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  • @Kgraham hello stranger! We are so happy to welcome you back to another birth club - congratulations! 
  • @Fingerscrossednumber3 I am absolutely devastated for you! I was so pleased we were back on this journey together! ... You know where I am if you want to talk. Sending you SO much love xxx

  • Hello everyone! 

    Congratulations to those who are expecting in Jan :) I havnt been on here in a while since we took a step back from TTC. 
    However I am 5 days late & I took this test ths morning, the line is faint I was just wondering your opinions on whether it’s a BFP! 🙈 x
  • @lozzz we are at exactly the same point! I was 5 weeks yesterday too! When's your EDD? 13th Jan? Love that we will be spot on for comparing symptoms!! 

    I'm not so tired today ladies, SO thankful for it! Actually slept in a bed last night too! We are settling in to the new house nicely :) Been keeping it light on the lifting / moving, but at the same time I am trying to put the pregnancy to the back of my mind a bit. I think if I focus everything on it and the worst happens again I will drive myself mad. I need to focus on general life, whilst bearing in mind that I'm growing a little seed. 

    Welcome @Kgraham .. congratualations! Oo a small gap between yours then!! Might be a bit full on at first but think how close they will be by being a similar age! So lovely!! :) x
  • @CharHughes looks positive to me although i have had false positives on those, but not quite as dark a line as yours . Try a pink line test like First response early results to be sure, fingers crossed for you! Xx
  • @CharHughes ... it might be faint... but it's there!! congratulations!!!! :) xx
  • @KMic @Geriatricmum thank you!! I feel so nervous haha. It’s my first test so I’m not gonna mention it to hubby, I will give it a few more days (hopefully line will get stronger) then suggest we will take 1 together :) 
    This seems a lovely group from reading back old messages x 
  • @CharHughes Yes there are some friendly and lovely people here which is fab. It's great to be able to chat about things with people who are going through the same thing! 

    Will this be your first child? xx
  • @KMic yeah it is. I will no doubt do hubbys head in so itl be good to talk about all things here :)
    It will be our 2nd, but daughter is 6 so quite an age gap. I’ve waited for baby no.2 So long but we’ve had a few things we wanted to tick off life first xx 
  • @KMic yep, 13th Jan! How exciting! I wasn't as tired today either, although I found I'm feeling lazy haha. I'm getting quite emotional about things too - a TV ad made me teary and I just watched the latest GoT episode and ugly cried the whole way through 😂😂

    I hear you re: trying not to focus too much on the pregnancy just yet. I'm finding myself getting a little too ahead of myself (looking at furniture and prams and baby names already 😬) and need to relax, especially until we have a scan at least. I've had no morning sickness yet, which makes me a bit anxious as every time I've been pregnant it is been full on very early. But, we'll wait and see how it goes! 
  • @lozzz Aww really exciting to be at the same stage!! :) I LOVE GoT, but as we have just moved house I have no access to wifi and havent been able to watch the latest episode yet!! BUZZING for it!! Haha. I got WAY ahead of myself last time, had names, and all sorts planned out ... didn't buy anything though fortunately. But I dont think I will fully accept that this one is ACTUALLY happening until after 12 weeks when I can relax a bit! 

    @CharHughes aww that will be nice though as she will LOVE helping out with things!!

  • So I just came out from the GP and explained to her that I had some bleeding at the weekend. She booked me in for an early scan tomorrow morning to check everything’s okay. Any one else ever had an early scan?
  • @KMic oh yes she will be little mother hen. 
    Is this your first? x
  • Good luck @BBStan let us know how you get on!!

    @CharHughes this will (hopefully) be my first baby ... second pregnancy ... had a MMC earlier in the year ... fingers crossed this time round!! :) x
  • @KMic aw I’m sorry to here that! :( got everything crossed for you This time. Think positive :) xx 
  • Uhh just had my first bout of morning sickness this morning, bang on 6 weeks! Nearly lost my banana in front of 30 6 year olds 😂😂🤢 settled down ok though. Didn’t have that at all with my last wee one. 
    BBStan never had an early scan but it’s great that you’re getting booked in for one. Will be very reassuring x
  • Thankyou Danielle, didn't think I would be back so soon lol 

    Good luck bbstan for your scan. I go for these with all my pregnancies due to previous mmc's. You might be to early on to pick anything up being scanned on the tummy so you might have to have an internal scan carried out. 
  • Aww so so sorry fingers crossed number 3 so sad for you 😔 xx
  • I feel quite nervous about the whole thing. My boyfriend is going to come with me as well but half of me feels like I would be less nervous if I went on my own lol. Equally it will probably be good for him to be there as the whole thing has been quite a shock and it wasn’t exactly jumping for joy at the prospect of having a baby initially. Maybe it will help him come round 
  • I think it will do both of you good for him to be there with you tomorrow at the scan. How far along are You?
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