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The Due in February 2018 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

February 2018 is around the corner, but seeing as there's already been twins born, and we're sure another baby is due really soon, we thought it was time for the members of the Due in February 2018 birth club, to have your own special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations and a little gift! (And if you fancy posting a picture too, we'd love that!)

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!



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    Florence Maria Harrison born at 27+4weeks on the 23/1/18 @ 6:05 am weighing 6lbs 5oz.

    I went in on sunday to be induced which was a long process but luckily the pain was bareable! After the 3rd lot of gel my waters broke @ 1:30am on 23rd. I was taken to a labour room where i had a good delivery on only gas and air (which was not as painful as i thought) baby flo was born at 6:05 due to the pregnancy complications i was instantly worried she wasnt ok but she was fine! She was perfect! We got put on a ward which is when it went bad i ended up being rushed back to labour ward after suffering uterine atony where they had to make my uterus contract for me which ended up with me in theater! After that it was to hard to even sit up so that whole day and night was the worst not being hold my baby girl. We was let home the next day and were both doing great still exhausted but getting loads of help. 

    As terrible as this labour was flo was worth every 2nd of it! Id do it all over again for her. 

    Looking 4ward to other storys and baby photos 😍😍 

  • Oh Jane, thank you so much for posting your birth story - what a rollercoaster! Florence is perfect though - fancy posting some new pics? And don't forget to please PM me your full name and address for the little gift. 

  • image imageimagea few more photos 😍 

  • How sweet is she Jane!! So so adorable .. Hope you're all settled xx

  • Aww she is so perfect. It's making me excited to meet my little man now. 😍😍

  • image flo had her 1st bath last night and loved it! Looked like she fell asleep while having her hair washed 😍 1 week old 2day 

  • Jane, Flo looks so utterly snuggly! And there truly is nothing better than new baby smell too! 

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    Mason Nunn born Thursday 22nd February 2018 @ 2.55pm - (we haven’t quite yet decided the middle name yet!) .. born at 40+4. 

    lost my plug on the Tuesday after a 5 mile walk (HELL!) and began getting contractions 7 mins apart throughout that night. Wasnt 100% sure if waters had broken so went into hospital to check and they confirmed it was slowly leaking. They booked us in for induction 8am Thursday morning because of the 24 hour risk of infection.

    that night, waters completely broke at 1.30am and contractions were happening thick and fast - every 2 mins! arrived at hospital at 5am to find out 5cm dialiated already! The pain was absolutely awful so was given gas and air - moved up to labour ward at 6.45am and was then 7cm. Had epidural as found it way to hard to handle anymore which then of course slowed everything down.

    as contractions was happening, baby was moving and eventually ended up back to back with me - they tried everything to move him however the stubborn boy didn’t want to move :-) he then decided to poop in me (typical boy) and became a little distressed so they made the decision to carry out a c section to get him out. 

    easy enough procedure and healing nicely now - discharged the following day with both of us in good health and super happy to be home. We had the best midwifes and doctors and I really couldn’t be any more thankful to them! 

  • sjayx, thank so much for posting your birth story, we're so glad Mason is here safe and sound and wish you a speedy recovery.

    sjayx and Janebrown26, please do PM me over your full name and address so we can send your gift to your beautiful babies. 

  • Ahhh sjay what a delivery 😮 glad he both doing well and was home quick. He is adorable. 😍 x

  • Forgot I hadn’t posted on here! 

    Teddy James entered the world on 9th February (39+3) weighing 7.3lb. 

    After going in for reduced movements at 39 weeks (6th Feb) they gave me a scan which they thought showed Teddy not growing so induction was given on the 7th February. 24 hour pessary given which did nothing (frustrating to say the least after 24 hours on the ward with no sleep!) and then gel given.

    After 6 hours of the gel they could see mywaters and was 2cm dilated so decided to take me to labour ward for my waters to be broken. At this point I was so happy, HOWEVER after being told I would be taken to the labour ward within half an hour I ended up having to wait 12 hours (while having early contracting every 3 mins and therefore not getting sleep ) before being taken to labour ward.

    48 hours later of no sleep my waters were broken which instantly made me start contracting every 4 minutes and Teddy was born 4 hours later 🙈 It all happened very quick!! 

    Birth completed with just gas and air for the last hour and for the stitches that followed! I was VERY sick during the labour itself which now makes great stories to tell everyone and him when he is older (let’s just say the walls aren’t the same colour now 🙈). Even the midwife said she had never seen anything quite like it, despite three lots of anti sickness meds! 

    Once Teddy arrived at 1:32pm I had over two hours of stitches and placenta delivery. The crazy part is despite being a first time mum we were home 9 hours after birth (discharged at 11pm the same day)! 


  • Baby William or billy for short was born on Thursday 1st March at 12.01pm by c section weighing 8lb .

    Went in for induction on Wed afternoon but waters broke on the way with muconium staining. Was still induced as planned but after full dose of the hormone drip overnight I still couldn't get past 4cm dilated so was taken for c section . Kept in for monitoring overnight and was allowed home Friday afternoon.  


  • Baby Maisie was born on 4th March at 19.48 weighing exactly 7lbs. 

    Induced at 40+12 days. 

    My labour was very quick - I was induced at 11.45 Sunday morning with a 24hr pessary. At 1.30pm ish my contractions started coming very strong. After the OH went back and for the midwives explaining the pains I was having, the midwife offered to check me over at 5pm to find I was 6cm dilated! By the time they'd rung delivery and wheeled me over (6pm ish) and got me into the delivery room I was fully dilated! 19.48 baby Maisie was born! 

    It all happened very quickly - 2 paracetamol and 2 codeine. I had a few puffs on gas and air but I didn't use it enough to feel the effects so thought it was rubbish lol! Until I used it for delivery of placenta as that was very stubborn in coming out also! 

    Myself and Maisie were discharged yesterday evening and are now at home settling in❤️


  • First she is gawjus! And so glad delivery was quick. Was it guess right? Can't remember if u said girl/boy. 

    Is that all the baby's born now? X

  • Thanks Jane!! My guess was wrong, I was adamant it was a boy!! 

    I believe that's all babies born xxx

  • Hi everyone, thank you all SO much for sharing your incredible birth stories - each one so unique and special. 

    Please PM me your FULL NAME and ADDRESS and we will send you along your promised baby gift. 

    Please do come on over to your new February 2018 Babies thread and tell us how you're doing, how your babies are, and everyone can catch up with each other. 

    We hope to see you on the new thread soon. 

  • Congrats ladies! Oh my gosh all these babies are just gorgeous! Hope you are all well! 

    As you girls already know, Delilah and Evelyn were born at 34 weeks within the hour after my water surprinsgly broke on the 16th Jan. hubby missed Dees birth and arrived just in time for Evelyn to come out feet first! They stayed in care for 7 days before coming home with us. They were about 4 pounds each. 

    Now they are about 6 pounds (at 7 weeks old) and seen starting To seem more like newborn babies- and are really looking at us. Evelyn has smiled for me a few times now when I’ve talked to her. They are a bit fussy right now but are starting to sleep longer thank god! Twinnies are no joke- I’ve never been so tired. But we are getting there. My son adores them too- it’s just the cutest. 

    here are some pictures of them xx

  • image

    Evie on the left xx image Del on the left x 

  • Hi everyone, thank you so much for posting your stories - each one so special and unique. Could AussieDea, FirstBabyFebruary and Skittles123 please PM me your full name and address. 

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