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  • Eek my husband surprised me today with a gender scan and we’ve found out we are having a baby boy! 💙 absolutely over the moon!  We were allowed to take our little girl in as well, it was so special x
  • @Nelly123 let us know how your scan goes tomorrow 😊
  • @*sunshine* Wow! Congratulations 💙 one of each 🥰 and such a lovely memory for you all too! 

    Hope you’re both doing well, I feel like it’s started going so fast all of a sudden! 
  • @Nelly123 I hope your scan went well! 

    I've received a letter saying my blood test has detected a low PAPP-A. I've never heard of this before, but I'm starting to panic after reading into it. I have a midwife appointment on Thursday so hopefully, she'll be able to give me more information and advice then. 
  • @B.leif How did your midwife app go? Hope you feel more reassured? 
  • @*sunshine* I’m feeling a bit better now thanks. My midwife told me it’s quite a new thing that they don’t know much about but having low PAPP-A has shown links to babies with smaller birth weights or early deliveries and also I could be more likely to get preeclampsia ect. She’s said some woman are fine so not to worry too much I just need extra monitoring. I’ve got a uterine artery Doppler booked in for between 22-24 weeks to check the blood flow to my baby and then we will know more and can go from there. But I will also need a minimum of 3 more growth scans to check on baby and make sure it’s safe to continue carrying. 

    I’m not classed as high risk at the minute so hopefully everything goes smoothly and I get a healthy, on time baby who isn’t too small! Just hoping my blood flow is all good when I get it checked and hoping I can keep from stressing too much till then! It is helping that I’m feeling little kicks and flutters daily now too. 

    Sorry for the long essay 😂 How have you been? It’s not long till our 20 week scans now! I’m looking forward to seeing my baby to check everything is okay!
  • @B.leif Ahh ok! My first baby was premature so I am likely to have extra monitoring this time too.  Hopefully you will be fine and not affected. 

    My 20 week scan is 2 weeks Weds, can’t wait! Can’t believe that’s the half way point. 

    Feel very crampy and achy but my bump has suddenly grown a lot the last week and I do now look pregnant whereas I didn’t before! 
  • I'm late to the thread eek! 

    Hello all 😊

    New member here! It's been a real adventure so far I must say. My implant came out at the end of April after 9 years, and at the age of 35 with my fella being over a decade older than me we didn't expect this to happen so quickly! But we're both so excited ❤️ due dates range from 16-02 (midwife estimate) 20-2 (my estimate) and 25-02 (sonographer estimate). Which is the most accurate, do you think? 

    Looking forward to getting to know the February mamas ❤️
  • Hey everyone! How is everyone doing?has anyone felt much movement yet? I have an anteria placenta and can only feel the odd squirm every now and again:( after 2 boys we had a early scan and found out we are expecting a little girl! We are so happy, so is her big brother💗
  • @Kim Congratulations and welcome! They’ll go off your ultrasound for your due date as it’s meant to be the most accurate but it can be a little off. How’s your pregnancy been so far? 

    @ConcievingQuest Aw congratulations a baby girl! Lovely news. I’ve not been told where my placenta is but I’m feeling quite a lot of movement daily now. Mostly if I sit or lie down and especially after I eat! 
  • @B.leif I hate to say it but it's been pretty neat 😊 slight nausea, lots of bloating, the odd swollen foot and a lot of fatigue. Most of my issues have been mental rather than physical.

    I've heard some real horror stories so I think I've got off rather lightly so far! The main issue has been working my usual night shifts. Little crumb wants me to sleep at night like a normal person which doesn't go well with nights at a hospital 😴

    So going by that I'm 15 weeks today, how exciting 💜 feeling a lot of butterflies, almost like indigestion - I think it's little crumb! Really can't wait to meet them 💕

  • @B.leif @*sunshine* sorry
    Girlies it’s been a crazy couple
    of weeks been working and getting my son back
    To school and settled jus catched up on ur threads ☺️ First day off in ages 🙌🏻 So I’m sat with tea n biscuits ☺️ahh scan went brilliant having another boy we saw him cuddling the cord and drinking and he’s belly moving in and out… but yea I’m out run 😂 my son is thrilled he has a best mate.. ah my sister in law had that with first baby turned out prefect was alil small but nothing alarming she’s also pregnant again and gotta go through same
    thing again extra scans etc.. my bump seems to have sprung out of no where 😂🤦‍♀️ Got my 20 week on the 15the September I can’t come quick enough i jus wanna see him again 
  • @Nelly123 So glad your scan went well! Congratulations a baby boy 💙 I bet your son was made up getting to see his baby brother.  

    Thanks for sharing that about your sister in law, I’m glad to hear she had a healthy baby! I’ve started to calm down after seeing it doesn’t seem as uncommon as I first thought. 

    Not long till our 20 week scans now. I can’t believe we’re almost half way already! 💕
  • Hi everyone, I am due the 15th Feb. I was a little shocked to start with as I had my daughter in April last year but I am looking forward to the new bundle of joy coming along. 😊. 
  • @KaylaI congratulations on your pregnancy! 

    I’m glad it’s not as quiet on here 💕 maybe we need to make a due date train soon! 
  • @B.leif thank you 😁😁 bring on the busy life of 3 little ones 4 and under.

    And congratulations to you and all the other mummies due in February xx
  • Nelly123Nelly123 Regular
    edited Sep 8, 2021 2:41AM
    @B.leif 3am and I’m sat with a bowl of cereal usual antics for me carrying a boy woke up hungry and baby having a party 😂 Yea he was alil confused at first at how the lady got him on screen but with daddy wispering in he’s ear he soon realised lol yea he called him an alien at first 😂 as we had the 4d scan aswell so had to explain he wouldn’t come out like that bless him yea it’s quiet scary at first but she’s very chilled with this one cause she said she knows now what she could protentially be up against 
  • Lovely to see this thread more active 🤗

    Welcome @Kaylal and @kim

    Congrats on the news of a baby boy @Nelly123

    We are on our last night of a weeks holiday, it’s been so lovely! Our toddler has been a dream and we even manège a few dinners out without drama!although Hey Duggee iPhone bribery was used 😉

    im 18+4 today and have nhs scan next Weds, really hope everything is ok 🤞🏻 I’m excited to start buying some baby boy bits 🤗

  • Hope everyone’s ok? 20 week scan went well 💙 feel like I can start buying things now 🥰🤗
  • @*sunshine* Glad to hear everything went well! And lovely to hear you had a nice holiday too! 

    Hope everyone else’s 20 week scans go well! Counting down till mine next week now 🥰
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