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The Due in January 16 Big Birth Announcement thread


Well, it's officially January (Happy New Year lovely ladies!) – and we already know that at least two of you have had their babies already (yay!) – so we've created this special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations and well wishes!

* Note : This thread is not meant as a replacement thread for the wonderful, long-running Due in January 2016 thread. We just thought it would be nice to have an extra thread running alongside, with all the birth news on it – and to have all the birth announcements altogether in one place to look back on in 2016 and beyond.

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!


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    I had my beautiful son Jensen Thomas Price at 11.15am on 18th December born by elective c section due to being macrosomic baby (big baby) polyhydraminos (lots of water) previous c section and I'm type 1 diabetic, he was estimated to weigh 9lb 7ozs but he was 8lb 11oz and was born at 37weeks gestation.  

    The c section was very straight forward and I have recovered very quickly.  Jensen had some complications and needed phototherapy for jaundice and he lost 14 1/2% of his birth weight in the first week taking him to 7lb 7ozs and we spent all of Christmas in hospital but he is doing well now and has gained some of his weight back. He now weighs 8lb 1oz so headed in right direction.  

    I was a tough start but I couldn't be a prouder mam and his two older sisters live him to the moon and back.image

    I'm looking forward to the other birth announcements on here which look like they are coming very soon xx

  • 28.12.15 induction day we were so excited finally the day came to meet our twins.  We were given a vaginal tablet for induction 24 hour release and it was slow and boring as we were high risk we were in delivery room from the off and nothing was happening.  OH left to get some dinner and pains started by the time he got back we were 3 mins apart then and it all kicked off epidural got booked consultant was called and they finally broke my waters.  Epidural unfortunately slowed things down so was put on a drip and slowly but surely we made progress at 5 cm I was told to get up and moving to speed things along it only took about 20 mins til I was crying with pressure and then chaos from then on twin 1 presented head sideways and was in fetal distress tho with the help of first forceps then eventually ventouse out came Kayleigh Olivia at 4.22am 5lb 14oz and promptly peed on everyone Then it went bonkers as twin 2 was confirmed breach epidural was at full strength after lots of chaos and what seemed like an eternity out came Matthew James at 4.35am 5lb13oz handed to me but he was in trouble and needed help felt like forever while they resusitated him dad was petrified and so was I but all was good in the end was a very tough delivery no stitches don't know how. 

    As of now we are still in hospital waiting for our little girl to overcome jaundice caused by hemolytic disease of newborn anti c reaction.   Fingers crossed tomorrow we can go home It's been a tough week.


  • So I had an elective section booked for 5th January. We were at the hospital for 7.30am and were second on the list. I was so nervous to the point where I was in tears when I was in theatre before they'd even started! It wasn't long before Huxley Stephen Hall made an appearance into the world at 11.01am weighing 6lb 14oz. I fed him loads as soon as we were in recovery and we had about 5-6hours of skin to skin which really helps with establishing your milk supply. They had my catheter out that afternoon and they had me up and walking too. He had a tongue tie which I was concerned ewas affecting his feeding and that was snipped yesterday as it was quite significant. We came home yesterday afternoon and we're doing well.

  • Hi all, thanks so much for adding your birth stories - they are all so individual and different.

    Carolineprice27, how have you healed up now? It's been close to a month post c-section, would you say your body has recovered? 

    Kayagh, you are superwoman - a twin birth! We know it must be so blooming tough juggling your brood, but look at those incredible babies you made.

    Teabag81, how are you healing up? And where are the Huxley pics!

    Right, we're off to see if we can get more birth stories posted from your fellow Jan ladies!




    Jenson George Bell born 5th January at 14.13 by emergency c-section. 


    Right my story -: I arrived for my midwife appointment on the 31st December. My blood pressure was 150/110 which the midwife was unhappy about. There was no protein in my urine so she thought it might just be pregnancy induced hypertension.

    I was sent up to the hospital for tests, they checked my blood which came back clear but on the higher level of clear. My urine was still clear of protein so I was sent home after 6hrs with pee bottles and dip sticks and was told to check my urine in the morning and if there was any protein to call medicom.

    we got home and watched the New Years tv then went to bed. When I got up in the morning I checked my urine and got a shock as the protein was 3+++ I didn't call medicom straight away I thought I'd check a few more times.

    The result didn't change so I called medicom and out came the midwife, she checked my blood pressure and urine  and both were high. She said I'd have to be admitted to hospital and they'd either treat me with tablets for a few days then let me go or they'll induce me. Luckily it was the half term so I got my mum over with my lil sister to have a sleep over with the dog then off we went to the hospital.

    We sat in a waiting room for about an hour before being put in a delivery suite room. The took more blood, checked urine and blood pressure then it was just waiting until the results came back which all came back sky high and heading towards preeclampsia so I had to wait to be seen by a consultant who was lovely.

    She basically said that I'd probably be induced as its gone from nothing to severe levels in a short period of time and my liver was starting to play up too. After several more hours I was moved onto a ward and monitored regularly. When the decision was made to induce me it ended up delayed until late at night because so many ladies had started giving birth and three inductions had gone ahead before me, the delivery suite was packed so they had to stop all inductions.

    They finally aloud them to start up again so the midwife came to check my cervix which hurt like hell as it was so far back! She inserted the 24hr pesarie and I was left to it. Within 30mins contractions started but I could cope with it and had my tens machine ready when needed.

    i was meant to be seen by the doctor after 24hrs to remove the pesarie and check my cervix but that never happened as they were busy. It ended up falling out 36hrs after it was put in.

    The doctor finally came to check my cervix (poor bloke) I was only 1cm dilated but cervix was softer. I then had the 6hr pesarie inserted and omg the contractions got worse but I was impressed as I managed to breath through and use the tens when needed.

    I was left for a day to progress and what an interesting day that was! My aunt and uncle turned up whom I hadn't seen for 4yrs or spoke to because the family fell out with them over very big issues. Anyway ended up with a very calm controlled (from me) arguement and my aunt threatening to slap me and slagging me of then telling me she hopes my baby has a disability!

    The poor people in the cubicals next to me were so worried I was going to be hurt that they were running to get midwifes to check on me. I was impressed with myself for dealing with the situation so calmly although as soon as she left I was in floods of tears!

    Anyway next issue was my kidneys that started deteriorating so they wanted me straight on delivery suite to continue induction with the drip. Had another long wait for a space but as I was waiting the rest of my family turned up worried about me and my health going down hill. After reassuring them I was ok I then had to break the news about my aunt turning up so they all left fuming but pleased I was ok.

    I finally got put into the delivery suite and I was so bloody drained as id been in labour for days. I got put on the drip oxytocin and I completely lost control of my breathing and I broke the tens machine so I went downhill very quickly.

    Id had enough of feeling pain and decided I needed my worst nightmare (epidural) I was told I could have it after my waters were broke and I was told getting to my waters was going to hurt as I was only 3cm dilated and quite far back so I had to have man experienced midwife do it. Omg! Gas and air didn't help other than to pretty much make me pass out! It really hurt but was achieved.

    i was in excruciating pain with contractions and just a complete mess. I had to wait an hour for the epidural then it took ages to get attached then it only worked one side. Eventually I got my pain relief sorted and it was bliss. I was completely out of it and I couldn't feel a thing. Catheter in, didn't even have to think about peeing, bliss!

    My poor hubby was really distressed by this point as he could see them prodding me and attaching tubes and I was in another world, he got quite upset. By the next day I'd progressed to 5cm but they were worried about baby being so calm (had been all pregnancy) so they had me moving side to side, forwards backwards. Baby was quite happy sleeping. I got so annoyed I ended up just saying look he doesn't wake up till early hours il show you his fine il eat a fruit pastel and he'll wake up. Tada!! The midwife was impressed with that.

    I'd progressed to 9cm but they realised Jenson's face was the wrong way round. They left me a bit longer and my hubby called my mum as he's got so distressed and could see me deteriorating and going yellow because of my liver.

    My mum arrived as they decided I needed an emergency c-section so she waited in the room until we got back, hubby got his scrubs on and off we went. Was a very weird experience and my ultimate worst nightmare. Hubby watched the whole thing and didn't pass out.

    I just tried to focus on breathing as I was really scared of dying. Baby was pulled out and I started to feel like I was drifting out of the room. They reassured me it was my blood pressure dropping but they were sorting it then I started to feel sick so they gave me something for that  but I still puked which is actually really hard to do laying flat on your back.

    C-section went really well and we were shipped back to delivery suite where my mum took some quick photos and left us to it. That's when my kidneys got worse and I was producing too much urine and my blood pressure was still up. I was kept there for another day before being put on the ward.

    They made me keep the catheter in for another 24hrs before finally taking it out and removing all my other tubes. I ran to the shower it was amazing!

    I had to be observed for 24hrs worth of good blood pressure results and had to have tests to make sure liver and kidneys were improving. Jenson had to have the jaundice test but came back 110 under treatment level so after 7days in hospital I was finally free!!!! 

    Sorry it's so long image 

  • Oh MrsBear88, Jenson is JUST adorable!


    Sounds like you had one hell of a labour but, wow, you coped with it well! (Hope you don't mind but I've just put some line spaces between some of your sentences, just so other people can read it a bit more easily – don't want anyone to miss it, as you've written it in such detail and so vividly.)


    Congratulations - and thanks so much for sharing your story.

  • Haha! No problem I was writing it whilst feeding baby didn't have the brain power to add paragraphs image

  • Bloody hell mrsbear no wonder you were awol! You've had a massively stressful week, but Jenson is gorgeous! I can't believe the cheek of your aunt though, I'm surprised you managed to stay in control...I'm not sure I would have been able to do the same

  • image


    So because Heidi was breech from about 30 weeks we had an elective c-section. 

    on thursday 14th we had to be at the hosp for 7am, on the way there it started to snow ridiculously heavy and we ended up getting stuck behind slow drivers so we barely made it to the hospital on time, we were sent to the ward and waited around until about 10 as we were second on the list of sections so it was pretty boring up until then (except I was in a state and rather nervous)

    at 10 we were called through, I went into surgery and left OH to scrub up etc (he managed to get a cup of tea made for him by one of the drs but was called in before he could drink it. Cheeky git) so I had a catheter put in (which is amazing not having to worry about pee) and a cannula (which is not so great and made everything afterwards especially difficult) 

    during the surgery I kept feeling sick and I was having a hard time hearing people (not sure why) and also I was suffering with a really bad headache, thankfully nothing came of it and Heidi Quinn was born at 11.16am weighing 7.1pounds :)

    after a night on the ward everything was going fantastic and she was feeding fine so we were discharged on Friday afternoon, by 10.15pm we were back on the ward because she hadn't fed since the afternoon and I was really concerned. Whilst we were in she started feeding, but the m/w thought she looked jaundice and so bloods were taken which showed she had it but was below treatment so we went home at half 1 in the morning. 

    on Saturday the community midwife came round and she wasn't happy at all with how Heidi looked so she had us readmitted and we stayed there till Sunday. (In this time breastfeeding was going really well but her blood levels kept increasing) thankfully because i kept a record of when I was feeding and for how long the m/w pleaded our case and we were let Home. 

    because I've had problems breastfeeding since then we're now on formula and we have a happy baby and mummy and I'm finally loving it.

  • Was a little manic jojo. Aww your pics are gorgeous how did you manage to look so good having a section? I looked horrendous!! I'm pleased your settled with feeding now image

  • Yours was way more traumatic than mine, though halfway through the procedure I was in fits of giggles...mainly from nervousness. 

    I love jenson's tigger outfit! 

  • I'm gutted I didn't get a pic of all three of us in theatre but I wasn't with it and oh was just wanted everything to be ok. Thanks jojo. 

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