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  • Oh @Lange3192 so sorry to hear about that you must be beside yourself with worry! Can you just go down to A&E? I don’t know if they will do anything but I know how I would be and I hate waiting. Are you in any pain at all? Xxx
  • Hi @Lange3192 please try not to worry. It seems so much more common than we think.
     I think all of us put together, we all know someone who has bled or spotted in pregnancy. My nan had "periods" and didnt know she was pregnant and that was with her 5th! I know it's hard not to worry xx
  • @Lange3192 is it worth ringing out of hours GP or if continue to bleed attend A&E? That’s awful nobody getting back to you today, it’s so worrying. Are you having any pains / cramping with it? Xx 
  • @Lange3192 you should definitely call out of hours GP, the worry alone is not good for you or baby. Take care, thoughts are with you xxx
  • Thank you ladies. I know I must sound like a right hypochondriac but I’m fretting so much! I haven’t had any pain or cramping or anything, I know it sounds like nothing but it’s so worrying. I think I might give the out of hours gp a call or something? If I went to the hospital, I know I may be there hours but can you insist on having an ultrasound to check the baby or not? Does it have to be arranged beforehand? X
  • A and E will have on call radiographers who may be able to do an ultrasound, and some docs and nurses are trained as well. Worth going if only for your peace of mind xx
  • @Lange3192 please try not to worry if you have no cramping or pain that's a really good sign. If you are going to go to A&E tell them you have pain in your side and they will scan you and check the baby. Otherwise they will only take bloods and advise you to get a repeat test of Doctor. Well this is what they do where I work anyways. But they will defo scan for pain, spotting and bleeding can be totally normal I know it's easy to say don't worry but I'm thinking about you hun xxxx
  • Thank you ladies. I’m not sure what to do? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Part of me wants to lay on the sofa, rest and just see how things go this evening, the other part of me is going stir crazy. I know it may be nothing but I just can’t bare the thought of anything sinister happening. I may see if I get a call back from the gyno when the open tomorrow morning and go from there. Thank you so much ladies, seeing as our families don’t know yet, I don’t having anyone else besides my SO to share my concerns with, your my first line of support, thank you so much! Xx
  • Oh Lange how scary for you I would be the same when I went a and e on a weekend they wouldn't do nothing for me I had to wait till the Monday they did try thou but the materinty ward wouldn't do it because I wasn't over 24 weeks and wasn't in pain so maybe like mentioned if you said you was getting pain they probably will but if not ring tomorrow morning and they should get you in for a scan xx
  • @Lange3192 my experience from the out of hours doctor the other night was that he couldn’t really do much. If you’re not bleeding any more I imagine they will say what they did to me which is to rest up and keep an eye on it. I’m right there with you - week 9 now and have had on and off spotting for the last week. My scan last weds was absolutely fine. But it doesn’t stop me worrying now that i’ve had more. If you are super worried, speak to your EPU tomorrow and get in for a scan (even if you have to lie about pain!) 

    thanks for asking @Ninjabunni still the same for me, had midwife apt today and she basically said everything seems normal but we wouldn’t know for sure until we have a scan again ... so it’s just going to be the long wait for next weds scan! Xx
  • Oh girls. Not much I can say to you both but rest up and stay calm.  Big hugs x
  • How far are you @Lange3192? Maybe is best to rest and phone the experts first thing in morning when you know they can do something. Definitely good you’re not having any pains with it though! 

    Anyone else suffered with or currently suffering with cysts? I’ve got a simple 5.9cm cyst on my right ovary? Hoping it’s nothing to worry about xx 
  • @Long35 i’ve Had a couple of ovarian cysts before ... but not whilst pregnant. Mine caused me pain which is why they removed them, but they were nothing to worry about. Hopefully yours is just the same. Are you getting pains with it? X  
  • Don't worry about your cyst @Long35 the simple ones are fine they can go away on there own. It might not even be there when you have your 3 month scan. The doctor told me he could pick 10 women off the street and 6 would have cysts. My cyst is a complex one so I'm worried about mine but they did reassure me and said even they can go away on there own too xxxx
  • @Long35 - if it makes you feel better, my cyst (which my husband calls Casper the friendly cyst 😂😂 to make me feel better) was 4cm at my 7 week scan - and at my 9 week scan had shrunk to 1.5cm! I think Casper will disappear on his own - but just been told to keep an eye on him but they don’t think will cause any issues! Xxx
  • @Lange3192 - I think @KMic is absolutely right - I would try get in to see someone - even if it’s just to ease your mind! Like so many of the ladies here have said - it can (and is) totally normal to bleed a little - but I know how I feel, and I wouldn’t be able to leave it. 

    If the EPU can’t see you,. Can you get in for a private scan somewhere to ease your mind?? 

    I have been going every two weeks - and I know that might be excessive but after suffering a loss before I can’t deal with the anxiety any other way! Some of them are really good and will see you next day or same day if they have appointment available! 

    Hope you are resting up tonight and being looked after! Thinking of you xxx
  • Thank you @KMic I’m going to give them a call first thing in the morning, really appreciate your advice! @Long35 I’m 7+2.... I’m resting up tonight, fires going, tv’s so I’ll see how I am in the morning, thank you for your help! @Katies32 I think your right! I’m going to look into a private scan if no one will see me, like you say, for peace of mind if nothing else. It’s so hard, I just can’t stop thinking about it 😔 resting up as we speak! Meant to be doing my assignment for my foundation degree but my little bean is waaay more important!! Thank you so much for your help! Much appreciated xxx
  • Definitely rest up! No assignment is more important that the little bean. Is there anything that any of us could help with for your assignment? What’s it on?  

    So so far this pregnancy my craving has been sour food and that’s been ok. Today however I found myself walking round Tesco with a carton of strawberry yoghurt in hand, looking for plastic spoons to buy so I could eat it immediately!! Weird one! 
  • I wouldn't worry too much about the cysts - I had some on my ovaries during my first pregnancy as well. I think it's quite common! Definitely rest up though, it's so hard not to worry during these first 12 weeks, isn't it! Unfortunately it's the most risky time of a pregnancy but also the time where you're most likely to be told to just rest without any real assessment! I understand why they are reluctant to scan/etc every time we have a concern, but it's still frustrating! 

  • So ... because of everything I’ve had going on and the advice I have been given ... i’ve Decided to not go to see the spice girls with some of my friends on Saturday at Wembley! 😭😭 i’m 100% gutted ... but ... little bean has to come first, and I want to know I have done everything I can to make sure things are ok! I would never forgive myself if it wasn’t!! X
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