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Due in February 2021 - Part 3

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in February 2021 - Part 2, as the first thread has topped the 1k post limit.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

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  • made it <3
  • I have super super Veiny boobs too! Going to sound terribly British but I cant stand this weather.

    I've also feel like I've had a few flutter, i know its early but they do say it happens sooner with your second 🤞
  • I've been feeling baby flutters for weeks now. You do feel it sooner with subsequent pregnancies. Just can't wait till they are much stronger. 
  • @Butsie185 see this is my first so im not sure exactly what i feel lol but theres been 2 times ive been laying in bed n ive felt a weird fluttery or vibrating feeling where i would guess the baby my pubic bone and i thought it was the baby but my mom called me crazy lol
  • @Catlady220 i think I was about 19 weeks with my first when I thought I felt it for the first time and about 22 when I knew for sure. 

    I think you have more of a bump now as I didnt show until about 20 weeks so its deffo possible
  • So ladies...we are having a boy!!! I was thinking girl but very happy to be having a boy. Kinda funny because my sister had 3 girls and a boy and I will have 3 boys and a girl lol.
  • A boy! That's so exciting! Congrats! More exciting news. 🥳
  • Does anyone else have a hunch for what they are having? Would be interesting to see who guesses right lol.
  • I definitely get weird feelings in my lower stomach to the side but i dont think it’s baby yet. 
    Ahh a boy! Congratulations @Rainbows&#38;BabyDust 🥳
    I am fairly certain we will have a boy, I feel like it’s a girl but we both have a son each from previous relationships so I just think that we will end up with all boys! 
  • @KL10 who knows, this may be the one girl you don't expect 😂 
  • Aww congratulations @Rainbows&#38;BabyDust
  • I think I am having a girl...not sure why but have a feeling in my gut. I had the same with my Son and was right. 

    Amazing news @Rainbows&#38;BabyDust i love being a boy Mum 
  • @Rainbows&#38;BabyDust congrats love <3 ooooo our first gender <3 

    who finds out the gender next????? we are trying to schedule our early gender ultrasound for Sept 7th.....I go back and forth but i honestly thing its a moms side is all grandma had 2 mom had 4 oldest sis has 3 girls and one of my middle sis has 1 dads side is pretty mixed though so we may end up with a boy lol.....ppl say just looking at my bump they think its a boy but idk honestly i lean more with girl 
  • We're thinking boy. 
    My dad's side of the family it goes girl, boy, boy, girl, girl, boy, boy, girl, girl, boy........ So we in line for another boy to follow the pattern haahaa. My mums side is all mixed. Hubby's is only boy out of the 3 of them and his sister has 2 boys, then us with our 2 of each so far.
  • Hi all, sorry I’ve been a little distant - it’s been my daughter’s 2nd birthday and we have been so busy. It’s been lovely but we’re exhausted 😅

    I’m 13+5 now and my symptoms are all quite subtle. Still getting tired sometimes, but that could be partly the heat and a crazy toddler. I’m not napping, just low on energy. Still waking up in the night for a few toilet trips, but expect that’ll happen all the way through. Boobs still feel big and look a bit veiny. I think that’s mostly it.

    I really haven’t got a clue with the gender. I guessed boy last time based on my symptoms and we had a girl. This time, if anything, I’d guess my symptoms were more girl than last time, but knowing my history of guessing it’ll probably be a boy!
  • I have had an appointment through for my 20 week anomaly scan on 25th September, so hopefully we can find out the gender then. Sounds ages away but it’s only 6 weeks on Friday
  • Hey guys sorry I haven't spoken for a while - how is everyone? All good over here, just getting a bit anxious for my scan on Friday. 
  • I'm writing down these guesses cause there's no way I'll remember lol.

    Got out and did some grocery shopping with my daughter. This mask business needs to end. I feel like I can't breathe, I get all light headed and then my head starts to hurt just from wearing a face covering for a few minutes. I feel like I should be exempt from wearing one especially since I've already had Covid19.
  • SOOOOOOOO huge question.....has anyone leaked colostrum yet?????? so im only 11+2 and when looking at my boobs in the mirror i noticed a tiny tiny amount of clear liquid on my nipple and it was sticky......i told my sister bc i thought it was something bad like infected or something n she told me it sounded like colostrum.....if i wouldnt have been looking i wouldve never ever noticed....prob wasnt even enough to wet my shirt but i thought this was soooo early???? she kept saying ur just an early bloomer.......i had EARLY symptoms....found out i was pregnant at 3+1.....have a decent bump for only 11+2.....and now i apparently dribble colostrum :/ feel like my body is preparing very quickly when in all reality it needs to slow down bc we still have 29 more weeks lol
  • @Catlady220 I do but I stopped feeding my youngest after I found out I was pregnant again, so my body has never stopped. He jumped on me the other day and knelt on my boobs and had a wet patch then when there was pressure on, other than that it's same as you, only tiny amounts. 
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