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  • @Kgraham it is offered here but I don’t think I will have it, as I would never have an an amnio before and I don’t think the result would change my mind. 
    @KMic We have loads of decorating to do too.. hub is currently up a ladder changing a light fitting but worryingly the ceiling seems to be moving 😂
  • @Geriatricmum haha o god!! Good luck with it all x
  • Good news that the spotting has stopped @KMic that’s great!!

    i am off to Spain for a few days for my father in laws birthday. My sickness doesn’t seem as bad either in the day - although it is awful at night for some reason! Still can’t eat big meals and all I seem to want is sweet stuff! The tiredness has really hit me this week though! I’ll be 10 weeks on Friday - roll on the end of these few weeks!! Haha.

  • Kgraham if that's the scan with blood test to check for downsydrome and Edward's I have opted for that one I always have as it's just a scan and blood test dont know what I'd do regarding the amnio if results came back as high risk 

    Aww kmic I thought It might of been today so glad everythings stopped xx
  • Morning ladies, I am going to have the test done due to been over 35 and I would want to know. 
    7wks1day today and nausea has kicked in the last couple of mornings 🤢 not too bad, managing it with a couple of biscuits and a brew. Husband has noticed my breasts have grown a little...typical 🙄 lol. I have implants so not sure how they will end up haha. 
    Hope all is well with you all today ladies xx 
  • I'll be having the scan and blood test. :) just saw my GP today for the referrals actually! 

    My nausea seems to be a bit better this week (I'm 9w2d) - still bad in the morning but tends to pass mostly by lunchtime. I'm so tired though, in bed by 8pm most nights! I got on the scales at the doc and I've already gained 2kg so that's a bit worrying! Now that the nausea doesn't seem AS bad I'll need to cut back on all the carbs and sugar that I've been surviving on haha. And start getting out and about instead of laying on the couch or in bed!
  • @Katies32 how was the appointment? Mine is on Friday I wish they would do another scan then too but I think its just a blood test?! 

    Hope everyone is feeling OK today. I also need to graze pretty much constantly, also need to be in a bikini next Friday for hols!!
  • I’m ridiculously craving carbs! Seem to have lost my sweet tooth. We go to Majorca in 3 weeks, I’ve given up hope on my bikini body! Lol. Only just started to gain a little weight as at the beginning I seemed to lose my appetite a little.

    Got booking in appointment with midwife tomorrow so going to ask about ongoing tests, I’ve read they are safe to do. Next scan is Monday, hopefully be 7wks6days by then xx 
  • @Ninjabunni thank you for the offer, much appreciated! I’m not even thinking about it at the moment, just going to leave it until things have eased up, thank you though, it’s  very kind I go you :) 

    @Rainbowsunshine thank you for for asking, I managed to get in contact with with EPU yesterday and they’ve agreed to see me on Friday. I’m so scared, I started clotting yesterday, my manager sent me home to rest yesterday and and I've had today off too but I feel like I can’t stop thinking about what could have possibly happened, atleast at work, I’m too busy running around after 20 odd 2-4 year olds, it’s keeps my mind occupied but I know my body  obviously needs the rest. I’m really frightened for Friday, I just want my little one to be okay! 😢 

    thank you all so much for your support! Xx
  • Had my first midwife appointment today and everything went well she told me my Tumor markers from the cyst are all in range so I’m over the moon atleast I don’t need to worry about that. I have to have another c section which i didn’t want but she said it’s the safest option as I’ve has 2 already.
    my best friend just had a baby and I went for a cuddle today he’s gorgeous makes me so much more excited for my baby il send a pic of him xxxx
  • He’s so small 😀
  • @#Jules# that’s great news from the midwife and baby is gorgeous! 😍 Hoping I get some good news from my first midwife appointment tomorrow. Was it your first ‘booking in’ appointment? Did they arrange your 12 week scan for you or offer you the NIPT tests? Xx 
  • Yes Hun it was my first appointment , she said that I will receive my appointment through the door and we discussed the Down syndrome test I’m going to do the blood test and scan but I’m not having the amniocentesis as either way the baby it is what it is. She said the risk is low though so hopefully the first test will be okay xxxx
  • @#Jules# wonderful about your cyst!! Got a shock though as just saw the baby photo and I thought you had beaten us all to it!!! 😂🤣 (he’s gorgeous!!)
    @minnieb - appointment went well thanks! Just long with allll the questions and I told my husband not to come along with me as I thought it was a bit procedural and I’m sure everyone was looking at me funny.... but could just be the pregnancy paranoia 😂

    Im in Spain for a few days with the in-laws and my parents and husband. Everyone getting on the aperol spritz and it’s the first time I have actually really wanted a drink!! To be fair the midwife did say to me it was fine to have an odd drink now and again... so maybe I’ll allow myself one! 🍹 

  • P.s just realised I have never written “wonderful about your cyst “ in a sentence ever before hahah!!! @#Jules#
  • @Lange3192 really hope your scan goes ok friday will be thinking of you how scary this must be for you please keep us updated xx
  • Haha @Katie32 it is good news though and hope you have a lush holiday and one little drunk wing hurt so enjoy every sip xxxx
  • I think I sound drunk haha, one little drink won't hurt even hahaha xxxx
  • Oh @Lange3192 sending positive thoughts your way not long until Friday hope things settle soon and take it easy. 
    Hope everyone else is ok. My nausea has returned after a one day break =/ and the thought of drinking turns my stomach. I've even gone off tea and coffee. No cravings as such has anyone else got food aversions? 
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