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  • @KMic Wow tough decision, probably the right one though. I went to Take That in Cardiff last Saturday and was so sore etc afterwards I wished I hadn’t xx
  • Is anyone else struggling to hide their bump yet? 9w1d and this is how I look in the afternoons. I cant even fit into my regular pants anymore without it being super uncomfortable, so I'm living in leggings and baggy tops/jumpers! The stretched out feeling is so uncomfortable, like I've eaten to 150% fullness, but I remember last time it started well later! God knows how big I will be by the end! 🤣🤣😬 ps please excuse the dirty mirror!

  • Aww that’s deffo a bump starting! They do say you show a lot earlier with your second and thereafter. This is my second but I’m only 7 weeks so wondering when I will begin to show! Xx 
    I’m at Westlife in Leeds tonight and it’s raining which is typical then got a 12hr shift at work tomorrow so preparing to be exhausted! 😴 xx 
  • This is my 7 weeks bump my jeans are tight and my tops are snug. I had a little pot before but this is ridiculous. It’s my 3rd pregnancy though so everything is already stretched so they say you show much earlier. I need to get some Comfy leggings and loose tops xxx
  • @KMic I went to see the spice girls on Saturday night in Edinburgh (standing) I worried about it ALOT but was totally fine and there was actually quite a few visibly pregnant girls (must be that age group 😂🙈) Sure you have already made your mind up but if you do decide to go it was honestly fine.

    @lozzz I'm 9+3 and feel totally the same! I'm normally quite a bloated person but starting to struggle even passing it off as that! Glad you guys are the same lol!! xxx
  • I'm not too bad on the bloat front yet! My boobs have gone massive! They are so sore aswell! Already on soft non wired bras. And I think I've found a solution to my all day nausea just keep eating! I've constantly had sugar all day i know that's really unhealthy at the moment but it's the only thing that's helped today. That or I'm just having a break from it. Stocked up on lucozades and hard boiled sweets 🙈
  • Had a scan today. All went well again. Measuring right for dates. 9 weeks. Currently laid up on sofa with my baby boy as he is not abit well God love him. He usually won't sit still on your knee for 1 sec ( honestly think he is going to have adhd like one of his older brothers ) but he is all snuggled into me. Not eating and when he does he is being sick but thankfully he is taking water and keeping that down. 
  • If it wasn’t for the bleeding @Pixie89 there would be no stopping me! But I’ve been told to rest and take it easy, so that’s what i’m Going to have to do. 

    No bump for me yet, just a bit of bloat! But it’s my first child so not expecting to show just yet. 

    Glad your scan went well @Kgraham xx
  • Hope everyone is ok ❤️ I was at the emergency docs Sunday night - turns out I have a nasty water infection. Feel so so poorly. The nausea and symptoms were awful enough and now with an infection on top I feel like absolute sh!t 😭😭 Plodding on day by day but roll on this first trimester being over. 

    Hope everyone is resting up and your little beans are ok too 👶🏼🤞🏽 Xxx
  • Yeah absolutely @KMic you're def doing the right thing for you :) 

    oh chloeanne you poor thing!! Lots of rest and totally chill! xx
  • Love seeing the bump photos!! Mine just bloats up in the evening so I think it’s just water 😂

    i had my first midwife appointment this morning! So so much to take in as a first time mum! Didn’t realise there were so many different options for giving birth! Going to do some research and work out what’s the best option for me! 

    Hope you’re all feeling ok today (minus the water infection - ouch!)

  • @ChloëAnne you poor thing, what a horrible time to have a water infection, hope it resolves quickly.

    We moved house today, met new neighbours who after one look at me said “when’s the baby due?” So embarrassing when I’m not even quite 9 weeks! I had to be evasive and say “oh we’ve a few months yet” 🙈🤣
  • Oh dear!! Glad you’ce moved house but what a welcome!! 😂 who says that to a woman?? 
  • The joys of living in Wales, everyone sticks their noses in! Maybe I should’ve said I’m just fat.. 😄
  • Kgraham glad your scan went well 😊

    Lange hope you've been ok today did you manage to get in touch with epu 

    Poor you chloe hope the antibiotics kick in fast 

    Happy house move day geriatricmum 

    Everythings still seems ok my end 3 weeks today till scan...going to be a long 3 weeks 

    I'm going to join slimming world next week as would rather maintain my weight than pile it on and I'm really struggling at the min I just seem to eat all day as it keeps the sick feeling away but it's all the wrong stuff spoke to the midwife and she said slimming worlds the only one they reccomend and its safe plus I had gestational diabetes last time so hopefully if I'm eating the right stuff I'll avoid it this time just think if I've got to go somewhere to get weighed each week I might stick to it 😂 

    Kmic is your scan tomorrow or next Wednesday xx

  • Rainbowsunshine that’s really interesting about slimming world as my midwife just said no diet plans but I have a bit (lot) of extra padding anyway so don’t want to add to it. Might broach the subject again at my big appointment in 2 weeks. 
    Just a warning about Weight Watchers. I phone when I found out I was pregnant and cancelled my subscription as I was advised by the midwife and the guy on the phone said I had to send in my MatB1 form!!!! When I said that I wouldn’t be sending anything pertaining to my maternity leave or my pregnancy to the company he got very rude and cross and said I had to send it or they wouldn’t cancel. I replied with “oops I made a mistake I’m not pregnant after all, your plan is just rubbish so I’m cancelling my direct debit with my bank!” Couldn’t believe they’d even ask for it!! Cheeky beggars!! 
  • Ninjabunni ask about slimming world she said that's the only one but you have to tell then when you join as you eat extra a or b or maybe it was both I haven't a clue about it yet I'm the same with the extra padding just cant seem to shift it and when I did with a crash diet and alot of will power soon as I went back to eating properly I piled it all on and more 🙄 

    That is silly watch watchers doing that I would of done exactly the same and cancelled the direct debit I'm just going to pay weekly at this one xx
  • Is any of you getting a nipt test done?
  • @Rainbowsunshine still another week to wait for the next scan! 

    my bleeding / brown spotting seems to have come to an end now which is obviously fab, but I won’t be fully reassured until I see that flutter of a heartbeat on the scan! My biggest fear is that i’ve Had a MMC again. But i’ve Decided until I hear otherwise I am going to assume everything is fine! 

    Hope the house move went smoothly @Geriatricmum!! We plan to start painting another room at the weekend ... (I say we, I don’t intend on doing much of it 🤣) 

    How’s everyone’s symptoms? The tiredness is still real for me, nausea hovers around lost mornings, but tends to pass by the afternoon, and the breasts have really up’d their game this week! So sore!! X
  • What’s the nipt test @Kgraham?
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