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  • @MrsRodgers416 oh so u already bought something?

    @Butsie185 see i havent gotten constipation yet.....if anything im the opposite and yea im starting estimated week 8 tomorrow <3 

    @Rainbows&#38;BabyDust hmmm i never heard that......i heard freezing umbilical cords
  • @Rainbows&#38;BabyDust I looked into Placenta freezing when I had my first and i did a lot of research. There isn't actually any medical evidence to say there is benefits of doing this, its more of a placebo affect. Plus if its your first pregnancy you have nothing to compare against so you can't tell if you feel better as you don't know how you would have felt before. 

    I'm am very interested in umbilical cord donation for Stem cells though. 

    These things are really personal so all I would say is read around the subjects to see if its right for you. 
  • been getting a lil more crampy as im approaching 8 weeks.....they r still the same kind of cramps but it worries me idk y tests were good and the dr said the physical exam was great so idk y im still scared

  • @Rainbows&#38;BabyDust I know plenty of women who have capsulated their placenta. Your doctor has no rights to not let you keep it. It's technically your body and what you say goes so if you want it make that clear from the start. You can sign up to a service where you notify them of the labour/birth and they come very quickly and take it away to process it for you. Women have reported a more balanced mood in their recovery while taking the capsules but I'm really not sure. I've spoken to a doula about it previously and she said the hormones you need during pregnancy and very different to the ones you need postnatally and when breastfeeding so putting them back into your system actually isn't very helpful, which does make some sense.

    I believe they can also dehydrate them and make you a keyring, no joke 😅 each to thier own I say. Or if you really want to get into placenta benefits look up a lotus birth! 
  • I had a friend who did the capsule thing and swore by it! But I had never heard if it until she’d done it 
  • Errrghhhh the sickness this morning has really stepped up a gear, just dropped my DS at nursery and it took everything in my power not to puke! 

    Got some cramping today too 
  • Does anyone not have any cramps?? I know we’re never happy 😆 but it concerns me that I don’t really feel anything in my tummy 
  • @GG18 I don't really get cramps. I get a sore lower back with my period usually and I've had that on and off in pregnancy. Recently I've been getting a heaviness feeling with little pangs of discomfort but I'm over 10 weeks now so I guess it's just getting all a bit cosy in there.

    I spoke to my midwife yesterday, she seems totally mad but really nice and relaxed. And she's joined me with nagging my partner to quit smoking which I'm pleased about. He thinks he smokes about 2 a week with a beer but its more like 20 with any drink or when playing golf, silly dilluded man. I cannot stand the smell usually but especially now. I'm like a bloodhound, even if he showers and uses mouthwash I can smell it! 
  • I don't have cramps. Just have wind and heartburn and constant nausea.

    I've never heard of the lotus birth before. Not something I'd fancy. With 3 and 4 I asked for delayed cord clamping. 

    Someone I know has had her placenta turned into gummy chewable things. 
  • I have just ordered some maternity dresses in the New Look Sale for work now I know I am going back in a few weeks! I will keep them packed away until I need them but deffo need to get my work wardrobe sorted as I'll be out and about more! 
  • I was browsing the maternity clothes the other day. I can't wear my jeggings anymore, morning they're fine but by the end of the day I feel like they're trying to chop me in two. I'm not even 8 weeks yet 🙈
  • I’ve not bought anything yet and won’t do until after the 12 week scan. I hate this limbo part when you don’t even know if you’re definitely pregnant 😔 I definitely have days where I just don’t feel very pregnant, but then usually followed by days where I do. We went straight to a shop after 12 wk scan last time and bought a little outfit! We have lots from our DD though so won’t be buying as much this time. 

    As for placenta tabs, I had heard of it but to be honest it isn’t something I’ve looked much into doing
  • Asda do jegging/jeans that I swore by last pregnancy and going to buy tomorrow I need to look out my maternity leggings I don’t usually like to “tempt fate” but I’m so uncomfortable in my normal clothes just now. I’ll see if I can find a photo of the jeggings from Asda they are super stretchy (not sure if they will have similar in Walmart or how that works?)
  • Sorry I haven’t been posting much I feel so dramatic but just surviving at the moment 🙈

  • They come in different colours and have a stretchy waistband. They aren’t a actually maternity so nothing wrong with buying them now 😊
  • @Memz89x I got lots of Asda stuff last time around and it was really good and lasted well. I have a bag full of Mat clothes in the garage but I'm refusing to get it out until 12 weeks! 

    I'll be on video calls from August so as long as its from the books up I'll be OK as I don't want anyone to notice!
  • @Butsie185 I was at work briefly on wed and to say my trousers were tight is an understatement 😂 it’s either button out or button super squeezed over belly. I’ve told my mum it’s lockdown chub and I’m sure she’s none the wiser. Still can’t believe she hasn’t asked me!
  • I’m not planning on buying too much maternity clothes until further down the line as it looks daft without a big bump and most clothes are fine as long as they have a bit of stretch. I always thought it would be nice to be pregnant in the winter though looking all cute with boots and jumper dresses 😜
  • All 4 of mine are winter babies and it's so easy, leggings and a jumper dress, or jumper, no need to buy maternity really. Until this one, I didn't show at all with 1st, then with each one I've been bigger 😭😂
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