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  • lovely photos @Sophie2791

    I’m getting achey now too - backache today and lower abdomen. Sounds as though it’s common to get achey in third trimester from what I’ve read. We’ll be waddling our way towards the end when we get there haha
  • @Sophie2791 lovely pics

    @Butsie185 omw how exciting. I am so tempted to ask over a home birth now, especially as its all so unknown over what is going on. I'm still in 2 minds about a water birth though.

    @Emma63 I feel you, I was back to work today as we reopen on Wed, so went in to give it a good clean, and I'm exhausted. Hips, back and feet are killing me. I have only 7 more shifts left tho so I'm quite happy to go do my 4 hours twice a week.

    Got my dating scan dates through for 32 and 36 weeks to check the size of her. Hoping she's not a hippo like her brothers and sisters, would be nice to have a dainty one. 

    @GG18 how're you feeling now? This stage is all new to you isn't it.

    Hope our American ladies, @Catlady220 had a fab thanksgiving. 
  • Just noticed Rainbowsandfairydust has gone. And when you look back her post are withdrawn and it says deleted user. 😔
  • And I keep seeing friend suggestions for some of you ladies on face book, think becuase I have u on insta 
  • How odd re: @rainbows&babydust would’ve thought she’d say something!
    hopefully all is ok with her and baby

    I’ve defo been getting more sore as time goes on. I wake up waddling from the pressure in my noonie and at the end of the day my back and hips ache sooo much😟

    I have days where I think to myself am I breaking off work too early 🤔but then I have a busy day and I’m like why am I still working 😂

    Ooh @GG18 new territory for you past 29 weeks!
  • I also have noticed I get a stitch so quickly now when I’m walking!
  • Thanks for the bump love, I really like looking back at the similar pics to see how much I've grown. Highly recommend a same outfit monthly snap to new pregnant friends now. 

    My walk limit is about 2hrs now, I start to feel it any longer than that, starts to feel catchy in my very lower back like I have to move carefully or I might hurt myself, better for a hot water bottle 🔥

    My right ribcage started hurting this week so I saw a friend for it today, got some dry needling and treatment on it, all feeling a bit sore now but hopefully better from tomorrow. 

    I hope Rainbows lady comes back, might be a glitch, I don't think I know her name! 😅 Fingers crossed all is OK. 
  • I wonder if she’d not crossed over to new thread? 
  • AyeeshaB said:
    I wonder if she’d not crossed over to new thread? 

    I thought this as she didn't appear when I tried to tag her about thanksgiving. So went back to the last thread and it says comment withdrawn and user deleted 😔😔 wonder if @DanielleMFM can email her? 
  • does anyone else have itchy feet?????
  • @Catlady220 do you have itchy feet?
    You should inform your doctor once. 
    Earlier in 2nd trimester when i was having itching issue on my body, my doc specifically asked if I have itching on my feet and palms, as that could be related to liver issues. Thankfully, I had itching in tummy, back and boobs which would go away by applying menthol gel or coconut oil. 
  • Ladies, a question regarding clothes.. What is the optimum number to buy for newborn size (regular clothes like rompers or onesies)? 
    If the baby is born at full term or later, he might outgrow the newborn size pretty soon,so I don't want to buy too many. 
    I will also stock some 0-3 months. 
  • I have 9 babygros in newborn and at the moment only 5 vests, struggling to get them, but will het5more to make upto 10 or more if I find a bigger pack. One cardigan and 2 hats so far. 
    I have more 0-3 items. Mine are always big babies so don't fit in newborn long. 
  • My friend has a newborn and is going through 2-3 outfits a day, mostly due to leaky nappies, he's a boy so I think it's coming out all angles 😂 so maybe think about how often you will need to do washing @Timefoebaby2020
  • @Timefoebaby2020 i was told since its a boy to buy more clothes than u would for a girl in newborn especially if they get circumsized.... my brother informed me that u have to put petroleum jelly on their incision to keep it from sticking to diaper and it causes the diaper to not b as absorbant so pee literally leaks out of diaper allllll the time......i have 1 drawer of nb clothes but 3 drawers of 0-3......hubby never fit in newborn so i only bought a select amount
  • I have started washing, ironing and putting away all Peanuts clothes, we have a drawer for tiny baby which is split between vests, baby grows and some outfits as Joshua was small we these lasted a good month or so. Then the same for Newborn which he stayed in for a while. 
    For 0-3 we have the same, but with more outfits as I liked to make sure J was 'dressed' in the day and baby grows at night to help with the sleep transition. 
    We have barely anything in 3-6months and nothing in the sizes above so please I went through it all today so now I know what we need to look out for and hoping the Jan sales will have some bits in. 

    Has anyone written their birth preference yet?

    I've also started making a list for my hospital bag and the outstanding things left to buy! Trying to get organised.
  • @Butsie185 YES lol we just started talking about my birth plan and honestly there isnt much i need to put down except things that will make my anxiety good or bad lol......i am also buying my hospital bag tomorrow as i dont have a bag the size i want lol

    We bought almost all of our clothes used so i have enough to last him the whole first year and a few outfits for after that lol.....i got super prepared bc not working for 6 months scared me money wise lol.....i dont get paid mat leave :/
  • @Butsie185 we've done the same with all ours from about a month old, sleepsuits at night and clothes in the day and they've all slept through from 6 weeks. They've all outgrown nb by 3 weeks too 🤣🙈 I'd love a dainty little baby 
  • ChelleH83 said:
    @Butsie185 we've done the same with all ours from about a month old, sleepsuits at night and clothes in the day and they've all slept through from 6 weeks. They've all outgrown nb by 3 weeks too 🤣🙈 I'd love a dainty little baby 
    There is no guarantee this one will be the same! I measured 3 weeks behind all the way through with josh but I feel alot bigger this time around, although Josh was transverse most of the time so it could be this baby is in a different position.  Cant wait to get my bump measured on Tuesday to see where I am at. 

    @Catlady220 I think I packed and un packed my bags a thousand times last time! This time round im doing a just in case one for if I have to go to hospital and one for Josh incase he need to go for a sleepover at Nanny's! 
  • @Butsie185 yea i have the babies pretty much packed though n i have a list for mine lol but im sure itll get changed a million times
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