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Due in January 2020



  • 5.5 weeks 
  • I'm only 4+4 so will book in for my scan not this Friday but next when I am 6+1 

    So does anybody have other children? 
    I have 4 sons. Ages are 13, 11, 3, 10 months. The 3 year old is not my biological son but I love him like he is. 
  • Yeah I’m not even sure if there will be anything to see this early on but I’m away next week and the week after so would rather put my mind at ease before I go. 

    I love big families. I was so lucky to grow up with 4 siblings so I’m sure your kids with love the new edition 
  • @Kgraham aw fab! Your house must be busy. I love big families. I’m the eldest of 4 sisters and love it. I can’t wait to give a sibling to my LG, she is 6.
    My hubby has 2 sons 9&8 but we don’t see them too often. 
  • I’ve got 3 others and my husband has 3, so big extended family here 😊
  • It's so nice to hear that other ppl have big families too ....... My house never stops lol was not planning on another but wouldn't change it. Me and my OH where supposed to get married in Feb and honeymoon in Mexico.... so have decided to put things back a year. My hen is all booked for Benidorm in October. Thankfully everyone who has booked as been brilliant about it and we have now changed it to a babymoon .... all being well if things go to plan. Early days yet though so what will be will be 
  • So I’m only 4+4 weeks and iv had no symptoms or anything! 

    Did anyone get any early signs or suffering symptoms now? X 
  • I would say my main symptom is just extreme tiredness. I’ve just been absolutely exhausted. Apart from that, haven’t really got any symptoms at all 
  • @BBStan - you'll be worried understandably but really good they are getting things checked and will def help to put your mind at ease :) Congrats to the newbies too :) xxx
  • @BBStan good luck with the scan! I hope it all goes well for you.

    We've got a 2 year old, and this will be our second. I want three ideally - I had 2 siblings growing up (my husband had 1) and I liked the dynamic of 3 😊
  • Thank you ladies. Will let you know how it goes x
  • Bbstan good luck with your scan today hope all goes well 

    I also have have a big family this little one will be my 6th 1 boy 4 girls so far 

    I'm 5 weeks 2 days not to many symptoms for me tired alot more boobs are starting to get sore nothing major thou and dreams I rarely dream but nearly every night for the last week I've had a dream some nights I've also been a bit restless and will be waking up and struggle to get back to sleep xx
  • I'm similar with not many symptoms still @Rainbowsunshine ... just this tiredness! Zzzzz falling asleep at my desk! I have slept better the last couple of nights - but seem to wake so early! 

    I have a step daughter who is 10 so there will be quite a gap between them, however she will be a MASSIVE help when the time comes! We have her every other weekend :) 
  • How did you get on today @BBStan ? xx
  • Looks like an ectopic pregnancy. Have to go back on Thursday to confirm
  • Oh BB sorry to hear that. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get more positive news on Thursday but i’ll be thinking of you x
  • So sorry to hear that @BBStan, have everything crossed and thinking of you xxx
  • Oo @BBStan i’m Gutted to hear that!! So sorry. Let us know the outcome. We’re here for you xx 
  • Thanks ladies. I feel okay about it actually. I guess because there’s nothing I can do about it anyway. Surprisingly, after being so unenthusiastic about the pregnancy to begin with, my boyfriend was way more upset than I was!
  • Aww so sorry to hear that bbstan ❤ xx
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