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Welcome to Due in January 2016!

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm HelenMFM and it's lovely to see you looking in on us.

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are due in January 2016, like you, please do post a reply and introduce yourself.

And if you have any questions or suggestions for me or the rest of the MFM team, please do shout!



  • Hi, found out Wednesday that after a long 15months of TTC we are finally expecting our first image did a clear blue digital last night. Think I'm roughly 5wks today image due date 9/1/16 image 

  • I'm only a week behind you Mrsbea! have a doctors appointment on Monday -which was to find out if I ovulated last month, which I think we can safely day I did. Will tell doctor then and go from there.

    Last couple of days it's hit me quite hard. Sore boobs, stomach cramps, lots of white cm and feeling soooo tired! But I'm not complaining .


  • Yay pami image 

    ive got rock hard sore boobs, cramps, backache, and HUNGER! I can't stop eating image I can't stop peeing either image feel icky when I wake up but all good image 

  • Hi pami3, welcome to January 2016 Birth Club! You're in great company with Mrsbear88, and hoorah for all the symptoms! They might hurt, but aren't they good too? 

  • Yes all very good feelings that I'll never complain about image..

    Have you booked in an appointment to see doctor Mrsbear?



    What do you think of this test 
  • I can see a slight line Dani, it looks promising. Maybe go for a clear blue or first response. Good luck! X

  • I can see a line too danni.

    im going to call up this week pami image just enjoying a relaxing birthday morning. Couldn't have asked for a better birthday present image it's my oh birthday on the 19th so our news is a joint birthday present to ourselves image 

    how you feeling pami? I popped to get some shopping yesterday and when I got back to put it in the car i was so hungry I had to crack open the apples and oranges image 

  • I saw my doctor this morning but I already had an appointment to find out if I was ovulating or not. Just need to ring up the midwife and book appointment for 10 weeks.

    I feel really good. Cramping comes and goes. Boobs still feel the same. I don't really feel anymore hungry. I just feel more tired than usual.

    Happy birthday!!


  • Hi everyone! I am currently 5+1 weeks with our 2nd baby! Little one is not so little now (!) He will be starting school this year so keeping me busy when I am not studying or at work.  3rd pregnancy, as we miscarried last October, so feel free to share any worries, I know I am a very positive person but it is only natural that I worry sometimes too! Fingers crossed for a lovely little bump appearing for us all soon!  Due 10th January, so an exciting New Year for us all!! image Big hugs xx

  • Did the appointmet go well pami. 

    I feel really good too image 

    congrats alfiesmummy1 I'm sure il have some worries to share In the coming weeks image 

  • Yeah it went well thanks, my weight and blood pressure were both good. Doctor calculated my due date for 12th January. Just need to phone midwife on Wednesday. 

    Congratulations alfiesmummy,  I will definitely have worries all the time!

    Anytime I feel a wetness I'm checking to make sure it's not blood!


  • That's good pami.

     I'm so pleased I'm not the only one constantly checking for blood image it's so scary! 

  • How are we all today?

    I'm not going to lie, I woke up feeling horrendous. Whole body aching, headache, very very sore boobs, loss of apatite and so cold I'm shivering. Had to put the heating on at work. I'm hoping these are all positive signs! Hope you're both well. Xx

  • I also woke up feeling rubbish I didn't know which end it was guna come out of this morning image I've been getting cold aswell and sleepy today started work at 6.45am and won't get home till 8pm image 

  • Awww Mrsbear! Your working crappy hours like me to! I'm up at 5:50 every morning and home at either 8:45 or 6:45pm. I've already told my hubby I'm getting straight into bed when I get home tonight! 

    Fingers crossed it's all a good sign for us. Xxx

  • Yeah long days. Let's hope so image never been pregnant before so have no idea

  • Same here

  • Hi ladies, I'm 5 weeks tomoz, so should be due 15th jan. its our 1st so will be lovely to chat & get advice from others xxx

  • Hi Chazzyc, congratulations! 

    I'm 5 weeks today also! My doctor worked out my date to be the 12th January?

    It's our first too, so really praying we have a healthy pregnancy.



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