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Due in February 2017 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in February 2017 Part 1 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Hi everyone, just a reminder here's your new continuation thread. 

    Now how are you all doing? 

  • Hiya!! I'm doing good 25 weeks now and have some serious Braxton hicks. I've defo got the feeling that I  will be early!!! Baby feels massive tho as when I have a braxton you can feel the whole outline of him And he seems big!! Got a scan next week to check everything and his size as he was measuring big at 20 week scan!! hope every one else is doing good and enjoy pregnancy!!! Xx

  • Yay new thread!

    I'm the opposite to you mummymitchell - we need to carry on going in for extra scans as the baby is so small (5th percentile for estimated weight). I looked into it though and she is pretty much exactly the same weight as I probably would have been at this stage - I was born weighing 5lb 5oz at 37 weeks, which is roughly what she is on course to be by then if she continues to grow at the same rate. 

    I'm 28 weeks now and the baby has upped her game movement-wise in the last week. Every morning and when I go to bed I'm just like, "What the hell is she doing in there?!". OH says that he puts his hand on my bump when I'm still asleep and can feel her going crazy. It's reassuring as the doctor and midwife at our last scan said to watch movement particularly carefully given she's so small. No problems with that yet though!

  • Awww think it's fab we all feeling more movement now! Ours wakes up about 9pm and doesn't stop till I go to bed! We sit watching TV and can see bump moving out of the corner of our eyes . 

    I've been getting what I think are braxton hicks , they're horrid ! ! There's no pain like a contraction but it makes my bump ache for ages after and the same , you can feel where she is and it goes tender . 

  • all babies are diffrent sugar!! My oldest was born 8 weeks early and weighed 5.5lb lol the same as you!! I just have big babies!! i bet you will be surprised when your little one arrives And she won't seem so small then!! She might make up for size in noise lol xx

  • Sadly I had a miscarriage in July..... but we've been trying to concieve!!! Im in my fertile window so by the 20th I should know something!!!! wish me luck ladies

  • Oh Nervous Mama, we are so very sorry to hear that. Would you like us to switch off notifications for this thread for you? 

  • No. I enjoy reading everyone pregnancy experiences

  • Sorry about your miscarriage Nervous Mama, and best of luck for the 20th!

    Wow mummymitchell - 5lb 5oz at 8 weeks early! I guess you're right - all babies are different but essentially the same in that they are loud and a lot of hard work lol.

    I'm not really sure whether I've had any BH or not - I had something a few weeks back that might have been but I've never had any sort of contraction before so couldn't really tell.

  • Hi everyone.... 

    well I had my 4d scan and we are having a boy 💙 .... so that's 40 boys altogether ! ... we are really pleased as baby looks happy and healthy ... my youngest is made up as he really thinks he made this happen ( as he told us his birthday wish was to be a big brother ) 

    funny enough the baby looks just like him ... 

    definately starting to sprout now at 26 weeks x image

  • No worries Nervous mama.

  • Sorry to hear that sad news Nervous Mamma best of luck for the 20th!! 

    Congratulations Don 4 boys will be lovely :) Do you know what you are calling him?

    i keep looking at everyone's 4D scans it's very tempting! 

  • Congrats Don! He really does look just like your youngest there.

    I know what you mean Laura - I really want a better idea of what she looks like! I think I'm going to wait though as I'm already having scans every 3 weeks   at the moment.

    Well we weren't going to but we ended up telling both sets of parents our baby name over the weekend as we are pretty set on it. We made them promise that they wouldn't try to change our mind if they didn't like it and that they wouldn't tell anyone else but our siblings. My parents loved it and OH's mum seemed to like it but she said she's going to have to write it down and practise saying it as she can't remember how to. It's really not that difficult 😂

  • Sugar that's great that both of your families love the name you have chose :) It will feel strange when they say her name and not baby! 

    The few people that didn't like our name now say after saying it out loud and telling people they love it! I hope they aren't just saying it haha! But we have had a lot of people saying how nice it is.

    How is everyone feeling? I feel quite normal I sometimes forget I'm pregnant until I look down and notice my bump! 

  • I'm glad that people are now being more reasonable about your name! I guess it's impossible to know whether they really do like it or not, but I'm happy as long as they don't try to change my mind. 

    I'm feeling quite good too but I'm starting to notice the 3rd trimester "largeness" (even though I'm actually pretty small for 28 weeks). Still no heartburn but I have to stretch out after dinner (and put my feet on OH's lap lol) in order to avoid feeling crushed inside. I've also been feeling a bit queasy again on and off over the last week so my appetite has been hit and miss. How many weeks are you now Laura? I'll be 29 on Wednesday. 

    I just cancelled my gym membership, which feels so weird! I've mostly been going walking instead for the past 3 weeks as my gym is so hot it gets uncomfortable. I'm thinking of joining the council-run gym instead as it has a swimming pool - I'm not a fan of swimming usually but I quite fancy it at the moment.

  • I know what you mean about stretching out after a meal I feel like I'm going to explode. 

    29 weeks is exciting you might have your baby girl in 9 weeks if she's a couple of week early! I'm 25 weeks now it seems to be dragging!

  • Hi 

    We decided on the name "Albie George"  

    we already have an Isaac Lucas and Flynn xx 

  • Lovely name don. In the early stages of my pregnancy I had a dream I was carrying a boy and he would be called albie lol I've never even thought of the name before it was crazy!! we still can't decide on a name!! Kids want to call little man coby!?! And partner likes Dylan as that name has always been a maybe with all our children!! Xxx

  • Hi everyone,

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  • Oh thats a lovely name Don! We had almost 20 girls names that we loved but we just havent found any boys names that we really love yet :( 

    Read baby name books from cover to cover but no joy!

    Oh well... hopefully somehow a name i love will come to me.. or when we finally meet him.. we will just know! 

    What are people doing re where baby sleeps? are moses basket, next to me cribs or cots best :/ 

    Hope everyone is well x

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