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Due in February 2021 - Part 4

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in February 2021 - Part 3, as the first thread has topped the 1k post limit.

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  • @ChelleH83 lovely scan photos, glad all went well.

    I am just the same @Memza89x, always worrying about something. I found my baby book from last pregnancy and I said I felt the first movement at 19 weeks and I just think it was full on from there, but I highly doubt it was! I seem to be feeling kicks most days now but they’re still subtle and not frequent, so I doubt myself when it’s been a while. However, the baby woke me up again this morning doing this big roll or whatever it’s doing when it makes my tummy stick out and go hard. I’m hoping after our scans on Friday @Memza89x we can relax again for a bit longer 😬 with so many boys so far, I feel like it’s surely going to be a girl for me! 

    I wasn’t very well in the night and that worried me. I went to bed with my tummy hurting, but more digestive issue than baby. I woke up at half past midnight with pains and had an upset tummy for about an hour. At one point I thought I was going to be sick as well. I got all dizzy and hot and sweaty and faint, but thankfully that passed. After about an hour I went back to bed and haven’t had an issue since. I don’t know what caused it, maybe something I ate disagreeing with me? I was worrying it would affect the baby. Feeling weak, tired and a bit sore today. Feeling a bit sorry for myself haha. I lost my voice last week and had lots of sleepless nights with a poorly little one, so hoping for some peace and better health soon!!

    @AyeeshaB It’s 20 wk scan for @Memza89x and myself on Friday. I think I’m the last person finding out what I’m having from what I can see. I think @MrsRodgers416 and @KL10 are keeping it a surprise?
  • @Catlady220 did you hear from your doctor ?
  • @ChelleH83 beautiful scan <3 

    @Memza89x im sure it will subside soon once baby starts doing large hubby is jealous bc by the time he got home the baby had settled a lot

    SO i called my Dr this morning and they said that as long as i dont run a fever or get chills and as long as the scratch heals well than not to worry <3 i knew i was stressing over nothing though......just hate that you hear sooooo many horror stories about toxo and stuff and its like these r my fur babies they wouldnt intentionally make me n Cyrus sick.....but its possible.....the dr thinks im ok though
  • Better hop on this thread so I don’t miss notifications like I did for like a week last time 😂

    Aw @GG18 are you feeling better today? Hope so! Horrible when you feel like that! Especially when there’s so much going on in there trying to pinpoint what is where 😂I remember when I was about 37 weeks pregnant with Luke I thought I was in labour as was in the worst pain I’ve ever been in no lie I could barely breathe let alone move. Sharp pains all around my tummy and back and I was crying! Ended up being terrible trapped wind 🙈🤣
    you’re totally right about the movements I think I’ve done the same - saw first movements in scrapbook and remembered later in pregnancy when there were literally massive alien movements and I’m thinking why can’t I feel it like that yet? I felt baby at work today though a few times which is a first so hopefully will continue! You need to let me see your scan photo again so can have a look at nub. Can only give a good guess if it’s properly visible otherwise it’s a stab in the dark😂

    @Catlady220 glad all is ok! It’s defo a worry all these little things and always best to get them double checked. Even just to put your mind as ease a bit

    @AyeeshaB all going well I will be 20 weeks on Saturday! 

    It’s funny, I remember before any of us were 12 weeks saying “never mind, in a few weeks time we will all have had our scan and can start to enjoy our pregnancies” and here we are! Can’t believe almost half way already it’s madness
  • @Memza89x yea it does just happy we are succeeding at this preparing for baby thing .....we have soooo much already <3
  • @ChelleH83 look at her! Great pics and more good news. Congrats.

    @Memz89x @GG18 I hope the 20 week scan will be the one that finally starts to ease most anxiety for you both, and it's so soon! Excited for you both. 

    I had a long day at work today, no rests, on my feet all day and lots of heavy lifting and my back is feeling it now. Only a week until my pool hopefully opens again, I'm sure that'll help but just stretching for now. Crazy to think this will only get harder as we get heavier. Maybe treat myself to a little 37 degree bath tonight 😏
  • @ChelleH83 awesime scan pics. Glad that all went well for you 😊

    @GG18 hope you are feeling bwtter now. Take rest.

    My stomach cramps (since yesterday morning) are still ongoing. Not very severe, but they are almost continuous. I have been taking paracetamol (though only twice a day, don't want to take much). Warm bath etc nothing is working. It gets worse when I change positions, or getup from bed or couch. 
    I am now wondering if is it just the stretching ligaments pain or something else. I will wait till tonight and call up midwife again tomorrow, and maybe also ask to visit them for checkup. 
    It is weird that until 2 days ago I was so active and mobile. 
  • Sorry @ChelleH83 completely missed this! So glad all is well and that baby is still a girl 👍🏼🤣💗
  • @Timefoebaby2020 that does sound unusual that your cramps are continuous and nothing is helping to ease them. If you’re still needing paracetamol and are in discomfort then I would speak to someone, even if it’s only to put your mind at ease. It might be everything internally adjusting, but best to check
  • Thanks everyone, I’ve not been ill anymore today, just feel like I’m recovering from yesterday if that’s makes sense. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will help. 

    @Memza89x I’ve posted my nub picture below. It was only at 12 weeks though, so a little early. I don’t think you can see any nub on 12+5 (I’ll post it anyway)

    12 + 5

  • @Timefoebaby2020 I’d probably speak to the maternity assessment unit hun just to double check and see what they say or your midwife hope it eases ASAP xx
  • Aww @Timefoebaby2020 sorry you're having a bad time. Yes defo get checked out xx
  • Just manage to catch up in the posts, congratulations to those having there 20 weeks scams and those having a gender reveal. 
    I have my 20’week scan next Wednesday I will be 20+6. I can’t wait just need to know little lady is ok. Xx 
  • Evening ladies, has anyone (UK) got their maternity exemption certificate yet? 
  • Hi @Butsie185, my midwife “ordered” mine or whatever they do at my 8 wk appointment and I got it by about 9 weeks
  • I got may maternity exemption for prescriptions, dental etc at 7 weeks but the mat B form I always get at the 20 weeks scan that’s the from to give your employer to authorise maternity leave. Xx 
  • Yeah @Butsie185 I signed a form at my 12 week scan and got mine at about 14 weeks are you still waiting? I haven’t used it yet by decided last night it’s time to stock up on the Gaviscon!
  • I've got the form but because I haven't seen anyone yet I havent had it signed. Also, how do you get your MB1 form when your a second time mum as we won't see anyone until 28 weeks? 
  • @Butsie185 28 weeks?! Is that your next midwife appointment?
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