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  • Unfortunately not. I'm 6 weeks now, hcg levels last week fit, and he has a really good, sensitive scan thingy. I honestly can't remember exactly what he said, but I think the uterus is smaller than in the scan last week. He couldn't see any sign of a fetal pole. 
  • ... and no gestational sac.
  • I’m so sorry to hear that @Bundaberg 😢 Sending you much love 💕xxx
  • Thank you lovely ❤️
  • @Bundaberg so sorry to hear that ❤️
  • Hey lovelies, I just wanted to give you an update. It turned out to be an ectopic, hcg levels first doubled and then they were only around 40% higher in 48 hours, which is also a sign of an ectopic. At the ultrasound last Friday they found it in my right tube, had surgery the very same day where they took out the right tube completely. As the sac was already 4cm, the damage and scarring to the tube would have made it almost impossible to not have another ectopic right away. I'm healing good, mentally I kinda shifted to grateful not to end up in a life threatening situation, even though of course I'm sad I'm not pregnant anymore. 
  • How’s everyone doing? It’s very quiet in this group, hope everyone is ok? X
  • I agree it is extremely quiet in this group and doesn’t seem like there’s many of us compared to when I was last on here with my daughter! 

    I’m currently around 7W4D and have my first appointment next week. I’m feeling nauseous but had no vomiting yet (but didn’t with my daughter so I’d be surprised if I did.)

    How’s everyone else doing? I think everyone is ahead of me by the looks of it. So I’m assuming it won’t be long till you have your 12 weeks scans? 💕
  • @B.leif I was thinking the same, within my first there was a very active group to chat in! Doesn’t seem to be many people expecting in feb?! 
    I’m 8+1 so still a way to go. Feels never ending! I have a scan booked around 10 weeks so counting down to that …  super tired and finding each day difficult tbh - not sure if it’s because I have a toddler to look after? Could do with skipping July tbh 😂🙈
  • Hello everyone sorry to join the group late. I am 7 weeks today , but been bleeding so was a bit apprehensive. Had scan at 5 + 6 … everything was OK heartbeat was present as well so trying to be positive. Congratulations to everyone … hopefully we all have healthy babies coming Feb.
  • @*sunshine* That’s exciting about your scan and not long! I’m tempted to book one myself. And I know what you mean, I’m exhausted chasing my toddler around 😂 

    @Jo92 Congratulations to you too! Is this your first? I’m glad to hear everything was ok on your scan. It’s so hard not to worry but glad you got to hear the heartbeat to at least put your mind at ease a bit ❤️
  • This is my second after trying for 5 years . Eldest is 6 never had any issues . I am worried now as the bleeding got heavy last night . Went to A&E they said it looks like there’s nothing to worry about funnily I am having period. I have been booked for another scan on Tuesday @ 2:49 , so will keep you updated please keep your fingers crossed. 
  • @Jo92 it’s good to hear they said it looks like there’s nothing to worry about but glad you’re getting checked with another scan. I’ve definitely got my fingers crossed for you 💕
  • @Jo92 I’ve been thinking about you today. Hoping everything went okay with the scan ❤️
  • Hiya girlies currently 12 weeks 2 days the past 12 weeks it’s been a emotional rollercoaster as you all can imagine… looking forward to my scan on Thursday but also terrified as had a MMC before my son 5 years ago.. afraid history will repeat itself, fingers crossed it doesn’t.. it’s nice knowing there’s a group to help ease any concerns ☺️
  • Hi @Nelly123 I’m also 12+2 and have my scan on Saturday. This first trimester has been so hard with looking after my toddler, I just hope for good news at the weekend and that the second trimester is easier ☺️
  • @*sunshine* I can imagine… it’s now 6 weeks holidays so constantly trying keep little man active but brain try’s wandering off else where 🤦‍♀️ Yessss I agree so far all I want to do is sleep eat repeat ☺️ 
  • Congratulations on your pregnancy @Nelly123

    I'm currently the week behind you both but don’t have my scan for another 2 weeks when I’ll be nearly 14 weeks… I was hoping it would be sooner to put my mind at ease but I’m just trying to stay patient. 

    Not long for you both to wait now to see your babies! Keep us updated 💗

  • Nelly123Nelly123 Regular
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    @B.leif aww I know the feeling it will come round quick I thought the same but it’s actually flown by mines tomorrow at 9.20 ☺️ Hoping for a good outcome 🤞🏻 I’ll keep you posted as soon as I get home ☺️ 
  • @B.leif The wait feels endless doesn’t it but just think it means less of a wait until the 20 week scan ☺️
    Hope all goes well tomorrow @Nelly123 🥰
    After much debate I have just booked my covid vaccine for Sunday when I’ll be 13 weeks. I hope I’m doing the right thing …
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