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Anything I should know?!

Hello ladies :smile:

I hope you're all well and happy. And I'm hoping you can help me out a bit. 

This is my first pregnancy and I've decided not to share the news until 12 or so weeks. What this means is I don't really know what I'm doing and obviously aren't getting any advice as nobody knows for one whole more month. I don't even meet my midwife for 2 more weeks. 

I'm taking a pregnancy vitamin, omega supplement and am trying to walk my 10k steps everyday and get plenty of sleep. 

But I'm just wondering if there's any advice on anything else, how to prepare mentally/physically for pregnancy and birth AND parenting I suppose.

Anybody found anything particularly helpful? From science to crystals I'm excited to hear what you all use.

Thanks. Take care!



  • Aw Sophie it such a huge change in our lives and the fact we don’t talk about it for 3 months can make those 3 months feel like 3 years!! 
    This is my 3rd pregnancy so I’m quite laid back this time.  One thing I would say it to try and stay positive and not worry about what you cannot control. It can be scarey reading about people’s losses but a lot of people also have healthy pregnancies. 
    Your doing everything right! 
    I’ve gone down the line of hypnobirthing/daisy birthing for my births which has been fab (2 natural births and a one in the water) both very positive experiences. The main thing is just to Trust your body. Women have been growing and birthing babies for thousands of years- you got this!! If you want to breastfeed I would get A support Network before you give Birth. Look up your local breastfeeding group and have a chat with them before the birth so you feel comfortable asking for help if needed afterwards. Breastfeeding is hard but by far the best thing I have ever done as a parent. I also am a big fan of slings/baby carriers. Look up your local sling library as they are a great source of help with baby wearing. My youngest wasn’t in a pram until she was 7 months. (Just don’t go for the cheap chicco or baby borjn ones as these can be bad on their hips)  She spent her time attached to me. It’s great for their development- she was walking at 9 months and can now have conversations at 21 months. Feel free to DM me for any more info on breastfeeding or baby carriers at any time.  
  • @MrsRodgers416 thanks so much for this wonderful advice. I'm certainly hoping to breastfeed so I'll take a look at what support I can find for that where I am. Makes so much sense to do that now before things get hectic. 
    Also the sling, I live on the 4th floor in a building with no lift so a pram will not always be easy, a lot of peace of mind hearing that you got on with it so well. 
    Thanks a lot xx
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