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  • Ladies thank you all so much for the support and advice! Love this little group :) 

    Spoke to my husband and think we may book a private scan at 8 weeks. I'm sure nothing is wrong but I'm such a worrier and overthink a lot and would feel reassured just seeing it for myself if that makes sense?! Maybe I'm crazy! 

    BBStan huge congratulations! The other girls are totally right it's very overwhelming he will just need a little time to get his head around it! 
  • @Fingerscrossednumber3 YASSSS!! Congrats!!! Welcome back!! I LOVE SO MUCH that there are 3 of us here from the August group!! Melts my heart!! This is our time, I can feel it! I’m so happy for you! 

    Its going to be an anxious few weeks coming up I feel ... but as you know with the support from this community it really does help! Xx
  • Just loving all the positivity on here! Got some crappy news about my job today (won’t have one in September! Boo!) but the upside is I’ll be well relaxed for this wee one arriving in Jan. you are all cheering me up with your lovely support for each other 😘
  • Thanks @KMic I deleted my old account as I was driving myself crazy looking at my old posts and scans etc but very positive mindset and have been doing some major self love and care :) 
    We have got this :) 
    have you had many symptoms? X
  • Huge congrats, here’s to a healthy and happy 9 months x
  • @Geriatricmum thank you so much and congrats too u. Love the name :) do u mind if I ask what age you are? I’m going to be 32 by the time baby arrives xx
  • @Fingerscrossednumber3 aww that’s tough. I did pop back today on to the August group and mentioned my news ... they were all so pleased for me. Was strange seeing some old posts, but I avoided looking at any pics etc as I am keen to look forward, not back.

    No major symptoms so far ... i have had a few light cramps the last few days ... I was fully convinced I wasn’t actually pregnant because i’d had no symptoms. Did a couple of tests at the weekend (when I was due on) and they were negative ... then thought I should do another this morning because I hadn’t bled annnnd got my BFP! Once again the first month of trying! Just praying this one sticks!! 

    At the moment i’m feeling really happy and excited again. I was really anxious last month whilst TTC. I’m just trying to focus on the fact that MC and MMC happen but hopefully i’ve Had my bad luck and this time we’ll be lucky 😍 Fingers crossed we all will be!! Xx
  • @Fingerscrossednumber3, I don’t mind at all. I’m 37 on Saturday 🙈. I read a news thing that mentioned Meghan Markle as a geriatric mum (same ages as me) so thought I’d nick it! My excuse is this is definitely my last baby, Hubby can either go to the doctors of his own free will or I’ll do it for him with a couple of bricks 😁
  • Loving the positivity too @Ninjabunni ... definitely the best way to start 😍
  • Thank you @ALR90 so dpo is day past ovulation. We took few months then used ovulation test again in April and tbh I’m shocked we conceived as we only managed to ukw the day before we got a positive ovulation test... but yesterday my boobs were very tingly and something just felt odd so I grabbed a first response... hence I literally am not even due my period for few Days. I’ve been preg 4 times... 2 amazing little girls and then an eptopic and then jan a mmc so I think I know my signs now :) 
    how are u feeling? Xx
  • Gotta keep that positive going! 
    Speaking of Meghan Markle.... Archie Harrison, thoughts? We struggled so much to pick a boys name when my little one was on the way that I was really hoping that Meghan would come up with a name I hadn’t heard of before that I’d just love 🙄😝
  • @KMic looking forward to this journey together again ❤️
    @Geriatricmum it’s insane isn’t it.... I have two little girls already with my husband wee bit worried about age gap with the kids as it will be nearly 10 years between eldest and baby... but sure it will be ok. Looking forward to all our chats ladies xx
  • I like Archie, but think it will be a bit too common now! 
  • I know Ninja! I was surprised!! Rather un-royal I thought! And quite common names sooo nothing we can use there!! 😂😂
  • @Fingerscrossednumber3 I’ve got 3 boys, had to mc’s and then we lost our second eldest at a few hours old (another boy) don’t think there’s any point in me hoping for a girl 😂 My eldest is 15 and I know what you mean... he’ll find it horrifying that myself & hubby still have hibberty jibberty! 
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    @fingerscrossednumber3. Aww ok I understand didn't even know to count the DPO. cramps and boobs feel like someone else's Loool I was marinating steak last night and got a massive wave a nausea that lasted until bed that was no fun. Said to hubby he can marinate his own steak from now on haha 
  • i was quite surprised with their name choice. But Archie is cute but there is loads of them already and I'm sure loads more by the end of the year haha 
  • Archie was my favourite boys name. Now I think it’s going to be very popular this year. I’ve just had a couple announcement the birth of their son and he called him Archie too 🙈
  • I love that Meghan and Harry are bucking tradition so much - Archie is a cute name although as with every celeb baby name (that isn't insane) it will sore up the popularity charts this year I'm sure!

    @Fingerscrossednumber3 I will also be 32 when my wee one arrives! I was 29 when my first was born, which was actually early for my friendship group! There are a lot of us pregnant/just given birth for the first time and everyone is over 30 now. 
  • Thanks for the positivity ladies!! We are going away in a couple of weeks on holiday so hopefully the news will have sunk in by then and we’ll be in a better place 

    I like archie but like most of you have said, every male child will now be named that for at least a year! Lol 
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