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  • I’ve started my positive birth company hypnobirthing yesterday and love it!! Baby wriggled loads in bath when I played the relaxing music. Going to pack mine after Xmas when I’m past 30 mark got my list ready though 
  • @AyeeshaB we are really enjoying it, we do a couple of modules every night before bed and we have found it really insightful. We are about 60% through, I want to complete it by 30 weeks so we have 10 weeks of putting it into practise. 

    Another thing to share that I found is the Squeezy app. This is a pelvic floor exercise app that I have been using to help prevent a perineum tear as well as support post labour. Its a NHS app that cost 2.99 and you can set reminders 3 times a day. 
  • That’s a good idea :) 
  • @Butsie185 ugh i hope i dont tear :(:(:(
  • I have the squeezy app- it’s great! Woman’s health physio recommended it to me after my last birth. 
    I made a visual birth plan last time and will probably just reuse it this time- you can download the visual birth plan pictures for free from Positive Birth Movement Website. If anyone wants to see mine send me a message and I’ll try and send it to you. 

  • Timefoebaby2020Timefoebaby2020 Regular
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    Completed 30 weeks today. 
    Also have my scan and midwife appointment today. We changed our midwife practise now. This one is just 5 mins drive from our place, so the midwife can alao visit easily anytime when needed. 

    Me and hubby had a Childbirth and initial parenting workshop last weekend. It was a zoom session due to Covid, but we were just 2 couples with the coach, so it was like one o one. Learnt some practical information about the system in Netherlands, the progression of labour, breathing exercises and different options of natural pain management possible here before going for epidural or other medical ones. 
    The coach shared with us a comprehensive Birth plan template and we now have more clarity on the kind of birth process we want. I am preparing a draft and will discuss with my midwife in my next appointment.
    If any of you needs the template, I can share. 
  • Hi everyone, and thank you for the tag @ChelleH83
    Just to let you know, Rainbows&BabyDust is no longer posting on the forum, but she is ok and sends her best wishes to everyone and wishes you all well with your pregnancies. 
  • Hi everyone, and thank you for the tag @ChelleH83
    Just to let you know, Rainbows&BabyDust is no longer posting on the forum, but she is ok and sends her best wishes to everyone and wishes you all well with your pregnancies. 
    Awww thank you Danielle. 
  • hope everything is ok
  • Had 31 week midwife appointment. Had a student midwife examine me and tell me baby was breech 😳. Spent the whole appointment freaking out and forgot all I was going to ask. She had a senior midwife check me at the very end and baby was not breech at all but head was just really low. Think I’ll not be letting any student midwives near me during actual labour 😂🙈
  • I’d be interested to see your visual birth plan @MrsRodgers416 and your template @timefoebaby2020.
    I didn’t do one last time and not sure if I’ll get to follow one this time, but I’d like to make a start - some of it could come in handy even with an early labour. Last time I didn’t get any choices really due to being so early. I tried to change position at one point and even that wasn’t allowed because they lost the trace of the baby’s heartbeat so had to go back on my back. 

    Also sorry your midwife appointment was so unnecessarily stressful @mrsrodgers416! How frustrating.

    The positive birth stuff sounds good @Butsie185 and @AyeeshaB. I’ve not really looked into that sort of thing but enjoying the Daisy Birthday classes, which covers off different breathing techniques and labour positions etc. How are you finding it @Sophie2791?

    Has anyone used or looked into a TENS machine? I’d heard of it but not given it much serious consideration, but now hearing quite a few women say they swore by it and didn’t want to take it off. I really fancy the idea of a water birth though, which you obviously can’t do with a TENS machine. Good to have options I guess. Birthing pool might not be available, or TENS machine might not do it for me.

    I had another scan today and placenta is working hard again (readings were high = not good), so got to go back for another scan on Friday.
  • Has anyone been asked about their birth plan yet? At what gestation were you asked?
  • Timefoebaby2020Timefoebaby2020 Regular
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    @GG18 I was exactly asking to my midwife today about TENS machine. I also spoke to one of my friends who is a physiotherapist and she swears by the use of this machine on her clients. The objective is pain relief through release of endorphins, in a non medical way and is completely safe to use. If going for water birth, it can still be used in initial labor if that is going on long enough. Midwife was also telling me the possibility that it is sometimes also possible to use TENS machine in certain positions in water bath as well (for example all fours). But will have to check. 
     I am planning to rent one, my health insurance also covers the rental cost of it.

    @MrsRodgers416 oh, my husband also gets frustrated when there are students examining. While it is good cause for students to learn, it can bring unnecessary stress.
    In my 20 week ultrasound, we had this situation. My husband was also freaked out that we are exposing the baby to ultrasound for a longer time.

    I had my midwife appointment too today, I am 30 weeks. She examined the uterus and baby position from outside. Baby is head down, with the head already in the pelvis. Fingers crossed 🤞 that he remains in the position.
    The last ultrasound I will have in week 33,that is to check my uterine fibroid. There is no complication for delivery but if the fibroid has grown further, it can have post-partum complications as the uterus has to shrink back and it can cause excessive hemorrhage. Hope that it has not grown.
    Normally after delivery the fibroids also shrink automatically. 
  • Yea I’m going to look into TENS machine a bit further I think. Definitely seems a popular choice. My baby is also head down in the pelvis, although she seems to be facing neither front nor back. Her spine runs along my right hand side at the moment. Hoping she doesn’t turn back to back 😬
  • GG18 said:
    Has anyone been asked about their birth plan yet? At what gestation were you asked?
    I got asked with my 1st 15 years ago, there was a checklist on the note booklet but it was did I want an epidural, pethidine etc. 
    And I've not been asked since. 
  • @GG18 I would 100% recommend a tense machine. I used one with Josh after my midwife friend recommended it it so I borrowed her unit and bought new pads. The trick is to get it on early. They have different levels and a pulse button which you press when your having a contraction. I really wanted a water birth with Josh but as the tense machine was so good for me I was afraid to turn it off! 

    I have bought one second hand this time around (the mamatense one) and its the first thing on my birth plan! 

    I wrote my preferences up yesterday but im pretty easy going when it comes to birth plan and I know si much can change and influence it. Its more about mood, environment etc for me.
  • @Butsie185 that’s exactly what someone else said to me - they didn’t want to take it off so have the water birth a miss. Also heard about starting it early, I think that’s a great tip which probably people don’t realise (and I wouldn’t have unless someone told me). I’ve definitely got TENS and water birth at the top of my list for now, and will look into them more. If I don’t get to 37 weeks I don’t think I can have a water birth, so TENS would be my main option. It’s exciting to be able to start thinking about these things now! 
  • Thanks @DanielleMFM good to know she is well. If anyone else is leaving the group please say bye before, I've grown attached 💞

    @GG18 I like the daisy birthing, it covers very similar info to the positive birth company digital pack, there are small differences for example the 'out' breath in daisy is a 'down breath' in hypnobirthing, there are little extras in each, the digital pack has more to use outside of classes - mp3 meditations etc. But daisy has more of a physical practice which I've enjoyed. The social side of daisy is a bonus too, we have a WhatsApp and a chat every week which is nice, especially at the moment.

    I've given up on NHS for birth plan etc as I find them so very obsessed with scare tactics and worse case scenario chat that really isn't necessary yet and doesn't serve me at all. My doula is taking my through the visual plan cut outs and I'm really enjoying learning all about that. 

    Tens machines MUST be used from the start, all research that supports thier use in labour is used this way so have it out and ready! I haven't looked into too much yet though, 1 week until I find out my placenta placement and if it's worth organising all this stuff properly! Feel in limbo until then. 
  • im 32 weeks had my 31 week apointment yesterday. baby wasn't playing ball, midwife could feel she was head down but couldn't tell what position she was in. at my 29 week scan she was head down and back to back. 

    I have low iron now so trying to add extra stuff to my diet. she was also concerned because my belly was really tight and the fact I get bad stitches when I walk even though they go when I sit down. This is my assigned midwife that I have seen for the first time in 32 weeks. 

    now im a bit concerned. 

    im cant figure out my GROW chart either. like is she measuring where she should be. I am 32 weeks pregnant and when she measured my tummy yesterday I was 31cm.
    this is my chart 
  • She's measuring perfect I'd say. They allow upto 3cm over or under before they scan. My first 3 I was always 3cm under and they were 9lb6, 8lb1 and 8lb4. With number 4 I measured 4cm over and he came at 38wks 8lb11. This time I measured bang on xx
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