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  • Hi ladies, how is everyone getting on?

    I had my 20 week scan today and it was amazing! Baby was so active but everything managed to be checked and measured in the end! We asked not to find out the gender but me and my fiancé think she might have let it slip because after she told us to look away to measure the legs she tried to get baby to stop wriggling and called them ‘little fella’ 😂 so we’re not sure if she said it because they’re a boy or she might of just said it either way! we don’t mind obviously, we’re just so happy they’re healthy 💛 

    We’re going away for a little baby moon this weekend so I’m just hoping I have the energy to manage especially with our toddler too! 

    Can’t believe we’re all half way now! Hope you’re all doing well! 
  • Hey girls how we all doing how did your scan go @B.leif 21 weeks 22 on Thursday seems to flying by  Little man feels like a jumping jack today none stop movement everyone at home and in work now can feel him so they are all excited to finally feel him not just me ☺️☺️
  • Aw I'm not due til 25th February, so my scan will be one of the last 😅 I'm getting so impatient reading about all of yours! Bring on the 8th October 🥰 
  • @kim Not long till your scan now! I bet you can’t wait 🥰

    We’ve moved house this week so it’s been stressful and busy but it’s nice to know we’ll be settled for when baby is here 💛 I also got my uterine artery Doppler appointment for next week so fingers crossed that goes well 🤞but I’m excited to see my baby again! I’m 22 weeks tomorrow and we still haven’t told anyone yet 😂 I think we’ll try and tell our parents in the next couple of weeks but I’ve been so busy it’s just been flying by! And I’ve also liked having it just between me, my partner and my daughter (even though she doesn’t understand fully yet haha) 

    How is everyone getting on with their pregnancies? Has anyone started buying anything yet? Or thinking of names? We’ve got lots for a girl and none for a boy 😂 
  • @B.leif
    And everyone expecting in February - I'm one of the last to the party! I'd like you all to meet our little boy! We're so very excited - and so unprepared 😂 we've not got a thing. But I've seen some cute knitted fruit hats! That's a start right? 
    Took half hour to get the face shot and he's still got his hand in front of it! I've never been so happy 😊

    And I get to see him again in 8 weeks as I have a bilateral placenta..! Or something? Lucky me 🥰 I hope you all and your babies are well x
  • @ThePregnantProofreader congratulations 💙 I’m looking at the positive side of my extra scans too and that I get to see baby more ☺️ I’m glad everyone’s 20 week scans have went well. 
  • Hope you and your babies are doing well. It feels really quiet on here again!

    I had my uterine artery Doppler last week and luckily my blood flow is looking good! I got to see baby and get a few more pictures too 🥰 and they’re measuring right on the 50th centile! So I don’t need any extra scans now apart from my growth scans that will start at 32 weeks. 

    Can’t believe we all go into our third trimester next month too ❤️ 
  • Sorry for radio silence! Pregnancy second time round is so different … working, looking after a toddler - there’s so much less time to stop and think about being pregnant! 

    @B.leifthats great news about blood flow. I am also having a consultant app at 32 weeks as my little girl was born at 35 weeks.  Hope you’re settling well in your new house!

    I’ve had the go ahead to finish work at Christmas 😊 will be taking annual leave from then until 8 February (or whenever baby comes) - only 2 months left - how crazy!! 

    I’m feeling lots of movement which is reassuring but also feeling more uncomfortable by the day! My next app is my 28 week midwife app which is mid November some time! 

    Had covid, flu and whooping cough jabs all within 2 weeks so felt full of vaccine for a while 😂. Although still managed to catch covid a few weeks again, it’s just everywhere!! Was really quite ill for two weeks but actually it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared so almost a relief to get it out the way! Good to have all the protection before the cold hits though!

    Also planning  to move my toddler into the bigger bedroom next month to get her used to it, looking forward to getting her room sorted and making it nice for her.  The nesting urge has kicked in and I’ve been having a real clear out.  Feeling super organised for Christmas as well having picked up lots of little outfits for her on Vinted and various presents as I see them!  
  • @*sunshine* I agree about second pregnancies being so different! I’m so busy with my daughter too the weeks are just flying by this time! I completely forgot to check on here until now. 

    So exciting! not long till you finish work and till Christmas too and then we’ll be ready to welcome our babies into the world 🥰

    I’m so happy to be in my third trimester and it’s starting to feel more real now I’ve started buying for baby 💛 

    Hope everyone else is doing well at the start of their third trimesters and enjoying our last Christmas without our little ones! 
  • How’s everyone getting on? I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! 

    I’ve had a bit of a crazy couple of weeks! I went for my 32 week growth scan and expected baby to be small (like I’ve been told my whole pregnancy) but baby is measuring BIG. Their head and legs are measuring 2 weeks ahead and their weight was estimated to be around 4lbs 9oz which they weren’t too worried about (although like me were a bit shocked.) However they were really worried as baby’s tummy was measuring in the 97th percentile at 6 weeks ahead! So I was booked in straight away for a gestational diabetes test, which I had on Thursday. They’ve said no news is good news but because it’s been Christmas and bank holidays my results might take longer. So now I’m sat with my phone constantly on me stressing 😂 hopefully I don’t hear anything back 🤞 I think if I don’t hear anything by Friday I’ve probably passed! 

    So my next scan is in 2 weeks when I’ll be 36 weeks and they’ve said because I’m so petite if baby is measuring on the same scale I’ll need to be induced at 37 weeks as they don’t think my body can get such a big baby out and I even might need to have a C-section! So baby could end up being a January baby! I’m not sure what to think at the minute I think I’ll just wait till my next scan and go from there before I start overthinking as I never needed and induction or C-section with my daughter so this is all new to me. 

    Has anyone else had any scans recently? It crazy we’ll all be meeting our babies in the next month or two ❤️ I can’t wait to have them in my arms 🥰

  • @B.leif
    I had an appointment today too - a couple of weeks back I went into the hospital as little one wasn't moving much. The nurse measured me on the big side, which has thrown my percentile chart all out of whack! The upside of that is that I get to have a growth scan next week - I can't wait to see him again <3 and yet another growth scan around the 36-37 week mark. I don't know what they'll see there - if it's anything like the last scans definitely not his face!

    Gosh 97th percentile - I'm sure all is alright though. Keep us updated :) but how nerve wracking! Sending good vibes your way!

    Last growth check they did for me little one measured in the 27th percentile for how far along we are. He must be long and slim - not like me or his daddy :D we're so excited to meet him. It's getting realer by the day - I'm feeling excited and terrified in equal measures! Hope everyone else is doing just dandy :)
  • Sorry I’ve been quiet, I’ve just been rushed off my feet recently. Finished work on 23rd, had covid booster which made me feel unwell for Christmas Eve and super tired! And it’s just been manic since. I haven’t even had time to process that I’ve finished work. I think I said before that I never managed to finish work with my little girl as she came 5 weeks early! She was born at the start of the pandemic so I did most of the birth alone and a ten day stay in neonatal after with no visitors at all. Just hoping it wont be any worse than that  it would be even worse this time round as I would hate to be away from my daughter . Also feeling totally fed up of being pregnant, constantly aching and shattered and eating has become a chore as feel so bleugh afterwards. Bump was measuring average at 34 week check with baby head down. I never made it any further than that with my little girl. I’m just hoping this one at least makes it to 37 weeks … desperately need to sort my hospital bag asap
  • @B.leif  ahhh that’s a lot to take in! A similar thing has happened to my friend, she was diagnosed with GD and baby is measuring big so they’re planning to induce her at 39 weeks. It’s so odd not having any scans …. Baby is plenty active enough but I keep wondering what he looks like, how’s he’s growing etc. please keep us updated on what happens at the 36 week scan! 
  • B.leifB.leif Regular
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    Happy new year everyone! 

    @ThePregnantProofreader How did your growth scan go? And did you get to see baby’s face this time! 

    @*sunshine* how’re you getting on? It’s crazy that this is the most pregnant you’ve ever been! Hopefully you make it to 37 weeks as that’s not long at all.  

    Luckily I don’t have GD so maybe just a big baby 😂 Less than a week till my next growth scan now so we will go from there. Hoping I can go natural again this time though 🤞

    It’s a month today till my due date and I just can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone! There will be birth announcements on here before we know it 🙈
  • @B.leif That’s great about GD result. I’ve now been diagnosed with OC so they won’t let me go past 39 weeks! Booked for induction and may even have to go earlier if my bile acid levels rise too high - weekly blood tests now and close monitoring 😏 the itching is horrendous!!
  • @*sunshine* oh no I’ve heard how unbearable the itching can be. Not long left at all though! And sounds very likely to be a January baby 🥰 You might be the one kicking off the baby announcements! 

    I was meant to be having my 36 week growth scan in 2 days but I tested positive for covid yesterday 😢 I thought I’d gotten away with it because my fiancé and daughter had tested positive 8 days before and I was still negative but it finally got me. I’ve only got a cough at the minute so hoping my symptoms stay mild and we can get it out the way for when baby comes! 
  • @B.leif Oh rubbish but hopefully you aren’t too unwell with it and good to get it out the way before the birth! I am slightly fearful of my husband getting it and giving birth alone 
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    @Sunshine , what is OC? Clueless first pregnancy here!

    @B.leif, well kind of 😅 he was so low down sonographer couldn't get head measurements - they had to tip me so my feet were higher than my head - he's basically using my bladder as a pillow..! 

    Everything is all good, he's got a big ol' belly and is very active! The sonographer sympathised! But all is growing well and his weight has shot up from the 27th percentile to the 55th. Everyone keeps terrifying me saying he's going to be a nine pounder lol..!

    I hope all is well with everyone here ❤️
  • Just came back from my 36+2 week scan. They still wanted me in I just had to go into a covid room instead. Everything is looking good but baby is still looking very very big 😬 so I’m starting to get nervous. Baby’s belly is still on the 97th percentile and estimated to weigh 7lbs 4oz already… I have to go in next week to talk to the doctor about either an induction or a C-section which I’m unhappy about as I wanted to go natural again 😢

    I'm happy baby is healthy of course and I’m definitely getting closer to meeting them  ❤️

    Hope everyone is looking after themselves in their final weeks before baby arrives! 
  • Hey everyone, 

    First time here. I have loved reading through all of your messages about your pregnancies and beautiful babies and hope you don't mind me jumping in. 

     I am due Feb 21st with our first baby with my husband (IVF) and am feeling extremely nervous. I am growing increasingly uncomfortable and can't wait to get our little man out. Is anyone else due around this time?

    Amy x  
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