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  • @*sunshine* im hoping she’s in labour already🤞🏻
  • Not in labour yet unfortunately! Currently just waiting round in the hospital. I had the prostaglandin gel about an hour ago as I’m at 2cm but the midwife wants me a bit more before she breaks my waters as she said she could probably break them but it would be difficult so hopefully I just need the one dose 🤞 

    Unfortunately with the gel you can’t go home though so missing my daughter already ❤️ Just hope it goes quickly! 

    @Nelly123 Is it your due date today? How’re you feeling? Not long till your induction now but I hope you go before that 🤞
  • @B.leif oh girly it’s so draining isn’t it I can imagine I spent this evening spoiling my little
    boy as he’s off to he’s nannas tomorrow after school so won’t see him till baby comes I had a little cry which he told me it’s fine ur getting me my brother it’s ok lol bless him ☺️ Yep due date today and induction at weekend but still nothing getting the odd pressure here n there but nothing new hopefully I get something start soon 🤞🏻 Be ideal x keep us posted 
  • Hope things are progressing @B.leif and that you can get home to your daughter quickly 😘

    @Nelly123, hope everything goes well this weekend ☺️

  • @*sunshine* thanks girly I’ll update on here as soon as i have an update.. ☺️
  • Well I'm still here 😩
    Getting so frustrated now I could cry. I was climbing the walls yesterday. Had a false alarm Tuesday night which resulted in a canula in the back of my hand. Which I really want to rip out 😖

    37 weeks today anyway - there was talk of getting the ball rolling today via induction but nothing set in stone just yet. I'm so fed up 😬

    Hope you're all having a better time than me lol 😂 
  • I’m still waiting to go down to the delivery suite. I’ve been ready to have my waters broke for the past 12 hours so just been waiting and trying to sleep. Apparently it’s really busy so they’re struggling to fit people in and there’s a few of us having our inductions. I’m gutted I couldn’t go home to wait but at least I’m not in any pain! 

    @ThePregnantProofreader That sounds annoying! Hopefully they get you started today! We’re all ready to meet our babies they need to hurry up 😂 
  • @B.leif Must be something in the air I had a Call earlier my induction got cancelled for tomorrow fuming… cause apparently not enough beds on either ward and not enough midwife’s to go round everyone asked if I had a sweep I said yep 3cm dilated she went oh u won’t need it ur go natural come tomorrow anyway I’ll check u over give u another sweep and we’ll go from there I’m like no my baby is measuring big I’m only
    little I want him out we are not impressed 😒
  • Oh no I’m so sorry girls, all the waiting around is stressful and not at all helpful 😞 that’s what I was most worried about with induction. I really hope you aren’t all kept waiting too much longer 
  • @B.leif @“sunshine”  ive been rescheduled for Wednesday to have my waters broken but was told again it might be a guarantee as they ain’t got the space for me and it’s not high risk (apparently) big baby’s are good baby’s to birth 🤷‍♀️ We are gutted and fed up… had another sweep instead managed to get me 4cm stretched but waters not palpable. Let us know how ur doing @B.leif thinking of ya 
  • So about 24 hours ago I started getting contractions with no regularity to them but between every 3-5 minutes and lasting around 50 seconds. A midwife came in and offered to check me and couldn’t believe I hadn’t been offered earlier! I was already at 6cm and ready to go! So I finally went to the delivery suite as my body had already put itself into active labour and my husband finally got to come. Because my pregnancy was classed as high risk I had to be monitored throughout and they broke my waters at 7cm. Straight away I was getting the urge to push and after only a few pushes my beautiful baby BOY 💙 arrived on 5/2/22 with no time for any medication as it all happened so fast! We’re  so happy with him! Weighing a big 9lbs and in the 95th percentile so looks like the scans were right 🙈

    Although the induction process was long and draining for me my actual birth was perfect and I’m so happy with how it turned out! We got to go home 6 hours later but my daughter was already in bed so I can’t wait for them to meet when she wakes up 💖💙

    @Nelly123 I hope you go into labour soon! It’s great that you’re already 4cm though that’s a great start for whenever labour is. And honestly it’s probably for the best they cancelled in some ways as I got told on my way out I wouldn’t even be in the delivery room still, even though I had been next on the list for over 24 hours because it’s just that busy. So I’m lucky my body put itself in labour as the waiting round was awful and I’d still be there now! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you and hope baby comes very very soon 🤞🤞🤞 

    @ThePregnantProofreader How’re you getting on? Have they talked more about an induction for you? I’m so sorry you’ve been in hospital all this time and can’t believe they’re just leaving you to it. My 2 nights there were awful I can’t imagine how you must be feeling. I hope they get baby here smooth and safely for you ASAP! 

    Hoping to hear you baby updates in the next few days and for fast and smooth deliveries ❤️🤞
  • @B.leif Omg yay girly 👏🏻 So happy for you 9lb I reckon that’s how big little will be ☺️ Yea we trying to get me in labour here so I can go straight through my other half isn’t impressed he’s already booked the 2 weeks off work cause we was “booked” and he’s work u gotta give notice so he’s hoping it happens asap before he’s 2 weeks are up. I’m worried cause pervious birth my
    son was a meconium baby so was in nicu for a week cause I went over due so fingers crossed it happens fast ☺️
  • Yay, huge congrats @B.leif 💙 a baby boy! How lovely 😊 well done for getting through the hospital experience! You’ve done the hard bit, now you can enjoy your new addition at home 💞
  • @*sunshine* @b.Leif hey girls 
    so had bub on the 7th feb by emergency c section as my chunky monkey was stuck he was born 07.09am and weighed a whopping 10lb 8 lol he’s all good tho me on the other hand we still in hospital as I have an infection they wanna control hopefully I can go home soon 🤞🏻
  • @Nelly123 Congratulations!💙 Wow lots of big boys from us all 🙈 Happy to hear baby is here and healthy! I hope you’re not in too much pain and at least you’re in the best place to get yourself sorted. Make sure to take care of yourself and enjoy your new beautiful baby! Hopefully you get to go home soon and he can meet his big brother 🤞

    My gorgeous boy is doing good. We’re enjoying our first few days as a family of 4 ❤️ Still trying to decide on a name for him though! 
  • @B.leif finally let home yesterday afternoon turns out my waters had been leaking after having 3 sweeps so it gave me an infection (dunno how 3 different midwife’s hadnt clocked) but we home now my son is over the moon we home and I’ve been told I’m never to go back to hospital to have another baby 😂
  • Congrats @Nelly123 💙 wow 10lb 8oz, no wonder he got stuck! Glad to hear you’re home safe and sound. 

    Hope everyone is settling into life with a newborn again! Still getting very little sleep here 😴
  • @*sunshine* I know lol nothing caused it jus he’s was big I’m only tiny framed so I had no chance ☺️🤦‍♀️Same here I’m on every 3/4 hour windows now hubby back to work I’m a Lone Ranger during the night aswell… still feel
    surreal we all have our babies after months of chats about our pregnancies ☺️
  • Ah guys we all have our babies!

    It's been hectic here 😅 hence the radio silence. I was induced on the 5th after nearly a week in hospital. Contractions started at about 8pm and I was only in proper hardcore labour for an hour or so (thank god) before our boy made an entrance at 2148 weighing in at 6lb 13oz 💙 he's not due til today lol 😂 now he's nearly eight pounds so we're going good! 

    Had a jaundice scare too, poor baby was on the verge of a transfusion 😢 but that's behind us now and we're settling into life as new parents 💙

    So happy for you all! It's only just sinking in! We're so in love 😍 
  • So glad to hear all you and your babies are all doing well 💙 These boys all seem to have gave us all some type of worry at some point 😂 but I’m so glad they’re all here healthy now! 

    My son is a completely different baby than my daughter was. He actually sleeps which I can’t believe 😂 he goes down then wakes up for a 10 minute feed every 3 hours and goes straight back down! Hopefully I don’t jinx myself but he’s an amazing sleeper so far. He got weighed on Monday and was up to 10lbs 9oz so I’m guessing he’s sleeping so good because he’s eating well. Breastfeeding is going just as great as it did with my daughter too so I’m feeling grateful about that 🥰

    Hope everything is still going well with you all and you’re enjoying your first weeks with your babies. These weeks go by far too fast 😢 
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