another.

    I am exhausted and have respect for all woman out there!

  • Congrats katt1906. Sorry to hear you didn't have a great experience in hospital xx

  • imageRemzi Valentine was born at 9.39 11/02 weighing 6lbs 14oz. He has taken to breast feeding well although he seems to be nocturnal - he fed every half hour last night and sleeping 3/4 hours at a time during the day. I'm in quite a lot of pain (more then my first section) but I am at least out of bed now and even managed a trip to the toilet! Xx

  • Oh mummytortoise he is just beautiful, looks like he is just taking everything in around him. Kat1906 sounds like you had a rough time at hospital but you're home now with your little one so just try and put a

  • It all behind you. Sorry hit the send button to quick. I was up today getting measured for my surgical stockings and getting the glaxton injections for my hubby to inject into my tummmy, have to say not looking forward to that, I couldn't even let him put olive oil in my ear lol. Think I must be one of the last ones to go but nearly there now. I just said to my husband this is our last Friday night as a twosome, seems quite significant, like an end of an era befor our next chapter asca threesome begins:)

  • Hi everyone

    Scarlett Elizabeth Mills was born 4th February at 10.26pm weighing 9lb 2 oz.  I ended up being induced 6 days early as we had a scan and her estimated weight was 9lb 9oz.

    I had the pessary at 10.30 am on the Thursday morning and by 6pm I was in established labour. I begged for an epidural but the anesthetist was in surgery so I had to go without. It was a quick (but painful) labour but I lost quite a lot of blood and had a 3rd degree tear so had to go into surgery after. Everything went well and we were allowed home the next day. We are so in love with scarlett and breastfeeding is going ok apart from very painful nipples. We even had 7 hours sleep last night! Amazing! Jessica is a very proud big sister and I am so happy to have my two beautiful girl's together at last. 

    Congratulations to everyone on the birth of your beautiful babies. It really is the most amazing thing ever! 

    I tried to post a picture but for some reason my phone won't let me. Xxx

  • Oh congratulations katt1906! Sorry to hear it was all so exhausting. How are things going now? Better I hope?

    Congratulations, too, MummyTortoise! Loving Remzi as a name! Is he less of a night baby now?

    And congrats, too, to you, chelle22. Sounds like Scarlett's birth was a bit dramatic but lovely to hear you were home the next day. Hope the breastfeeding's a bit less painful now?

    All three of you, do please PM me (Danielle MFM is on her hols at the mo) and let me know your postal address and we'll get your MAM goodies off to you.

  • Thanks, yes Remzi let me sleep for 5 hours last night - woo hoo!! 

    Congrats Chelle22, feel your pain on the nipple front 😫 X

  • imageHello ladies this our princess story

    I was due on 12th of February and that is a day when my contractions started.  around 7pm started feeling mild tightening and back ache. not stopped till midnight so I started timing them was about 9-10 mins apart then gone to 15-17mins apart decided to go to sleep around 5am but could get any sleep cuz contractions kept on waking me up.  started feeling stronger and more regular one all Saturday.  got very strong around 11pm around 4-5mins apart. had my partners sister coming over because she was studying to be a midwife but had to pull out because of health issues.  she said that need to wait until ill have them 4 in 10mins. so waited will about 3am went into hospital been checked out said that my cervix getting thin but I was only 2cm so they sent me home.  had no sleep that night all in pain. noticed that I started leaking waters went back to hospital around 3pm been checked again and still at 2cm but they checked my sanitary pad and said because of water leakage they will induce me next morning (Monday) at 8am. after being sent home again just tried to relax anx wait till morning but around midnight couldn't cope anymore contractions were coming one after other.  after being sent home twice didnt know what to do so we waited till 3am and then I said to my oh that we are going because I felt like losing my mind how painful it was.  so he rang taxi :) taxi driver was in shock when he realised that I might be giving birth in his car :) took about 35 mins to get to hospital.  after check I wasonly 3cm and I knew that she pprobably will send me home because need to be 4cm to count that you in labour.  but just before we left my water broke so we got admitted. asked for epidural and I had it around 10 am. was put on a drip to start dilating.  bet thing was pain free waiting for a baby. around 3pm had doctor coming in to check because babys heart beat started dropping to 80 from 150. been told that I 9cm and if in next 10mins I wont reach 10cm im gonna have to go for emergency c section.  but I did and after getting ready to push babys heart rate dropped to 50 so they pushed the red button and everyone ran into my room. everything was so fast my oh was getting so anxious about all and scared. They made a cut to fit forceps in head came out after first 2pushes and the rest after 1. all I could see was people and blood everywhere but it wasn't mater anymore because my little angel was here with us. she was perfect.  best feeling in the world.  all that pain I had for a last 72 hours was forgotten.  been stitched up and left to enjoy the time with our baby. still sore and still aching but I can look at my little one all day and feel so happy that shes here and shes mine. its been 5 days since delivery and I cant get enough of here.  just want to run on a street and show her to everyone how perfect she is 


  • opps  forgot to add details Sophie Augene was born on 15th of February at 17.19 weighing 6pounds 4ounces.  

  • Little sweetie, congrats xx

  • Mfm and mam thanks for our free gifts x

  • So glad they arrived Mummy Tortoise. We do hope you'll make some use of them, and if you do go down the dummy route, please do share a pic Remzi with it if you fancy.

  • shristain, I swear your gorgeous Sophie is sleep smiling in that pic! Isn't she wonderful! And thank you for sharing your birth story. Please do PM me your full name and address and we'll have the MAM goodies sent out.

    Anyone else, who's posted their birth story and not had their MAM goodies, please just PM me your full name and address and we'll sort that right out for you.

  • she is sleep smiling indeed :) shes making the most beautiful faces when she sleeping :D

  • My birth story isn't too detailed or exciting. However, it is mine.

    When our little man still hadn't made an appearance almost a week after our due date we were sent to have an ultrasound done. Prior to the ultrasound we had planned for an unmedicated, natural childbirth. We hired a birth doula and I read books, prepared visualizations, and practiced positive birth affirmations. When we had the ultrasound we discoverer that our "head down baby" was in fact breech. The doctor offered to do an external version but I felt the baby was too big and I didn't have enough room to maneuver him. So wet scheduled the c-section surgery for two days later.

    The morning of my surgery we took one last belly photo and I wrote one last letter to our son then we headed to the hospital. The surgery was an experience and the movement on the table made me sick. I took 5 hours in recovery until I could feel my legs again. But I was able to have immediate skin to skin contact and begin nursing my son. He was beautiful and I am so happy that we were able to have him safely delivered to us.

    I do not regret my birth story. Even though I did not have the story I thought I would have, I had the story my son needed me to have. For that I am thankful.

    Evander James Bernard Rechimage

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