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Hello! (Jan 16)

Hi there,

This morning I got the most wonderful news... I am expecting again!

4 weeks just over, due 10th January according to my dates.

Little anxious as I had a mmc in October, so any best wishes and luck welcome!!

Hope we can all continue this wonderful journey together.

Congratulations to all!!



  • Here's your official welcome to the Jan Birth Club alfiesmummy1! We're sure some others will be along to join you soon, but in the meantime, we are thrilled to see you back here with that fab BFP.

  • Thankyou so much DanielleMFM

  • Huge congrats huni image xxx

  • Hey Sarah!

    Thankyou, hope you are well xxx image

  • Ya I'm doing fab hun! 14 weeks and 4 days pregnant!!! Gonna be busy come October, harry will be turning one and baby will be born a week or so after, but my bigger boy will be starting nursery.

    How are you feeling huni? I'm so made up for ya hun xxx

  • Congratulations xx

  • Thanks dillydolly07 xx

  • Wow 14+4!! Are you good at juggling heehee!  ;-)  Such exciting times hun!

    I am feeling excited but also really nervous - trying to just get on as normal but must admit everytime I go to the loo I am nervous!  Just need to shake the negative thoughts off and carry on, only thing I can do really!

    I am trying to rest up more this time, not as much dashing about.  Took our boy out of nursery (long story) and he is much happier at home now, and not long til he starts school, so we are having lots of fun and doing workbooks etc, so that is nice to be able to have the extra time at home with him, esp now we have this fab news!!

    Keep me updated on how you are doing, you can always send me a PM!

    Big hugs xx


    Hi ive also had amazing news! After 15 long months TTC I'm finally pregnant with my first. I think I'm 5weeks today. Due date 9/1/16 image 

    congrats to you Alfiesmummy1

  • Aww Congratulations Mrsbear88! Great news image xx

  • So glad you decided to join Mrsbear88! Loving all those wonderful BFPs you got! 

  • Thank you it's becoming a little more real now image

  • Aw, lovely to see you both here, alfiesmummy1 and Mrsbear88! And it gives me a chance to say congratulations again to both of you!

    At the risk of sounding a bit bossy, can we ask you both to post on the 'official' welcome thread for the Jan BC over here, too, please?

    We think there are some other Due in Jan folks about but they're being a little shy. Once they can see you two in there, we think they might come along and join you. And it would be great to get some more lovely just-pregnant folk chatting away in the Jan BC.

    Thanks so much!

  • Congratulations alfiesmummy1 and of course mrsbear!

    joining in on the January bundel of joy.

    got my bfp on Friday after trying for almost 11 months and took this digital test today. All going well im due 17th January!




  • Congratulations Pami3! Welcome to the club! image x

  • hey ladies

    I'm new to this site. Congratulations to everyone on their BFP. I got mine last fri, it's our 1st so majorly excited & nervous xxx

  • Hi ChazzyC! Congratulations and welcome to the gang image Very exciting times!! Sending out lots of Luck to us all for happy and smooth safe pregnancies xxx

  • Hi ChazzyC and welcome to MadeForMums and January's Birth Club - slowly but surely filling up now!

  • Thanks alfiesmummy1 & danielleMFM. got my 1st midwife appointment on the 29th ???? Xxx

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