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  • Aww @Shelley45 you really are having a time of it. If now is not your time don’t worry as there is plenty of time to have a baby. You could try to get a scan to see what is happening? 

    pretty crappy day spent on stand off but he apologised last night so we on better terms today. Told
    him a few truths and he accepted that he can be a bit pig headed sometimes. He does have good points too- came home with flowers, alco free wine, Chocs and cars after I fell pregnant and after I got new job. What alcohol free beer do you like Ayeesha?
  • Hi all! I'm Victoria due 26-28th Feb, 6+3 today ❤️
  • Ahhhhh @Coconutfoxx great to see that you have joined us and I'm pleased to have someone due around the same time as me! 

    How are you feeling so far? 
  • @MrsRodgers416 I like Heineken 0 or becks blue. That’s good that you’ve made up! Men can suck!! 

    @Coconutfoxx 👋🏽 according to my dates I’m exactly same as you!! 

    @Butsie185 morning!! I have a dull lower back ache which ive had since yesterday afternoon. Hoping all is ok and that I’ve just done too much lying around over weekend. 

    @Catlady220 good luck today 

  • Congratulations @Coconutfoxx how are you feeling? How long have you been trying for or is it a surprise?x
  • Congrats @Coconutfoxx ! Welcome to the group 😊

    @AyeeshaB I loved a bit of alcohol free beer during my pregnancy with L but so far I’m not able to stomach much. My thirst just now is for ice cold water or banana milkshake 🙈 Although I’ve still been pretending to drink red wine out of sight!

    @MrsRodgers416 ahh men just totally don’t get it! Glad you’ve made up now. It’s funny how they can go from being total knobs to amazing again and you feel bad for bitching 😂 I’ve had the comment “you’re not using that excuse for 9 months” a few times but for the most part he’s been amazing. I’ve told him he’s gona have to get used to doing more because I don’t want L feeling ignored or 2nd best to my attention whenever the baby arrives. Prepping him for more adulty responsibilities 😂

    @Catlady220 Good luck with your appointment today hopefully you get a scan date soon!

    @Butsie185 I’ve been feeling so up and down I think extra nervous because we have the private scan on Wednesday so just hoping it’s not a repeat of last time 😟
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  • so the appointment went really well...i like the dr a lot hes so nice......he said everything seemed fine we just have to wait for labs to come back....pap was good and all the other examining on my body he said was good....he said the fact that im so nausous is a good sign bc most women that lose the baby arent.....he said he has good faith in it staying.........and he prescribed nausea scan will be the 20th when im 9+3
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