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Due in January 2019 - Part 3

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in January 2019 - Part 3 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Hi! Xxx

  • Hi Hi! Number 3 and we are only half way through! well for me at least - 20 weeks today. And still waiting for our scan :( But only a week to go!

  • Hii 

  • Hi! How's everyone feeling? X

  • Hey ladies 

  • Hellooooo, well we are a chatty group haha. Awww bandaid I didn't realise you still had a week till your 20 week scan. Eeeeek. 

  • Jdoo - feeling fine just a couple of ligament pains. I have been suffering a lot with my bladder though. I have a weak bladder anyways, basically stopped growing when I was a kid and have had numerous issues including a severe bout of Pyelonephritis which meant I was in hospital. And I'm finding I'm leaking a fair bit and I laughed the other day and basically peed myself - seriously undignified. It's not helped by the fact I'm super constipated so apparently that is agitating it as well. JOY!

    Chelle - yes our hospital is constantly late to the party with everything! Haven't had a single thing on time! 

  • Hey everyone :) 

  • I’m good But I’m finding sleeping to be more and more difficult. I can’t sleep on my right side Cos that’s where the baby spends most of his time and I feel like I’m squishing Him so I keep waking up every time I roll onto that side 

  • Hey everyone! Doing ok 23+3 today... have a specialist fetal medicine scan this afternoon to see how baby and placenta are growing... Hoping to see that placenta is staying away from scar and that baby is being good too! Who knows... bump feels small this week 😕 but that could be lack of the usual bloating! 

    On a positive note, I'm off to see Harry potter and the cursed child pt 2 tonight with my MIL... we've waited a year since seeing pt 1! So it's baby shopping and dinner up town after the scan and then the show... have been looking forward to this for ages! Xxx

  • Aw apricot I hope you get good news and have a great time.

    i hope the play is better than the book. I’m a massive Harry Potter fan and I hated cursed child 

  • Yeah the book was a let down for sure, but the play so far I have enjoyed for the spectacle and the whole theatre experience as I love theatre full stop! Xxx

  • Everybody says that the play is an amazing spectacle i hope you have a great time 

  • Bandaid I'm 20 weeks today too 😁😁 I'm making myself feel better by saying 37 weeks in technically full term so I'm past half way 😂

  • HA FSA that's funny! I said to my husband - our baby could be here in 16 weekends!!! 16!!!!! CRAZY!! but yes you're right 17 weekends actually!

  • Hi ladies, I have a scan scheduled today 19+6 officially 20 weeks tomorrow. That’s cool when you count the weeks like that bandaid 🤣

  • or terrifying dee!!!! Good luck for your scan today!

  • Dee2dee I am 19+6 too so we must be due on the same day! My 20 week scan is Monday! Excited but not going to find out the gender even though I think deep down my husband would like to know 😂. X

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