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  • Hi everyone! I had my 8 week booking appointment with the midwife today. She took bloods, urine, bmi, blood pressure and all the usual questions about medical and family history etc. She said she was going to write a referral letter to the hospital that afternoon so hoping I hear from them in good time. Last time I had to call them to chase a scan. Probably another 4 weeks until my scan so another bit of a waiting game now! She was really happy with the measurements/readings she took today.
  • That’s great news @GG18
  • Butsie185Butsie185 Regular
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    Sooooo I am not sure if I should be comforted or freaked out by this, but I was just looking over my notes from my first miscarriage, and I have just realised that my due date is the the same day that I had my first miscarriage, exactly a year to the day. 

    In other news, I also got shat on by a bird, that's supposed be lucky right 😆🙄
  • @Butsie185 very lucky- you should go buy a scratch card or something lol. 
    What a coincidence! That’s really strange.
  • @Butsie185 how much are they selling it for? 
  • Siiia said:
    @Butsie185 how much are they selling it for? 
    Its £124.99 which is pretty good as they range from £150-£220 in John Lewis 
  • Hi Ladies, I hope you're all getting on well. I wanted to ask if any of you are exercising at the moment and what you're doing?

    I'm a big swimmer and love the core strength it gives me but haven't been able to go for months now obviously and can feel it in my back already. I wrote myself a gentle pilates routine to test what I'm comfortable with and that's been good so now I want to move on to something more substantial. Does anybody use specific YouTube videos/apps etc to exercise from home?

    Such a shame pools and gyms aren't opening any time soon :neutral:

    I hope you're having a good week

  • @Sophie2791 I have been really bad lately and doing very little exercise. I’m on my feet all day at home and 2 little ones at home to keep me busy. I sold my horse just before lockdown but I couldn’t ride now anyway. I tried Joe Wicks PE but couldn’t keep up 🤣. I’m going to scour youtube for some gentle pregnancy yoga/Pilates as I think it is really beneficial and good to start now before the aches and pains start to kick in. This is my 3rd so I’m sure I’ll not be in good shape by the end of this and I want a very active birth. Let me know if you come across any good videos and I’ll do the same xx
  • @MrsRodgers416 I do harlows earth yoga on YouTube, it’s a week by week pregnancy yoga which I really enjoy 👍🏻 Xx
  • I also did some yoga routines with Harlows earth. They have good flows.
     I love doing vinyasa yoga pre pregnancy also as I find it quite energezing and a complete body workout. Yogainmelbourne has some good energezing prenatal flows to practice for all stages of pregnancy. I like this channel too.
    Although, since last 2 weeks, I had been quite exhausted due to throwing up and nausea, but now I am starting to practise again. 
  • Ladied, I am completing 9 weeks today. Today my nausea is reducing . Usually I used to be sick at least a few times until afternoon, but today I haven't. In fact, I had been feeling hungry almost everh 1 or 2 hours.
    Is this something unusual? 
  • @Timefoebaby2020 I think it’s a good thing your nausea is easing. I’m hungry CONSTANTLY and 10 weeks today...I’ll be huge at this rate! Haha x
  • @Timefoebaby2020 I think it’s a good thing your nausea is easing. I’m hungry CONSTANTLY and 10 weeks today...I’ll be huge at this rate! Haha x
    Ha ha, this is a dangerous phase. Do you crave to eat something or you can eat anything? 
    I am planning to remove all junk food from the house and stock some healthy snacks and munchies. 
  • Post withdrawn
  • Harlows earth and yogainMelbourne, I'll check them both out, thanks @MrsRodgers416 @Timefoebaby2020 @Summer1287 I am a yoga teacher actually but it is always much nicer being told what to do. If anybody else has fitness or pilates recommendations I'd love them too.

    @Rainbows&BabyDust your body must be asking for what it needs, I don't think you need to worry at all about following that, enjoy!

    My nausea has eased over the past 5 days, I wouldn't say I've been hungry but definitely more excited to eat. I'm 9weeks5 today so hopefully a turning point. Still very tired and breasts still tender but that's not so bad. I had lost almost 6kg so far from not eating, I'm quite tall and now only 58kg so definitely don't want to go any smaller so letting myself eat whatever I fancy too, no real cravings yet though. 
  • Does anyone know how long it takes to get blood results back from widwife? I have my appt in 2weeks
  • @Butsie185 yes i feel a ton better.....ill feel more better after the dating scan

    update for today im doing good at 7+4 just cant wait for my scan in 13 days <3 this waitttttttttttt cm seems to b increasing ....boobs tender still....i tend to b nausous at night or when im my most tired....a bunch of lil pokes n prodding feelings in my tummy today which i hate bc they make me nervous......slept almost 12 hours last night lmao im getting more n moe hungry everyday <3

  •  Evening ladies, glad to see some of you who have had nausea it’s reducing. I’m 8+4 and feel like a slug I’m just mopping around and everything is such an effort . To get the older 2 to school and my little one to nursery for 9am today was a huge achievement even if I did have to hug the toilet a few times during getting them ready. They even had breakfast and their hair done 😂. 
    I’m not laying in bed with my little one contemplating just going to sleep with him. 

    We’re due to go to Greece next Thursday so hope I’m feeling a bit better by then. Still not entirely sure it will happen but not giving us much time now. 

    I’m having a scan tomorrow evening just to reassure me all is ok as the dr I spoke to about my nausea worried me and I need to know all is ok before we go away. 

    I will take a look at the yoga videos . I suffered badly with pelvic girdle pain in my last pregnancy so these may help I is start them early. I will definitely be swimming while we’re away as that helps ease any pains I had. 

    Have a lovely evening ladies xx
  • @Mummy246 why did he worry you hun?? 

    Spoke to midwife on phone and feel crappy now. I thought she’d get me booked in ASAP with me been 8+3 on their dates but didn’t seem bothered. She said I should hear from them in next 2 weeks to go for my bloods etc and she said they wouldn’t do any thing differently because of my MC which doesn’t help me relax as I’m constantly worried only swollen boobs isn’t enough of a symptom. 

    I’ve booked at private scan for 18th July so fc all is ok!! 

    Sorry needed to vent about midwife haha 😂 
  • @AyeeshaB sorry to hear about the kind of response by midwife. My experience of speaking to assistants of midwife practise is like this, but the midwife herself has veen very understanding and supportive since the beginning.
    Hopefully it will start getting better from your first appointment onwards.

    All the best for your upcoming scan. At least you will have an assurance for yourself. 
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