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  • Anyone feel like their symptoms are getting worse past 8 weeks? The past 3/4 days I’ve really been struggling I feel like a useless mummy no energy to do anything working my way through batch meals to save having to face prepping a meal and when L goes to bed I’m straight to sleep I just feel that way you know when you’re so hungover that you just don’t want to move? 

    My food aversions are getting worse I see photos of food and it’s making me feel so sick I still haven’t been sick yet and my sense of smell is unbelievable everything smells terrible particularly cigarette smoke which I can smell a mile off. I feel like some time of useless superhero or something 😂 all I can drink is ice cold water the odd bit of fresh orange til I get the boke. Still managing to eat bits and bobs beige foods but even buttered toast was too much for me this morning. If I find something I do want to eat I wolf it down like I’m starving then feel sick for gorging 😳I don’t remember feeling like this during my pregnancy with L but maybe because I need to move more to look after him. Any tips welcome 😩
  • @Memz89x my worst was last week between 8th week and 9th.
    Midwife also mentioned that this is the peak time. After 9 weeks, placenta starts taking over, so the hormones prodution should reduce. 
    I am 9+2 today and I still feel sick, but better than last week at least. 
  • @AyeeshaB they r irregular....i didnt bbt this month but i think my cycle was gonna b 36 days so im expecting them to move me from 9+3 to 8+3 ....which im fine with bc i expect it 

    @Timefoebaby2020 <3 awww lil bean <3

    @Butsie185 i wonder what they will change my date to....i think itll b around feb 26

    @Memz89x my sis birthday is valentines day.....right now my due date is the day b4 my anniversary <3 but i think itll get moved........and im not past 8 weeks yet but UGH yes ....yesterdays nausea was BAD and some days if i even think of food i can feel my last meal coming up.....the tiredness is last day off work was very unproductive.......i mainly laid on the couch all up doing summer school E-Learning with my niece and im sooooo ready for bed lol....its 10:30am lol

  • @Memz89x that sounds like torture. Really feel for you. I have a bit of cramping again this afternoon. Every cramp makes me worry. 

    @Catlady220 my cycle would’ve been 39 days this time so I think that’s why my dates are off 
  • Post withdrawn
  • @AyeeshaB yea mine r off i know they r
  • ugh indegestion n gas today is reallllllllllll :( have had a tummy ache and heart burn most of the day so far
  • @Catlady220 I have had constant heartburn for the last two weeks and gets worse when I eat. 

    I'm finding that i can eat evening meals anymore, making me feel really sick and bloated 
  • @Butsie185 I’m same right off food in afternoon just don’t know what I fancy to eat. 
  • Quick question ladies how hot can you have the bath.? 

    I have my temperature and not letting my temp rise above 37 
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  • @Butsie185 i get night sickness a lot

    @AyeeshaB its 98F i dont take baths now bc of that bc its not even hot

    @Rainbows&#38;BabyDust yea me too i usually try to eat 3 meals .....dont matter what times lol....sometimes with in only a few hours and 2 snack or a bunch of lil breakfast i ate 3 medium sized pancakes(like the microwave ones) and then lunch i ate managed to get down 5 bagel bites and 2 honey dipped chicken nuggets so i would take that as a meal together lol....ill prob try to eat 2 more times......ive noticed frozen pizza and pancakes are the 2 main things that dont cause tummy problems............. 

    has anyone got prescribed nausea meds???
  • I’d had it at body temp and checked my temp didn’t get above 37. Had cramps and it eased it in bath. Might refrain from baths then :)
  • @AyeeshaB if its at 98 F then ur fine 
  • when do you guys plan on shopping? has anyone started buying stuff yet?
  • Post withdrawn
  • @Rainbows&#38;BabyDust i dont think its silly...only problem is u might end up with a bunch of left over sizes.....were gonna buy 2 or 3 boxes of each size and wipes....and my baby shower is gonna b small......we wanted to do the whole mickey and minnie thing for boy or girl but now im realizing that it might b better to do gender neutral furniture bc we plan on having more children so we can reuse the furniture like the stroller and swing and stuff.....hubby is talking about starting to buy things but idk how soon is too soon.....he said after the ultrasound but i think maybe 12 weeks.....were just sooooooo excited.......
  • I’ve felt worst this week so far @Memz89x and I’m between 8 and 9 weeks. Hoping it starts getting better. I’ve not had it anywhere near as bad as some of you so I shouldn’t complain, but really tired and having nausea most of the day. Felt a bit more sick this week at times, although haven’t been sick. Been really hungry this week as well. Got the shakes earlier and my tummy hurt because I was suddenly starving out of nowhere, even though I’d been eating throughout the day.

    My earlier spotting that I mentioned stopped after Saturday. I mentioned it to the midwife and she said that was good it had settled but to contact someone if it continued. I’ve had a small amount again tonight after 4 days without any 😕 think I’ll monitor it again and call the GP if it increases. Annoyingly heading into the weekend again, so if I don’t call anyone tomorrow I’ll have to wait until Monday! 

  • Aww I love a hot bath. Never knew they were a bad thing, always had baths with my last two pregnancies. Don’t really have time for baths now 🤣. Felt very bloated this evening- my stomach is getting huge. Will be glad to get my scan just to be sure there is only one in there lol. 
    Going away to the coast for 5 days tomorrow and cannot wait. Going to eat and sleep the whole time 😀. 
    @Catlady220 i bought a new baby carrier but that’s all I’ll be buying. If I have a boy I’ll get lots of stuff from family as they all have had boys recently. And if I have a girl I’ll just use all the stuff I already have. I’ll be breastfeeding and baby wearing so really only need my boobies and an endless supply of chocolate hobnobs. 
  • @Catlady220 we have most of the things we need from DS but we will need to get a new cot mattress and i have decided that i am going to treat myself to a new pram even though we already have one. I wanted this one for ages and I feel I will deserve it this time around. 

    If we have a boy with have all the clothes up until 6 months and the season will be the same as DS was born at the end of December. If its a girl we have some netural stuff but not a lot. 

    I haven't had any cramping for a few days but have had a little tonight, the pregnancy constipation has already kicked in which mixed with the bloating is a killer. 

    I also found out today when I will be going back to work which I'm super happy about but also a bit worried. I have been furloughed since March so its been a long time. My boss has agreed to let me work from home until i hit 12 weeks which is good. 

    Almost into another new week! 
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