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Due in February 2018 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in February 2018 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Hi ladies how's everyone doing? 

    I have my scan 2moro and got appt thru for my 28week scan 😁 hopefully LO isn't laying in an awkward position this time. Went to matalan today for maternity clothes as shopping online is a nightmare nuffin fits so gets sent back but they have stopped doing maternity at the store near me so ended up getting baby more stuff lol also put her wardrobes and draws up 😍 

  • Hi, I'm due on 4th Feb. 

    Just wondering if anyone is very hormonel at the moment or if its just me?! 

  • Good luck today Jane! I'm currently in Corfu so am gonna be a little behind on replies as I don't get internet much. Hope you're all okay xx

  • Swiftuk congratulations! And welcome

    Do u no what your having? 

    I'm very very hormonal I cry at literally every little thing. We had this discussion on the thread part 1. 1st time I noticed was a few months ago I wanted a big Mac and my partner wouldnt go n get so I wanted to cry! Over a burger 🤣 joys of pregnancy. How is your pregnancy going? 

  • Thanks first and hope your having a lovely time. I'm a bit jel it's freezing here in Kent 😟 

  • Swift hello and congrats!!! 💕

    God im so hormonal too! Crying at everything. Everything is pissing me off! And I'm craving all the bad foods 😩 Luckily I've been keeping active cos I've eaten so many cookies this week! 

    im 21 weeks today! Feeling like a barrel 😂

    im working a beer festival this weekend and it's gonna be tough on my body- hoping I can get through it but in just gonna take a load of brakes and go home early if I need to. Babies are more important than work! 

    Here is a belfie of my keg 😂


  • Hi all, 

    Sorry I've been MIA for so long, I lost the link to the chat for ages! It sounds like everyone is doing really well and the bump pics are beautiful :) I had my scan on Friday and all looks good with bambino, I have a low lying placenta but i'm hoping it moves out of the way by 36 week scan otherwise c-section for me! Due on Feb 16th but who knows when little one will turn up, i'm always late so it's bound to be late too! I've attached bump pic below, crazy that you can see it's little face! We're not finding out the sex, leaving it a surprise :) 


    I'm feeling really hormonal too, one minute i'm smiling and laughing and then the most ridiculous thing will make me want to burst into tears, hormones ay?! 

  • I'm due one day before you cuz....can't wait til we get to see everyone's dates turning into real births. Eeek!   Iv been really good hormonal wise up to now but now I think I'm starting to a lot going on though so don't know if it really is hormones or just life haha.   I'm really enjoying feeling the movements now though....I literally sit with my belly out every evening watching it....who needs TV 😂 

  • Aussie u have a perfect round bump! Pregnancy suits u. 

    Cuz thats such a clear scan. My 1st was 10days late and even after that i still had sweep, was induced and had my waters broken. Was a very tireing painful 19+ hours but she was worth every second. Saying that i do hope baby 2 comes on time and isnt as stubborn as her big sis lol.  

    Skittles i no how your feeling my LO has been pushing it lately so has had me in tears quite a few days. usually id be ok but the hormones set me off i think think it is a combination of everything  (aches, tiredness, hormones, toddlers lol list goes on) 🤣🤣 i sit there watching movememts my OH oftern looks at me and asks if im ok lol 

    Had scan today to do checks they couldn't do at 20wk scan. bub was still breech so the lady had to really push on my belly and its quite sensitive so was painful but all was ok they finally got all the measurememts. Didnt see her properly as they only really checked hwr spine and organs. Onky 5 weeks till my next scan and 17wks till she is here 😍💖

  • Hey ladies! I arrived back from holidays at 4am this morning - 19 hours awake was hard!! Back to reality now with the loads of washing I am currently doing! 

    How are we all doing? 

    A thought just crossed my mind - when will all you ladies start putting things together? I mean like your moses basket in the living room, hospital bag etc? I am going to be ordering my nursery furniture hopefully tomorrow so that will be an ongoing project and my pram is altogether up my mums - just the other bits I was thinking of? What's all your plans? Xx

  • I lost the chat for a while but just caught up! First I still haven’t bought anything apart from some bottles.. everyone keeps telling me it’s too early to buy anything but I just keep thinking I am 23 weeks.. if I had it my way I would have bought everything already.

    I’m really struggling at the moment trying to keep up with work. I’ve decided to take maternity leave earlier than planned as I’ve got sleep insomnia (had two hours last night) and SPD and the stress at work is not worth it. I’m a social worker and my workload is increasing instead of reducing, it’s mad!! When is everyone else stopping working?

    I feel the movements everyday But can’t normally feel them from the outside. I know my placenta is at the front so not worrying too much about it at the moment. 

  • Hey ladies.. 22 +1 today and feel like death! Suffering really bad with the flu and cant take anything to help other than honey and lemon! another scan on Wednesday as little man was being very cheeky at 20 weeks and not showing his face - how is everyone doing? :-)

  • Hanny 23 weeks is not too early! I want all things bought before I'm 30 weeks because you're gonna get even more tired. The last trimester should be doing little things like washing the clothes not building furniture etc. Don't listen to what others tell you Hun, do what you think it right. My friend is 24 weeks today and I spoke to her earlier, she's bought everything bar 1 or 2 things. 

    Maternity leave, I really want to try and work up until I'm 38 weeks but it all depends on how the weeks go. I just keep feeling like if I go off around 36 weeks then go 2 weeks over, that's 6 weeks gone. Ah I really need to sit down and think about it x 

  • Ahhh first hope u caught up on ur sleep. Hanny i agree with first is not to early tp start buying, my cousin went in to labour 24wks with her boy, Hes a healthy 2yr old now. That's what's made me start buying stuff earlier this time. Sjay really  hope ur felling better very soon i only have a cold and its wiping me out can't imagine how u feel 😕 x

  • I had my hospital bag packed at 26 weeks just in case. And I replaced it the night before I went into labour (funny timing!) 

    I like to spread out the buying of stuff over a few months so it's less of a knock to the old bank balance! We bought our pram early and already have half of what we need from my son- so just gonna get a few second hand things I think! 

    Im not buying any clothes (except for the 5 pack of onesies from asda - 8 pounds and they are lovely- that I bought the other day) as I'm already Having friends excitedly buying clothes for the girls haha. And we have so many handme downs coming my way as we have a 3 year old neice- im going to reuse a lot of my sons things - boyish or not - cos everything gets shat on and spewed on in the early days anyway :) will do a little buying closer to dday when I roughly Know how big they will be. And I'll be splurging on some pretty Aiden and Anais giant swaddle muslin cloths cos I want something girly for photos (and I use them all the time even now with my boy).

    i think I'm going to stop working in the next few months.i work in a pub and standing for long periods isnt nice anymore! I'm going to try my hardest to get to 30 weeks but I'll be shortening my shifts before then I think! (I only do 2 a week anyway)

    I'm feeling so down at the minute. No idea why so I know it's hormones. I'm so emptional. I just took my boy for a nursery viewing today and it was fantastic. Had to drag him out he didn't want to go home - and I nearly cried 😂 From relief and also cos in going to miss him. Got him in for 2 afternoons a week- think it's best to get him in now before the girls come so he's used to it! 

  • Hi everyone. We were hoping you would help us out on this thread: we'd love to know, what was your first pregnancy symptom that made you think to yourself 'Yup! I'm definitely pregnant' Please do come and tell us on this thread - we'd love to hear from you! 

  • How are we all today ladies?

    I have a sore throat (constantly feels dry) and I don't think we are allowed to take anything are we? xx

  • First nope- paracetamol is about it! having a spoon of honey (manuka is best) can help soothe it and kills bad germs :) 

    i like to sip on hot water with honey in it, and a good squeeze of lemon. It helps a lot 💕

  • Thanks Aussie - paracetamol is useless isn't it lol. I'm gonna snuggle on the sofa now with a cuppa! If it doesn't help I'll grab some honey or lemon tomorrow :) thank you xx

  • Raspberry Leaf tea helped my chest and throat so much! Still not 100% over my cold but better than before - hope you feel better soon!

    Today I had to complete my 20 week scan! He was lying upside down and facing my spine so you could imagine how hard to see that was! He did eventually turn around to yawn and kick them go right back to sleep! 😂image

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