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Not sure what is happening... Help please

Hi,  I may sound like I'm ramvling,  but need to do it. 
My LMP was 12/5/2019. I went for a scan on 4/7/2029 however no sac found.  Had hcg done and it's 1300. No bleeding or cramping.  Not sure what is happening.  This would be my 3rd time conceiving.  I had 2 previous miscarriages and conceived this time after 2 years


  • Have they done 2nd HCG test 2 days after first one??
    Can be a little bit early to see a don't know when you ovulation been.
    I would worry too much as you not bleeding...may be wait week or two and go for another scan,or ask for another blood work
  • I have another hcg test on we'd. My gynac is so sure this is ectopic.  I have no symptoms of ectopic as off yet.  I'm worried sick...  Trying to stay positive as I want this baby so bad...  
  • They left it a bit late...they should check that it's doubles every 2 days...but I suppose if the suspect ectopic they will run different type of test...but there is still hope. Fingers crossed for you
  • Iv been asked to do hcg again.  Nothing else has been suggested yet.  I don't feel any symptoms of ectopic that I read online. I'm so worried..  
  • If it was ectopic you would know by now so I think you’re just early! I was in the same situation and worried myself sick but it all turned out ok in the end. You’ll be fine 
  • Thank u so much...  I hope the same
  • @Prachi87 how did you get on? Good I hope? X
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