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Due in February 2021 - Part 5

Hi everyone,
This is a new continuation thread for the Due in February 2021 - Part 4, as the first thread has topped the 1k post limit.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

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  • @Emma63 baby may have changed position or just moved down, but they can move back up again too. X
  • ChelleH83 said:
    @Emma63 baby may have changed position or just moved down, but they can move back up again too. X
    Well she was head down and back to back so maybe she is head down and now the right way 
  • I wouldn’t worry @Emma63 they can do that. They can still move into different positions for weeks to come. I find my bump looks different depending on how baby is lying 
  • Interesting to know about bump based on baby positions. I have also been feeling a difference in the bump, sometimes it is high up until the ribs ans sometimes lower heavy.
    Baby is also moving differently this week (week 29). Today morning I felt him laterally in the mid tummy on both sides left and right.

    For the baby monitor, I am planning to go for a simple and not very expensive TP link wifi one that has video, audio, motion sensors and 2 way communication options. We don't need a parent unit as the app can be installed in multiple iOS or android devices. So both me and OH can monitor on our phones +ipad. 
  • Ooo @Timefoebaby2020 that sounds ideal- can you let me know what one you go for. 
    My baby is back to back to it’s arms and feet are to my front. My bump isn’t round and is more bumpy due to that. 
  • @MrsRodgers416
    I shortlisted this model Tp-Link Tapo C200. 
    But trying to find more reviews.

    It has all features that I am looking for and night vision is also good, but there are 2 downsides : 1. does not have battery option so has to be connected with power outlet always
    2. Needs SD card if you want to save the previous recordings. Many other monitors save on cloud. 

    Considering the price and other optimal features, these 2 downsides don't seem big to me.

  • Any one getting one with the sensor part that detects sleep movement? 
  • Ooo @Timefoebaby2020 that sounds ideal- can you let me know what one you go for. 
    My baby is back to back to it’s arms and feet are to my front. My bump isn’t round and is more bumpy due to that. 
    my baby was back to back when I had my 4d scan 2 weeks ago 
  • We’re not @AyeeshaB but I hear angel care is the one to go for it that’s what you want. Although some people said to me they caused more stress and worry because they can set the alarm off if they roll off the sensor. Some people think they’re amazing though. Each to their own!
  • We've literally got a very basic monitor. Plug in parent and camera with a video on the parent unit. It's a Motorola one. Ours have all been noisy sleepers, I can hear Cooper snoring as I type this. We only bought it last year as we went to Wales with andys family and stayed in a big 7 need house, so needed it for the evenings, since then we've moved to a victorian semi so have continued to use it daily. 
  • @AyeeshaB we are of the same opinion as @GG18 in regards to the sensor matt, but we didn't have a video monitor last time so upgraded this time as our house is much bigger. 

    So my first day of annual leave started with J waking up at 2am with a temp of 102f, got up at 4 after he puked everywhere. Booked a covid test for 10am and now housebound until we get the results back. Still has a really high temp that calpol isn't touching! 
  • Oh no @Butsie185 that doesn’t sound good! I hope his temperature starts to come down and you don’t all get poorly. What a way to start your leave! Our childminder has told us tonight that her daughter has covid symptoms and has booked a test so she has to close for the rest of the week until her results are back. Everything is all happening at once!
  • oh no @Butsie185 and @GG18 i hope everything is ok with them <3
  • So took my trip to the dentist.....they said theyd call and make another appointment once they are positive that my insurance will cover my deep clean...they said they r sure it will........i also got antibiotics bc apparently my wisdom tooth is infected and also needs removed :/ ......i was referred to an oral surgeon for that but idk how i feel about doing that while pregnant :/ .......i really thought i was getting gingivitis but they said it just looks like a bit of plaque build up is causing the inflamation :/
  • We have the movement sensor @AyeeshaB and to be honest we have had very few false alarms but it gives peace of mind. It can be a pain in the bum though if you forget to disable it when going up for wake ups etc it’s so loud!

    oh no hope your babas are ok and feeling better asap @Butsie185 & @GG18
  • We got the results of Joshua test this morning and it's negative thank god! Hes much perkier this afternoon so hoping it was just a virus and will pass in the next day or so. 

    Not going to get much of my to do list completed this week though! 
  • Glad to hear he’s negative @Butsie185 and hope he’s soon back to his usual self 
  • Thanks @GG18 how are you doing? 
  • I’ve been alright thanks @Butsie185. Really tired, slept 10-12 hours the 2 nights I’ve been home and also had a nap this afternoon! I guess a combination of catching up and I think a growth spurt- my bump seems to have grown loads in the last few days! The little babe was measuring about 2lb 2oz on my scan last Wednesday 💕

    I had a pain at 2am this morning which I thought might turn into something but thankfully not. Got a scan tomorrow morning to check how my placenta is functioning 🤞
  • Hope all OK @GG18. Have they told you to rest more? Hope all goes well at your scan. 
    Consultant phone appt this morning for me. God knows how I'm going to keep these 4 quiet. Smallest is already thundering around causing chaos. 
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