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  • I have had 3 sons and each time the cravings sickness ECT where all different but I had feelings with all of them that they were boys. This time around I really don't know. I'm thinking boy but I don't know if that's because I have 3 boys already.... well four including my step son.
  • I also dont have no ideas really either way I'd be happy I have girls names but no boys names as of yet I think my sickness has been the worse out of them all but that maybe just that I've forgotten how bad it was 😂 my eldest is a boy then I have 4 girls my two eldest are from a previous relationship so would be nice to finish off with a little boy but I also love having the girls so either way for me I'd be happy 
    I dont think I can say I've really craved anything yet just everything is appealing to me I'm definitely eating alot more Haha xx
  • Last time around I swore I was having a girl and had a boy. The old wives tales were totally wrong for me - I had all the 'symptoms' of having a girl! This time around I don't really have any feelings either way, although I would like a girl so I'm sure I'll have another boy hahaha.

    Nausea not so bad this morning, although I am still so ridiculously tired! It could be because it is also coming up to the end of term (I work 3 days a week so only 5 more days left for me!) and it's about this time where the exhaustion kicks in, so it's been doubly difficult this time! 
  • Sorry if TMI but has anyone else had any bleeding after sex? I’ve had no spotting at all but tonight, straight after I had a minute or so of cramping , went to the loo and the tissue was quite pink. Checked over the course of half an hour or so, not a huge amount but still pink. Worried now! 
  • I craved sweet stuff with my girl wasnt sick at all pretty much sailed through pregnancy this one I feel ill I have spots craving fruit mostly. Every pregnancy is different I have a feeling I have another girl but we wont be finding out the sex until baby is born. We did that with our first and it was lovely.
    Bleeding after sex is common it irritates the cervix xx
  • Honestly my poor husband has been left out in the cold since we found out I was pregnant. I think we've had sex twice in the past 5 weeks! I've been so sick and tired, I just can't muster up the energy. He's been a trooper though, although I'll try and make it up to him once I'm feeling better 😂😂

    I'm currently in the bath after the WORST day of work all year. I don't know if it was the full moon last night or the wet weather, but my students were horrible today. It was insane, I've never had so many badly behaved kids at the same time before! I had to call 5 parents after school (and I only have 18 kids!) and it was nonstop. I'm sitting here with my bottle of water, wishing it was wine 🤣
  • Mine is the opposite - I’m so horny all the time and my husband is too worried because of our previous loss...
    but honestly I sit watching Love Island looking at Tommy thinking yummmmmmmummmmmmmy for the full 45mins.... 😂😂😂😍
  • 😂😂 Katie my partners the same he wont do anything because hes worried something bad will happen 🙄 it actually hasn't really bothered me at the moment because I haven't got the energy all I want to do when I hit that pillow is sleep we also had a bad experience with my daughter i had placenta previa which mean placenta is covering the cervix doctors didnt seemed bothered by it said they would re scan to check its moved never put any restrictions in place and when I was 30 weeks we had sexy time 😂 I've never seen so much blood was just gushing for a couple of mins needless to say when I got to hospital and explained I got a telling off saying you shouldn't be doing that with placenta previa so that's definitely a lesson learnt 😂 with that happening last time he probably wont do anything for the whole 9 months just incase even if I dont have it again 🙄 xx
  • Afternoon ladies, sorry its been a bit quiet my end! 

    Have you had any blood this morning @Geriatricmum ? Like the others say it can be normal after sex, try not to worry!! We had sex the other night for the first time since my bleed - i was just worried all the way through so dont think we will be doing too much more of that in the short term! LOL!

    For some reason early on in the pregnancy I felt like I was having a girl (last time I had a feeling it was a boy) ... I have no idea why I felt that way at all! But (all being well) we will DEFO be finding out! I'm far too impatient!! Haha!! 

    Almost 24 hours until my next scan ... as anxious as ever about it. PRAYING for good news. Preparing for bad. I'm so hopeful that because the bleeding stopped its a good sign and not another MMC. Only time will tell!! 

    The sickness has definitely reduced for me over the last few days. Boobs are still killing! Tiredness has subsided a bit too. Once again praying that this isn't because something bad has happened. 

    Any more scans this week? xx
  • Kmic I'm sure you Can't wait for your scan. I'm sure everything is ok 😁

    So can I ask if everyone's bumps where planned? 

    Mine wasn't but happy and coming around to the idea now. Me and my OH went to liverpool for the weekend. Our fist time away with no kiddies in over a year and our first time leaving our baby boy. Well boom turns out we brought back more than a fridge magnet lol 😂😂😂😂
  • @Kmic yes it stopped within a couple of hours, had a few cramps but putting them down to growth and or wind! Good luck for your scan tomorrow 😊
    @Kgraham we had been trying but gave up as nothing was happening, even though we both have children from previous marriages. First month after stopping trying and a mini break with the puppy in Cornwall and yep I was pregnant! Xx
  • @Kgraham yeah was planned took 9 months of trying. Had a laparoscopy to look into some unexplained pain I was getting turns out it wasnt gynaecological but the consultant 'flushed' my tubes and that month we got pregnant not sure if that was related because they were clear anyway or the fact that I wasnt properly trying that month after my procedure. Or it could have just been plain luck. Had no problems conceiving with my first so thought it would be easier second time. 
  • We were trying ... we got married last Sep, got pregnant in Nov and as you know had the MMC in Jan/ Feb ... were able to start trying again in May and got pregnant again straight away! First baby for me! OH has a little girl - she's 10. She's going to be incredibly excited when we tell her! x
  • Planned for me too - we got married last June, starting trying straight away, fell pregnant in September and had the loss in November - starting trying again in December and fell pregnant in April! We actually used a bit of unconventional method to get pregnant in the end! We were right in the middle of moving house (never been so stressed) we were struggling to fit sex in as we were staying with my in-laws and they kept knocking on the door asking if we wanted a cup of tea!! 🤨🤨 in the end we only had sex once - we used menstruation cups which I would insert after sex or my husband would do his “business” in and I would then insert. First month trying it and worked first time! Needless to say I won’t be telling my baby he/she was more than likely conceived in a cup!!! 🤫🤫🤫 xxxx
  • @Katies32 That made me giggle! I had my ex in laws staying (who were both in their late 70’s yet managed to hear everything!!) when I fell pregnant with my third, bloody nightmare! 
    Always fell pregnant so easily before this time but think age has caught up with me now! This little one is definitely my last!
  • @Geriatricmum haha you have to laugh at these things!!!! 😂 xx
  • Oo yeah!! we fell in April not May!! Haaaa!! 
  • Hi everyone! Yay to the new thread! I hope you’re all doing ok! And little beans!

    I have lots of catching up to do - sorry I’ve been quiet! I really hope you’re all managing ok. Another week closer to the 12 weeks being over.

    Ive been so poorly with this water infection 😫 I’m feeling better over the past couple of days though. How’s everyone else? ❤️ I went for my first midwife appointment last week, it went amazingly and they’ve booked me in for my 12 week scan. The night before I went, I actually moved my private scan forward (I had bad pains and cramping with the water infection and I needed it for peace of mind!) so I got
    to see the heartbeat for the first time, it was so lovely. 

    I took my scans / measurements and folder from the private scan to the midwife and she still wants me to go off my LMP until the dating scan says otherwise. It’s all so confusing?! But my 12 week scan is on the 3rd July - Im confident I’ll be a little earlier but I’m not complaining cause it means seeing  that little flutter again - and another scan picture 😂🙈

    Praying everything is going smoothly for each and everyone of you. It’s such a rollercoaster! Hope you all had a nice Father’s Day too with your other halves... think about this, next mother’s day were all gonna have our little babies in our arms!! Keep positive and keep resting ladies ❤️ Lots of love xxx
  • @KMic keeping everything crossed for the next scan! Keep us updated!! Have a lovely chill night if you can ❤️
  • Kmic good luck at your scan tomorrow I'm sure everything will be fine 😊 

    The last time I got pregnant it was an accident and I was so scared with having a little one not long before so we got pregnant nov pregnancy ended Feb but by that time we had come round to having another one had seen little one on a scan and was excited and had discussed names all sorts I was so devastated so we decided to try again straight away partner told me not to rush it and when it happens it happens which I agreed but it wasnt long and I was buying ovulation tests and working out when we should be doing it 😂 so fell again in April xx
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