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The Due in January 2018 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

Well, January 2018 is around the corner, but seeing as we've already had a couple of births in the Due in January 2018 birth club, we thought we'd better get this special thread underway for all your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations and a little gift! (And if you fancy posting a picture too, we'd love that!)

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!



  • Hello everyone! Looks like I'm posting first :) 

    i was due 12/01/18 with my second born but I've learned that baby's are really unpredictable!! 

    We welcomed our son on 18th December 10 hours after my waters had broke. inital plan was to keep me in and give steroids and antibiotics and hope I would hold out a few days to get me closer to 37 weeks. 

    They did a scan to check baby was happy and discovered he had turned breach, and they were unable to turn him because my waters had already broken So there was no fluid. 

    Suddenly my contractions became unbearable and after a quick check we realised it was decision time, I was 5cm and needed to decide between a vaginal reach or a c section. We went with the most chosen option of a section, but in the ten minutes it had taken to prep for a section etc I needed to push. 6 minutes later I delivered a healthy 6lb 8oz baby boy naturally bottom first. 

    We have been in hospital since, trying to regulate temp and feeding but yesterday even we've cracked it and have had a fab night so I'm hoping we can be home today. 

    Good luck to all you other ladies! image

  • Was due 2nd January, but baby Anya was born on 11th December.

    The weather was on our side, my husband usually works away in the week, goes on the Sunday afternoon and returns on the Friday evening. Because it was snowing across parts of Wales and in the midlands so badly that his coach was cancelled and he couldn't get a train back.

    At 2pm, when he usually leaves, I lost my mucus plug (not too worried because could means days/weeks until baby) and started feeling a little crampy. Had a bath and after was sat down, got up and some water leaked down my legs (about 7pm) - unsure if it was my waters or from the bath.

    Then had cramping getting worse and closer together. Phoned the hospital at 11pm, and because I was 36+5 they wanted me to come in. While I was being checked my waters broke on the midwife, was 2cm dilated and fully effaced with the baby pushing down on my cervix.

    Was put on the ward and the next time I was checked I was 3cm, and had Pethidine. Woke up at about 7am feeling sick and with strong contractions. Got off the bed and promptly vomited on it (lovely I know), unfortunately it was change over for the midwifes so took a while for someone to come and check on me. When they did, got up on the bed and was told that the head was low - something my husband told them we'd been told all night, but the midwife said no, as in this baby's coming in minutes low. Got rushed to delivery on the bed (with the elevator doors closing on us quite a few times...). Got to delivery and was given some lovely gas and air and started pushing. Cue the baby at 7.52am ...

    Her glucose levels were a bit low and because she was technically prem (by 16 hours) we had to stay in a while, they said 72 hours but they let us go Tuesday evening. Unfortunately, they came to weigh her Thursday morning and they thought she looked a little yellow, midwife came by and took some bloods, then that evening we were asked to come in for phototherapy. She got put under an incubator and they left her in it at 35 degrees so she was unfortunately slightly 'cooked' and they had to check her bloods for an infection, but the tests on her jaundice came back at 8 levels below and it stayed at that for another 12 hours so we went back home.

    All good now, just trying to get the hang of breastfeeding and waking up at all hours!

  • So excited to hear about our babies arrivals!

  • Well my first labour was a breeze turned up at the hospital fully dilated and she fell out 45 mins after this one however was not so simple.

    baby William (Billy) was born at 37 weeks following being induced with pre eclampsia. I was told my baby would only take about 4 hours from the start as they could easily pop my waters and my first labour was so quick! How wrong were they! After popping my waters nothing happened so I was put on the hormone drip. Was having 3 contractions every 10 mins but wasn’t dilating! After about 8 hours I turned on my side with a peanut ball and that seriously got things moving! I was 4cm at 11.10am and by 12.30 he arrived so luckily that bit moved quickly! Being induced was definitely more painful than a natural labour but I’m feeling really well now I’m not pregnant! Gas and air is amazing and I was hallucinating from it 😂😂😂. Made the labour more entertaining! He is also sleeping through already! Good luck xx

  • By far that was the hardest labour and delivery out of my 3. My first was straight foward and quick in the hospital following induction my second was far too quick at home.

    This time round I had a sweep on the 1st due to an episode of reduced movement as i was 39+3 they said that they like to offer a sweep and induction if you start getting reduced movements this late on as it can mean the placenta isnt working as well as it should. Following the sweep i did lots of bouncing on my ball and had a walk ate a curry etc anything to help it along lol.

    Last night at 230am (3rd) i woke my husband as i wasnt sure but felt my waters may have broken and i thought i could be havinf contractions. As my previous labour was so quick i was advised to call labour ward as soon as my waters went or i got any contractions. I called them and they said to come straight in so they could check me over.

    Arrived at the hospital at about 345 after waiting for babysitter to arrive and getting dressed to go. I was 5cms dilated at 4 and cervix was very soft, the midwife struggled to find it as it was so soft haha. Baby at this point was in a good position etc. At some point in the next 30mins or so baby managed to turn himself so he was back to back and my pain increased dramatically and pushing him out facing the wrong way was so much harder than my previos deliveries.

    At 451 he entered the world after about 10mins of pushing a happy healthy 7lbs 13.5ozs which was the same birth weight as his older brother. He appears to be just as lazy as his brother so far and is not currently interested in food so i have only managed to get him to latch on once since he was born we have also tried formula but he isnt interested in that at the moment either so i think he must still have some fluid making him feel full.

    He seems very contentd at the moment and coping incredibly well with his brother and sisters noise haha. We got home from the hospital at about 8am just before they got up which was lovely. :-)

    Looking forward to reading some more stories as babies arrive :-). Xximageimageimageimage

  • Congratulations jelly tots! ☺️ What a beautiful family you have! 

    You look absolutely amazing too! can't believe you have just given birth ☺️ Enjoy this special time 💚 xxxxx

  • Hi everyone.

    We wanted to let you know, we've kicked off your brand new January 2018 Babies thread and we would love to see you over there. Please do come and tell us how you and your baby are doing, share some new pics, and tell us if you've had enough o f all the visitors already...

    Don't forget to PM me your name and address if you've posted your birth story here too. 

    See you on the new thread soon! 

  • Hi all, we would like to announce the birth of our beautiful daughter Ellie-Bethany on 10/1/18 @1.45pm weighing in at 7lbs and 11oz and 21 inches long 38wks and 5days image

    We travelled into hospital on the 9th for pessiarys to be given if they didn't work I was to be started off on 10th at 9.30 am. The pessiarys had no effect at all, so the morning of the 10th we were taking to the delivery suite, I got told I'd be getting set off at 10. 30am so we made ourselfs comfortable and I was then started of for my induction and a drip put on, my waters broke at 10.45am, and the drip started off 5mins later it was started on 4 then 8 then 12 within the space of 20mins,  I went from having no contractions to having contractions every 55secs in the range of 80-99, I managed on gas and air then asked for some diamorphine which I got and also asked for an epidural but by the time my partner had finished reading the consent form etc my baby's head was showing, I give birth standing up. (again as I did with my first daughter 16yrs ago) I managed to come away without any tear's or stitches or anything but I lost 800mls of Blood whilst pushing our beautiful daughter into this world, then my body decided it wasn't and couldn't push the placenta out so was taken in to theatre to remove it, when they removed the placenta they also removed two massive bloodclots aswell which was why the placenta was stuck. All through this pregnancy I was told I'd be kept in till my blood was stable before coming home, I managed to be home Thursday teatime. Our beautiful daughter is now 5days old today and she fits right into our family life. My little family is now complete and I've never been happier. In all I was in Labour for 4hrs and 15mins. 

  • Amazing birth story ToriaKay, so glad you're all safe and sound now. Please do pop us over your full name and address via PM when you can. 

  • Sorry for the delay with this ladies, as you can understand it has been a busy first week with our new arrival and I had a bit of an ordeal with it all. 

    I would like to announce the arrival of Cohen John on 12/01 at 21:59 via c-section weighing a Chunky 11lb 02oz. I was 39w1d when he made his grand entrance. 

    I started getting contractions on Monday around 5pm, they were very random and didnt seem to be getting any regular so I stayed at home and tried to survive on only an hours sleep each night. I had a lot of pain in my back and was really struggling but by Wednesday night (around 11pm) the contractions were coming every 5-6 minutes and were getting stronger/longer. I made the call and went off to the Birthing Unit, they didnt think I was in active labour as by the time I had got there the contractions had slowed down. However because I had only had 2 hour sleep in the last few days and was in so much pain with my back they gave me Diamorphine injection, they confirmed I was 3cm dilated and my cervix was thin, sent my husband home and I was told to try and get some sleep. 

    At 5am Thursday morning my waters broke, I stayed in hospital all day but my contractions didn't get any stronger or closer together and they were unable to get me in for an induction. I decided I would go home and try and get some sleep in my own bed and would come in first thing in the morning to be induced. They were not happy with this but I didn't really give them a choice. (I only live 5-10 mins way from the hospital so figured I would be able to get back in time if anything changed).

    Friday morning nothing had really changed with my contraction but I went in for monitoring as my water had broke they were worried about infections. At 11am I went for assessment and to be induced. I opted for an epidural as I was in so much pain with my back and was exhausted. This went in around 2pm as did a catheter and drip as they found I had mild kidney failure. I was 5cm dilated by this point, so in went the hormones to trigger contractions. These need to build up, so when they had got my contractions coming at a rate of 5 every ten minutes they left the hormones to run for 4 hours before I was to be assessed again. I was told to try and get some sleep during this.

    After a handover of midwifes I was assessed again around 8:30pm, I was still only 5cm dilated but this time my cervix was thick. The midwife was concerned something was wrong so got two doctors in to do another assessment. After they had gone over my notes and done another internal exam they agreed my best option would be a c-section. They did explain they could ramp up the hormones and give it another 4 hours to see if this changed anything but had concerns this might end up with an emergency c-section. 

    By 9:30pm I was on route to theatre and absolutely pooing my pants. I have never been admitted to hospital, broken a bone or had stitches so to jump straight to major surgery where I would be awake was terrifying me. The husband was great in trying to keep me calm and explained he would be there the whole time. 

    Baby was pulled out at 9:59 and they dangled this purple blob above the screen for me to see. My husband announced we had a little boy and he disappeared to be checked over. He had a good set of lungs so I could hear him crying and wasnt concerned. While they were putting me back together I started getting pain so was dosed up with lots of drugs. This made me feel light headed, turns out my BP was going through the roof and they had to stop giving me the drug that helps the uterus contract. 

    We were taken to a side room where I lay for over 3 hours not fully with it. They were trying to get my bp back down but all I kept thinking was Cohen was crying and I needed to feed him. My Husband sat there sick with worry trying to calm Cohen down. After I was able to lift my head and not feel faint my Husband and Midwife put Cohen on me and helped him to latch. I was just lying there like a sack of potatoes. Shortly after I was taken to the ward, given some toast and my husband was sent home. 

    I then spent Saturday bed bound, so on Sunday when i was finally able to get up I was very very stiff. The Midwives were amazingly helpful. I had a high temperature so we were both put on antibiotics. I was finally released on Wednesday but they were concerned about Cohens weight loss and anticipated I would need to be readmitted should he lose any more. Luckily he hasnt and we have been able to stay at home. The Dogs adore him and every time he makes a noise they jump up and try to sniff him and make sure he is ok. 

    I am really happy to have my little family all at home, 

  • image


    Sorry forgot pictures :) my Little Chunk x

  • Oh Lilxamz, sounds like you've been through it - how are you feeling now? And look at your little chunk of love! We hope you're pain is under control now too?

  • image

    Announcing the arrival of Elaine Cerys....our magical little girl!

    Born 23rd January 2018 at 1:06pm by emergency c section, weighing 7lbs 8.

    We went in for an induction on the morning of 22nd January and were delighted to see that we were already in early labour.

    Pessary added we settled down for several fairly gruesome hours of increasingly painful contractions, without much progress.

    We got taken to Labour Ward at 10 am on 23rd January to have waters broken.

    The student midwife tried to break waters and wasn't able to as I'd gone back to 1.5cm dilation, so the senior midwife had a go...she was nearly there when she went a bit of a funny colour and said that she wasn't convinced that what she was feeling was a she called for a scan, which confirmed that baby was breech!

    Suddenly lots of people were with us and talking through options....during this short window she moved again and was transverse and we realised options were no longer options and that she was going to be entering the world through the sun roof.

    Everyone was amazing, incredibly amazing and my love and I found the whole experience to be very calm and emotional in the best way. It was rougher than I'd imagined, but while odd, I was comfortable.

    Then while my partner was cutting the cord and oohing over baby, the anaesthetist leaned in and said that he needed me to know that we'd made the right decision and that she'd been very wedged and she would never have been born any other way.

    Later we were told that during her movements she had wrapped the cord around her neck, tightly, twice and that her arm was dislocated and wedged into an odd position.

    Amazingly the freed her at just the right time, and while to us the whole experience felt very amazing, we are told that the section was actually very brutal and traumatic and that we were moments from her not making it.

    We feel like the luckiest people alive and she is just gorgeous and I'm so thankful for the skills of some really amazing professionals, who have not only delivered safely a beautiful daughter, but who actually managed to do it in such a way that we were, while amazingly well informed all the way through, remarkably unaware of the perilous mature of her arrival.

    I am very glad she is here, madly in love with her and very glad to have completed our family with this little treasure.

  • Wow LilibetGlew, we don't know where to begin - congratulations of course, but thank goodness Elaine is here safe and sound - what an ordeal and so scary! 

    We hope your section is on the mend and your daughter is thriving - please do come and join everyone over on the January 2018 Babies thread - we'd love to see you!

    PS Please do PM me your name and address when you can

  • Wow LilibetGlew that does sound like you have been through the wars. So glad to hear baby and mother are doing well. 

    It’s amazing to hear you and partner were able to enjoy the experience, especially when there was so much going on. You truly have a little fighter with all you have both been through. x

  • Congrats lilibet hope your all doing ok x

  • Hi everyone, a quick reminder to please PM me your full name and address if you've posted your birth story but not had a pressie yet. And please do come and tell us on the the January 2018 Babies thread how you're doing - we'd love to know how your babies are doing, and if you guys are ok too. 

  • Hello everyone! 

    sorry I haven't messaged before now, my email hadn’t been verified so I couldn’t reply, sorted it now though! 

    Our beautiful daughter was born on the 11th of January at 40+1 days, she was 8lb 9oz, a very fast water birth which was amazing. We got to go home the same day too. 

    We finally named her Edie Alice, she has settled in really well, her big sister, who’s only 13 months loves her to bits 😁😍



    I hope everyone is doing well, it’s been great to read all your posts, even if I couldn’t reply!

    helen x 

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