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  • @Timefoebaby2020 hopefully when we meet face to face it’s different or a different one haha!! Count down to next Saturday just praying all is ok!! 
  • Does anyone know how long it takes to get blood results back from widwife? I have my appt in 2weeks
    I've always had bloods done at 8-10wk book in then blood results discussion after 12wk scan appt but mine have always been OK and nothing to discuss xx
  • @Coconutfoxx - similar to @ChelleH83, I got my results and the next appointment. I had my bloods taken yesterday and the midwife said I’d get a call if there were any concerns, and if not they’ll tell me the results at my next midwife appointment (although they checked them when I went for my 12 wk scan last time)
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    @AyeeshaB I just find it so infuriating that no one talks about miscarriage, its a real taboo subject yet it is so common and the fact you have to go through it 3 times before any help is given ludicrous. I have never felt so alone when I was going through it. 

    So today I am 6+3, they day that I lost baby #2 so I'm taking this as a win that we have got this far. Next mile stone is 6+4 by the measurement of the baby when #1 happened but I was 8+3 from LMP. 

    I finally committed and we have our 8 week scan on the 17th at 10am, so fingers crossed. 
  • @Butsie185 I know I told her I was apprehensive and worried and she just brushed it off. Yeah!! Great news on booking scan!! I’m day after at 10am excited but so nervous!! 
  • wait when do you guys meet your DR ??????? i met mine at my first appointment or do you guys only have midwives?
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  • Yep we dont see a Dr unless there are issues and we need consultant led care. Only the midwife. 
  • And yeah we're still social distancing from anyone who doesn't live in our house. Midwife appts are being done over the phone now. And we have to go for our scan alone too. 
    But tbf our appt system is very different than yours anyway. 
  • @ChelleH83 see my hubby can come in for the ultra ....does the midwife deliver the baby or the dr? do u meet them b4 the labor?
  • Yep midwife delivers, unless there is a problem, then it'll be a Dr. 
    You generally don't meet the mw who will deliver at my maternity u it as there are so many and all different shifts. And they are just for the maternity unit. 
    The mw you see throughout is usually the same, I've had the same for all 4 as she was the mw at my gp surgery. 
  • @ChelleH83 oh thats interesting
  • It's luck of the draw. Which is a shame as it would be nice to have a friendly face.

    We only get 2 scans too, 12wks for dating and 20wks for anomaly checks. 
  • hmmmmm @ChelleH83 thats so getting a dating one at estimated 9w.....i think they do one at 12w .......i might pay for an early gender scan which i can get anytime after 15w .....then they do one between 18-20w for gender then i think one at 30something..............................but idk if they will do my 12 week scan bc im getting one at 9 weeks :/ for dating
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  • I had extra scans with my last as he wasn't growing properly and they say he had stopped growing. He was born 2 weeks early and weighed 8lbs 11 😂

    I guess tho because you guys pay for it its different. Thats all NHS for me. I did pay for a gender scan at 15wks with number 4 and could pay for as many as I wanted. 
  • @Rainbows&BabyDust oh see im the opposite....i cant wait lol

    @ChelleH83 was the pay for gender accurate???? my hubby seems to think it might b wrong n then we will buy everything wrong
  • @Catlady220 we paid for a private gender scan at 17 weeks as my grandad was ill with days to live and he wanted to know what we were having so we went for a private one. 

    It was spot on, he was early a boy. Then when we went for our 20 week we didn't tell them that we knew and they also said boy. 
  • Yep @Catlady220 we've asked for all 4 and it's been right. 1 an2 were at our 20 week scan, 3 was awkward and we went private at 23 weeks. 4 was clearly a boy at 15 weeks. 
  • Need to catch up properly later but just thought I’d pop on quickly, first day back to work only for a few hours as leaving early for scan which is at 2pm! 

    @Summer1287 hope all goes well with your scan today! I’m feeling sooo nervous! 

    I had such a weird dream last night I was in hospital they brought a tiny baby boy to me and I was like wait this doesn’t make sense I’m only 12 weeks then I was like aw this is the baby that I miscarried then he turned into a girl and went to sleep 😕so odd! 

    Have a good day everyone! Hopefully we both have good news to share later @Summer1287 xx
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