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  • @Lange3192 I'm so sorry to hear things aren't great right now - I'm sending positive thoughts your way and hope everything goes alright x
  • I think it's great that discussions like this are a thing its great to know were all going through the same kind if things. I'm happy to hear everythings going well. But also in terms of people worry I'm hoping everything is just fine. My friend is in the same boat she had some bleeding and went to a&e but it seems to of calmed down. Thought this whole pregnancy were going to worry and then atleast for another 18 years after that. @Lange3192 I'm thinking about you and little bubba I hope everything goes well.
    I have on questions my boobs are on fire I've never felt pain like it before is there anything I can do to soothe them a little. I can only imagine how there going to feel when milk is dying to get out of them  :(
  • Morning all! 

    @Lange3192 please keep us informed on how things are. Are you still bleeding now? Try and do what I am doing and assume all is ok until you hear otherwise. Worry is the worst! (So much easier said than done though!)

    @MUM2TB I am off SO MUCH. I can basically only drink water, sometimes squash. I usually love a Diet Coke, can’t even face it! Certainly no hot drinks! Food wise, it’s more than I don’t know what I fancy eating and have to search through loads in my head until I settle on something and think yup, can eat that and go with it! Makes planning meals particularly hard! Although saying that I can’t seen to eat a lot in one sitting, it’s more constant grazing on snacks throughout the day! 

    Glad things seem to be ticking along nicely for everyone else. Has anyone got their 12 weeks scan date through yet? I’m expecting mine any day now! 

    As for me, there’s been no more blood, very slight discoloured discharge some days, but trying to just take that as a positive and play the waiting game for weds. Just praying I haven’t had another MMC. By measurements I should be 9 weeks now, by dates 9+4 so i’m Mega hopeful that if everything is ok next weds i’ll Relax a bit. Xx
  • Morning ladies 

    @Lange3192 hope you’re feeling better and have had some reassurance?  These first few weeks really are the worst! 

    As for hot drinks I have gone right off them too! Craving carbs...sickness in a morning isn’t too good at the minute but yesterday I had it last night too for around an hour?  
    Just heading to my first midwife appointment, going to speak with her about my cyst. 7wks2days today, it’s going slow! Xx 

  • @Daniellearms perhaps try some soothing gel pads to put inside your bra? My boobs have been really sore too, but mostly only when they are knocked haha. 

    @kmic I am with you re: food! I miss being excited about food! My Instagram and Pinterest newsfeed have so many amazing recipes and food clips and I feel nothing watching them! I can't wait to get my appetite back (as in, an appetite for food itself, not just being hungry to starve off nausea!) 

    I don't drink soft drink normally, my liquid of choice is normally cold water. So I smash that most days but I've been craving lemonade/squash for that acidity! 

    Also, can I just say I fucking hate ginger and if I never have to see/hear/taste it again, I will die happy 🤣
  • Thank you for the positive thoughts ladies, your all amazing! 

    I had yesterday off work and the bleeding settled which was a relief but then I decided to clean the in-laws house before they came home today as my SO and I have been even staying there every other night house-sitting. Think I pushed myself too much as I began to bleed abit again last night. 

    Went into work this morning and my manager sent me home to rest so 🤞🏻 a couple of full days rest will do me good! Tomorrow can’t come soon enough! I’ll be sure to keep you updated. 

    Thank you again for all of your kind thoughts, these 12 are just so worrying! 😔 glad to hear everyone’s else is doing well besides the nausea etc 🙂 we’re  very lucky to have such a supportive group! X
  • Aww @Lange3192 definitely think you need some time off, put your feet up! 
    @Kmic my 12 week scan is o. 11th July.. I’ll be 13 weeks then x
  • Glad everyone is coping ok. My 12 weeks scan is on 24th June and I should be exactly 12 weeks then if I measure to match the dates x
  • Hi everyone, please can you help us with a question about taking pregnancy tests? 

    We’d like to know how many you took, and also if you kept taking them during your pregnancy. Please can you tell us on this other thread here - we’d really appreciate your help :blush:  

  • Ooo not long at all for you @Ninjabunni how exciting! 

    I just sneezed and got a sharp pain in my belly - I know this can be normal but corrr it hurt! 🤣
  • My scan is 22nd July which will make me 13weeks. I still have one more scan at early pregnancy unit Monday too which I’ll be 8 weeks, hoping baby still has a strong heartbeat ❤️ Xx 
  • @KMic oh yes the sneezes!! Ooooouch!!! 
  • I’ve actually felt pretty ok this afternoon!! it’s been LOVELY! I’ve been working from home this week, but I made the most of feeling good to do a spot of tidying and cleaning - I think hubs will be rather pleased when he gets home! It’s been rather slack lately and he’s been doing a lot of it for me! I know it won’t last so i’ve Hush enjoyed it whilst it did. We might even pop out for a celebratory Nando’s this eve! (What’s the betting I won’t fancy chicken when I get there!!) x
  • I feel like for the past 2 days I haven't had many symptoms apart from a tiny bit of nausea in the morning but nothing too much I'm worrying now that no symptoms means something has happened. I hate this part of pregnancy because we can't feel it yet so not sure how it's cooking 🤔 xxxx
  • Mine have been coming and going @#Jules#, my boobs don’t seem to tender anymore just had some nausea the last 2/3 days. I’m trying not to worry myself now as my midwife told me today once a heartbeat has been detected at 7wks there’s a very small chance of the pregnancy not been a success and not to worry xx 
  • How far along are you both? X
  • Midwife said I’m 7wks4days today, scan on Sunday showed I should be 7wks2days today. Keeps changing a couple of days either side! I’ve got another scan on Monday which will put me at 8wks, will feel much better after that I hope! It’s a constant worry for us all these first 12 weeks ay! Xx 
  • I'm 7weeks and 3 days @KMic I think I just need to relax a little. Currently on night shift eating my way through Half the canteen haha xxxxx 
  • I've woken up feeling alright for the first time in weeks! Still a teeny bit nauseas but nothing too severe - I was able to get up and organise breakfast without having a 5 minute dry heave session, which I consider a win! I'm going to sort out the house today, I too have been super slack lately and we have 2 cats and a toddler, so you can imagine the state our hardwood floors are in! 😬

    I'm also going to call the hospital maternity unit today and try and book in my 12 week scan 🤞
  • Good luck today @Lange3192 hope everything goes ok for you 

    My sickness hasn't been to bad the tiredness is really bad even when I've had like 10 hours sleep I wake up and feel shattered like I've been up all night xx
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