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  • Thanks good to know I am not the only one
  • Yeah I’ve had that for the last few nights, just tossing and turning all night and weird weird dreams!! 
  • Congratulations anyone newly joined ☺️ I have been massively sleep talking again driving hubby crazy use to do this long time ago but stopped until now haha and I'm awake at 6.30am on the dot every morning but I think this may be because I take my vitamins at night 🙈 Normally not a morning person xx 
  • My husbands alarm goes off at 5am so that wakes me up every morning 🙄 my alarm goes off at 6am but I usually don't fall asleep after the 5am wake up so I'm already awake.

    What do people do for work (if you work)? I'm a primary school teacher but I only work Monday - Wednesday. 3 days is enough for me, especially now 😂😂
  • Doctor, 12 hour shifts 5-6 days a week, roll on Maternity leave 😂
  • I’m a primary school teacher too but I’m full time til end of June anyway. 7 weeks til the summer hols here! (Not that I’m counting!) 
  • @Geriatricmum omg I don't know how you do it! Have you got a countdown timer started yet?! 😂😂

    @Ninjabunni summer holidays, yay! We are heading into winter here, so we are only in week 4 of term 2! 🤪🥴
  • Congratulations to all, struggling to keep up with all of the messages. I’m also a primary school teacher, I’m really hoping I won’t be class based come September and I’ll just be used for supply. But sadly I can’t see that happening.
  • I've been the same! I seem to fall asleep ok and then been awake since about 5am most mornings- think my mind is just in overdrive thinking about it all! I'm a dental nurse :) xx
  • Oo lots of primary school teachers!! I work in finance, mainly office based so it’s easier for me to pretend i’m working when actually i’m just half asleep 😂😂 ... there’s only 4 of us in my office though, so as soon as MS starts they will cotton on straight away - esp as they all know about the MMC before and know we  have probs been trying again. I do feel a bit more relaxed about people knowing this time round though ... I think it’s perhaps because I appreciated the support of those that knew last time (and i’d waited until I was about 9 weeks to tell anyone then) ... but this time I’ve already told my parents, my brother and sister in law and one of my friends and i’m only 5 weeks! 

    Has MS started for anyone yet? 
  • Not yet for me and I’m 5wks 6days but I wasn’t sick with my little boy so not expecting it this time! Super emotional this time round which is a bit of a surprise cause I’m not really a crier at al but I could weep at a cup of tea this time!! And spots! So many spots!! 
  • No MS yet, although only 5 weeks today. However I had horrible MS last time that started as soon as I found out and didn't stop until about 23 weeks! Hopefully this time it's different 🤞🤞
  • I’m a hairdresser so my days a very long! So no sleeping on the job 😩 everyone will definitely know once the morning sickness has kicked. I’m also so emotional, nearly started randomly crying at work on Saturday 🙈
  • Hi ladies sorry not had much to say I’ve been trying this time it not get to invested in case something happened and looks like that was a good idea... 5 postive clearblue and 3 frer and last night started to bleed. Think it must be a chemical... not something had before but only thing can think that would have caused all the positives. Had a good cry last night. Onto next time. Wish u all a safe and healthy 9 months xx
  • Oh my goodness I am so so sorry to hear that. Nothing we will say will make you feel better right now I’m sure but thinking about you xxx
  • @Fingerscrossednumber3 so, so sorry lovely. Thoughts are with you xx
  • @Fingerscrossednumber3 oh my gosh, lovely I am so sorry. 😔 I hope you are alright and have people around you to help you through this horrible time xx
  • @Fingerscrossednumber3 oh lovely, I’m so sorry to hear! Sending of love xx
  • @Fingerscrossednumber3 So so sorry to hear that.....sending lots of love and cuddles xxx
  • Hi everyone, just got my BFP last night. Worked out I'm due 16th Jan. Came as abit of a shock as my youngest boy will only be 10 months old on the 17th may 
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