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  • @Lange3192 - is your scan today? Hope it goes ok! Thinking of you xxxx
  • Thank you @Rainbowsunshine and @Katies32 yes it is today. Feeling really nervous and unfortunately not very positive 😔 really hoping my judgement is wrong but I’ll soon know. Thank you for your thoughts xx
  • @Lange3192 fingers crossed, thinking of you xx
  • I have a question. My colleague has been off work for 2 weeks as he had gastroenteritis. His been signed back into work and he works along side me. If had a parasitic type of it which I read was contagious and it especially harmful for pregnant ladies who are within the  first 12 weeks. Should I be worried ? Or am I over thinking ?? 
  • @Daniellearms parasitic gastro is actually fairly rare in this country and is usually caused by drinking tap water or eating unwashed veg/salad abroad. It’s unlikely to be caused by your water supply or anything at work. I wouldn’t be concerned at all unless you have experienced any symptoms 
  • How did it go @Lange3192?? 

    I’m again not feeling too bad today! Still a bit iffy this morning but other than that i’m Surviving nicely. I wonder if i’ve turned a corner, almost 10 weeks now. I’m praying it’s that and not the other! Why is Wednesday so far away!? 😩 x
  • So I’ve had my scan.... not sure what to make of it really? The doctor said I’m earlier on in my pregnancy than we thought so I’m only about 5 weeks along which  doesn’t  seem to match with my dates at all so I’m a bit confused? Basically I’ve got to go back in a fortnight for another scan as they can only see a gestation sac at the moment, not a yolk sac or anything so I’m really worried 😔 has anyone else had similar at about 5 weeks or should I be a bit further along by now? Xx
  • @Lange3192 - sorry to hear it hasn’t given you any more answers! I went at five weeks and two days and they could see the GS and a very very tiny Yolk Sac - I went back two weeks later and had a baby in there with a heartbeat! 

    When I had my loss at 6 weeks - they knew I had had my loss on the scan (or it wasn’t a viable pregnancy) as my lining was very thin and it didn’t look like a pregnancy could develop. They did find a very very small GS - but she was certain it wasn’t viable. 

    Is it possible you ovulated late this cycle and that’s why dates are a bit wrong? I am “officially” ten weeks and five days according to when my last period was - but I’m measuring 10 weeks exactly because I ovulated late! I only know because I had been tracking the dates.

  • @Lange3192 how far along did you think you were? I went to early pregnancy unit thinking I was 6wks4days and they put me back to 5wks2days I had a GS and yolk sac but no fetal / heartbeat, I booked a private scan at Mothercare for one week later (I couldn’t wait the two weeks) and they detected a fetal pole and heartbeat and measured me to be 6wks5days so I had my dates wrong by over a week xx 
  • @Lange3192 I had tracked my ovulation, know exactly when I ovulated and scan changed me by 4-7 days. In fact my scan gave different measurements, I was measuring between 6+3 and 6+6! It’s not an exact science. Try not to worry xx
  • Like everyone else has said you may have ovulate later I knew mine as I was tracking mine and did ovulation tests so knew when I had ovulated but I was still put back 4 days at my scan so try not to worry xx
  • Anyone else’s symptoms reduced? Last few days I’ve had sickness and tender breasts but nothing today! I’m 7wks4days, had an early scan a few days ago with a strong heartbeat but still worried! Xx 
  • @Long35 mine are slowing down. Instead of all day sickness it just resides in the afternoon and evening and some days I dont feel sick at all only maybe a little bit at a certain period of day. So a bit of an improvement. Boobs are still on fire though. I hope it stops soon though. Symptoms do come and go you might find this will all kick in again next week or the week after x
  • I've defo had reduced symptoms with feeling sick it's no way near as bad as what it was my breasts are still tender if like my 18 month old climbs up and wacks them or digs an elbow in I'd say main symptom now is tiredness and still not much motivation xx
  • Mine are reducing as well! I’ve still got nausea and hardly any appetite (unless it’s sweets and chocolate... and my weird craving for birthday cake! 😂). My boobs are tender but I can lie on them and I couldn’t before. My sickness is worse in the evening - but not dry heaving anymore and haven’t been sick for a while! Xxx 
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    Thanks for the responses ladies, put me at ease a little but it’s so hard coming away with no answers! I was doing ovulation tests and I last ovulated on the 5th of May and when I spoke to the EPU, they ask for the first day of your last period don’t they which was 19th April so we were thinking I was 7+6, needless to say I was shocked when the doctor said I was less than 6 weeks! The doctor did say the GS has a healthy white line around it but I’m worried it’s not as far developed as it should be? I know a lot can change so quickly. Just finding it tricking going back about 3 weeks developmentally, just as I thought I was coming closer to the end of the 12 weeks, it’s quite disheartening 😔 xx
  • Hope it’s not too much info but I’ve been experiencing white discharge? I’m sure I over analyse every symptom! Xx 
  • Lange glad they said its healthy what they can see can totally understand that being pushed back is disheartening especially if your feeling crappy and hoping to hopefully feel more normal in yourself at 12 weeks 

    Long the increase in white discharge is normal I also have this xx

  • @Lange3192 so sorry your ultrasound was a bit disheartening! Fingers crossed the next scan shows a healthy bub with a strong heartbeat! Totally understand how devastating it is to think you are further along than you are - the first trimester seems to go by so slowly as is, let alone when you think you're almost at the finish line only to find out you're only halfway there! Sending big hugs your way.

    I woke up this morning feeling crappy, and had a vom this morning. Bit annoying considering I felt SO GOOD yesterday and was hoping it was going to be my norm! I'm trying to finish my student reports today and it is taking forever - I just can't seem to find the motivation and keep taking little breaks every 10 minutes. Right now I'm sitting on the couch watching TV shows about people who can afford ridiculously exquisite houses and looking around at my humble abode (rented!) feeling inadequate hahaha.
  • @lozzz I am exactly the same! I’ve had a few days of feeling better and thought maybe it was gone and then this morning.... wham!!! Struggling even to eat some fruit this morning! 

    Hope you all manage to have a nice and relaxing weekend!  Xxx

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