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  • Ours was planned! I’m 24 and always knew I wanted to start a family as soon as we were ready and oh is 28 and cannot wait!! When did everyone’s nausea start to get better? I’m really struggling and going on holiday soon!!! 
  • Number 2 on the way and very much planned and wanted. I debated for a long time as I have no job security but we made the decision that given my age (33) and the fact that I have no guarantee of job security in the future, to just go for it. Took 6 months of trying this time, 5 months for my little boy. X
  • I'm 8 weeks tomorrow and I've definitely noticed an improvement in my nausea. Just a bit here and there  my tiredness is crippling at the moment really struggling to motivate myself to do anything. And my boobs are agony my friend hugged me the other day I could have screamed! Km hoping by 9 weeks things will settle sooner as that's when the placenta starts to develop and take over. Fingers crossed anyway 🤦‍♀️🤣 @KMic good luck in your scan tomorrow! I have my first midwife appointment on friday so hopefully will get details for my dating scan. Trying to remain  positive i do worry though xx
  • Ours was planned too. Took us around 3 months of trying. Finishing my degree and having another baby I must just love being busy haha. Wouldn’t change it for the world though. I knew with my boys that they were boys but this time I’m not sure. Some days I think it’s another boy and other days I feel girlie but I can’t put my finger on it so we will know for definite at my gender reveal party when I’m 16 weeks it’s so exciting. I have my dating scan for 25th of July I will be 13.5 weeks I just presumed it would happen bang on 12 weeks like my other 2 boys. I do have a pregnancy journal that I love writing to my little bean in. I did it with the boys too. Hope you’re all well ladies xxxxx
  • Ours was planned, 12 months to conceive as I was on the depo prior so took a while for periods to return. I’m 36 and OH is 33, I have a 16 year old and OH has a 9 year old (both girls) so be nice to have one together, he would like a boy but I don’t mind either way 😊 
    Glad to hear everyone is having a bit of better week, I’m 8wks today and nausea is still coming & going but last week did seem a little worse.  My scan went well yesterday so I feel more reassured.  Haven’t got a scan now till I’m 13 weeks on 22nd July. Going to Majorca on 4th July and got 10 days off work which is so needed! Xx 
  • Ours was planned. We got married in January and started tracking ovulation/etc in Feb. :)

    I am feeling so bloated at the moment! My MIL remarked the other day that she reckons it must be twins based on how big I am already 😐 just what every pregnant woman wants to hear! 
  • @abbierk95 mine started to get better about a week again when I was 9 and a half weeks ... it’s still there lingering in the background, but not as bad as it was at all!! Thank god! 

    Todays the day!!! Roll on 4!!!! X
  • I have taken today off work as I’ve been feeling soooo lowsey! Why do I feel guilty when it’s the first time I’ve been off sick since i started in November 😭😭
  • Good luck with your scan @KMic
  • @KMic good luck for today ❤️ Xx 
  • Wishing you all the luck in the world today @KMic !! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
  • Good luck today @kmic hope everything goes well xx
  • Thank youuuuuu everyone!! ... TODAY IS DRAGGING SO BADLY!! xx
  • Good luck @KMic, only 3 and a little bit hours to go! Xx
  • Good luck  @KMic xxxx

  • A healthy little bean!!! Measuring 9+4 so still behind my dates by about 6 days. The relief is unreal!! 

    Lets pray for no more blood and a happy healthy pregnancy now!! Thanks everyone for all your support xx 
  • Aww @KMic that’s amazing! Beautiful scan photo 🥰 Such a relief. I was put back 6 days also, this ovulation timing is a load of crap by the sounds! lol xx 
  • Brilliant scan pic @KMic so glad everything is ok xx
  • @KMic absolutely gorgeous photo, so happy for you both x
  • Gorgeous scan! So relieved for you x
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